Tuesday, February 4

a hanging 'heart~catcher' how~to...

i made these heart~catchers last year, 

i thought as we were in february and folks like to make hearts, i would share them. i do believe hearts are not just for valentine but all year so i would not call these valentine hearts nor suggest you can only make them with valentine in mind.
 i would suggest you make one and hang it above your bed perhaps, just like a dream catcher and see who's heart you may just catch 
("what is she waffling on about?" i hear you cry, "i have no idea" say i)

easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
(the pictures really speak for themselves). 
you will wish to have in your mitts and your crafty kits
* wire coat hanger
* strips of frayed cotton fabric about 3/4" in width
* embroidery thread in happy colours
* old bits of lace or doilies
* charms, beads, bits and bobs
* mod podge or fabric glue and brush (if you need it)
* needle and pins

take your wire coat hanger and bend it into a heart shape, you can be a perfectionist with your heart or you can be a little more squiffy. i think heart makers fall into two camps, perfectly perfect or squiffy, i am the later but there is no right nor wrong way. take the hook of the hanger and fold it over to make a loop

start wrapping your little heart hanger with your frayed strips. knot them together and continue until the whole heart is covered and carefully pop a pin in place to stop everything unraveling. if you are having trouble with the fabric slipping, you could put a bit of mod podge on the wire hanger before wrapping it.

take your  needle and a length of embroidery thread (if its the sort that splits into strands, use it whole) and remove your pin and do some natty bits of stitching to keep things in place. see where the other knots are, if frayed ends are sticking out too much, stitch them down too. you may wish to just stitch all the way around or you may not.
take your old bits of lace and start to put in place, pin down and begin to stitch being sure to keep things taught. add another piece. 

if there are gaps between them and the wire frame then use some embroidery thread and do long stitches to keep things in place. consider adding beads or even a trinket or two. think of it as caught in the heart catcher and just keep on stitching away to your hearts content until you have filled in the whole of the heart space

(study pictures for details)

wrap some lace or fabric around the loop. again, stitch in place 
(use mod podge if need be)

add a dingle dangle from your heart with some beads and thread

hang your 'heart~catcher' up above your bed or anywhere else you may wish to enjoy its hearty handmade goodness