Wednesday, February 19

this & that, that & this

on friday i had an epiphany and since then our Mossy Shed has been turned upside down. 

not the usual upside down 
(which truth be told has not happened in the longest time, my shuffling ways have been greatly lacking this past year) 
but a massive, need my lads of three to help, sort of upside down.
walls will come down, walls will go up 
(well that is a little bit of an exaggeration on my behalf but i did like the sound of it, no walls coming down, but walls are going up)
forsaken souls throughout the shed are quaking in their little forsaken feet.

i tell myself rome was not built in a day and thus, my epiphany cannot be also. 

all crafty ways of the past quite a few days must come to a halt. for crafting cannot take place if my studio space no longer exists. 

there is much plotting and planning to be done before my little roman empire is built and yesterday when i sat upon a couch recently uprooted and transplanted, 

i told myself all will be well. my epiphany has not led me down a path of madness and nutso-ness even if it feels like it at the moment.

i say all crafty making has been halted but i have lied, i have told a whopper, for one crafty make was made on monday. it was a matter of an emergency as the need to make him was so pressing i thought i might go 'pop' if i did not get him out of my head and into my shed

'some bunny' i am hopeful will be one of many, as and when the shuffling and sorting can come to an end and the crafting once again may commence...