Monday, February 24

handy dandy project sacks...

despite my distracted ways of late i have high hopes of popping some handmade goodness upon the dusty old shelves of my little etsy store this coming march. 

it has been quite the while and after adding a few sweeties in the next few weeks, it will be quite the while again if at all. for a cunning plan is being plotted and planned as i tippity tap this, the sort of cunning plan that turns a Mossy Shed upside down...

i am most happy with the handy dandy project sacks complete with a handy dandy dottie angel notebook and pencil. 

i am having to use all my willpower not to keep a project sack for myself. 

they have sat upon my table for several weeks now and it is all i can do not to stuff my yarny project in one, to keep it safe and snug.

i tell myself this is not the doings of someone trying hard to be more responsible and grown up when it comes to their work and their shop. 

as a reward for not caving in and wearing my 'responsibility' bonnet day and night, i have given myself a pencil all of my own and upon using it the other day to scribble notes i noted just how well it scribbled and much to my delight, the eraser was not pants at all