Friday, November 5

parting ways, positively...

yes indeedy dearest readers, it is with heavy heart
and a nagging voice within my head saying
"haven't you learnt your lesson yet Tif?"
i must report, Mrs Hook and i will be parting ways for a while.
i do it every time and i am a fool to myself.
after my happy outcome with the 'high hopes wrap' for a chilly day,
i needed to dabble further with the fisherman cream yarn from lion brand.
i thought to myself, there could be no doubting,
if i made a big cream chunky blanket
my clan would become The Waltons.

we would share many happy moments upon the couch,
said lovely blanket keeping us cozy.
talking 'talky' things,
reading books
and always, always with a smile on our faces

i set out upon my 'no doubting' quest to make thee blanket
and to some degree i have succeeded in my mission.
the degrees of success goes as such...

successful degrees

1: blanket and edging completed
2: tags and little twiddly bits that make me smile, completed

3: admired by clan members,
but only because i stood for a long period of time holding blanket up
making 'clearing throat noises' in the vain hope,
eventually someone would look in my direction.
this was not easy i might add,
as it took quite the time for myself and blanket to be noticed
by which point my ailing arm was complaining big time

not so successful degrees

1: it should have been bigger,
only two clan members can be comfortably situated under it at any one time
2: the cross was supposed to go from side to side,
thus implying a nod to our home country and the flag of England

3: i have noted, upon completion (to a degree) of blanket
it does not contain The Waltons special family powers

but all that being said,
ignoring the lack of England flagness about it,
the inability to bring a sense of Waltons to my clan
and my inability to wave around my right arm and shoulder,
making me off duty in the kitchen and cleaning department
(silver lining if ever i saw one)
and if a time comes
when Mrs Hook and myself get it on again, in the near future
we shall beaver away on completing the flag bits...

for now however,
i am thinking it best
to ignore the 'not so successful degrees',
embrace the 'successful degrees'
and call my blanket
a 'positively postive' blanket of the utmost kind

she is remembering, remembering the 5th of november and wishing you a spiffy, safe one ~ Tif


Holly said...

it's lovely!

Unknown said...

Your stitches look so perfect. I believe we use the type of yarn and your blankets come out so professional looking. Great job. even if the others don't understand :)

misschris said...

Tif, you had me laughing out loud with that throat clearing. I can just picture it Also, I marvel at your speed and detail. The wraps? This beautiful blanket? You most certainly have hummingbird-like fingers Flitting about the shed, making pretty dottie magic happen. The bits of lovelies sewn in there are such fun.

Selfsewn said...

hello Tif indeed I am surrounded with the noise of the great blighty on firework night!

Hey you could make four more blankets in your 'da' coordinating colours and crochet them together??

Just a thought!
Have a cracker of a weekend!

emerson-j said...

soooooooooo gorgeous!!!

Rose said...

And a Happy Guy Fawkes night to you.

Love the blanket. It is beautiful.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I LOVE your blanket!!!

I am a knitter, and a sometimes, very beginner, crocheter, so I know how much work, time and love was poured into this family gift.
I would re-think the parting of ways if I were you...And, in the mean time, I think that I am going to locate my crochet hooks and yarn. I want to make a blanket too!
Check out my sister's blog today. She has some beautiful knitted/crocheted pretties on there.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Rachaeldaisy said...

That blanket is Oh sooo gorgeous!! i love that little bit of fabric in the cross.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Looks pretty good to me :) G'night, John-boy!

Francesca said...

the blanket is really lovely tif, even with its imperfecions. happy guy fawkes! i bet your 1 is having a good one. x

monica lee said...

You now have what we call in my house, a "magic blanket" we wrap anyone with sniffles to sobs into and they soon get better! It is because it was made with love. I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been "play stitching" and you have completely inspired me to GET SERIOUS and back away from my computer and pick up my needles! Love, love your work!

- said...

Simply beautiful!

Karen said...

beautiful blanket...

Anonymous said...

I think that blanket has all kinds of success lovingly shouting out all over it !
Oh, and by tip to get my craft noticed - stand in front of the tv - works every time :)
have a very spiffy day - i hope it's even a little chilly tonight and you and one clan member can cosy up under that adorable blanket :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! :)

Naturally Carol said...

i am thinking that it looks v.cosy and will serve you well through the cold winter evenings. You can just take turns in snuggling in pairs!

sabrina said...

I love how you added fabric into the blanket. Your blanket is so unique and I like it a lot. Its not so bad that your entire family cannot fit underneath. If it fits two, then you and your man can snuggle while the kids are away. <3

Rosie said...

WOW that is one cutie, cute blanket!
Lovin' that whimsical cross in the center...Tres Chic!...Rosie

mrs boo radley said...

I want. I covet. If you ever find Mrs. Hook again and make something of this nature, please let me know because I will send you appropriate sums of money. For reals. LOVE IT!

dottie angel said...

gosh you are a lovely lot to me and my 'positively postive' blanket, even with it's few unsuccessful degrees...
tonight i have tested it out solo and it was tres warm indeed!
i wish you all the peachiest of weekends and lots of yarn time of your own :)

Anonymous said...

I positively love the cross motif.

Sommergarten said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great!

Vicki K. said...

I love the new blanket! So pretty - and especially the extra little things on the side.

Maybe this is a good time to tell you that I finished my ordinarily extraordinary blanket. No one in my household has failed to notice it. If they sit still for 30 seconds or more I grab it and cover them with it and say, "Isn't is really great???"

Last night I was particularly pleased when the Manly part of our dinner company chose the OE blanket to ward off the North Wind coming through our living room last night. It was chosen!!

Jenni C's said...

pretty positive!

Renee said...

Cuddling one at with one of the little ones has its advantages:)
You know if The Waltons were with us today John Boy would be on the computer writing a blog, the younger kids would be busy with video games, the piano player would be in a band, etc, etc :)

Your blanket is beautiful. I love the cross in the middle.

Don't give up

Lille Liljehvit said...

Hi :)

I think the blanket is perfect!! It is exiting and colorful, and beautiful! :) I'm a new "fan" from Norway, and I am looking forward to see more pictures from your house, and reading funny remarks, as you wrote in this post, in the time to come :) I laughed out loud!! ha ha!!

Lilja :o)

Sweeter Hours said...

love. I especially love the tag details. The devil is in the details my nana always said.

Gilli said...

The Waltons were boring and way too sweet. Don't you prefer a little spice and chaos? To me that equals an interesting life. Good night Dottie. Good night JohnBoy.

Sweetina said...

What a marvelously marvelous blanket in every degree!
And happy belated Guy Fawkes~

Terrie said...

Tif, the blanket it beautiful. With the horrid weather here today I could quite easily snuggle in it waltons style and warm my cold tootsies!

Kristy said...

It reminds me of a first aid cross so would make a perfectly snuggly 'under the weather' blanket I think.I keep meaing to make a quilted version for my brood but never find the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love anything done in creamy whites! I'm working on a crochet floral patch blanket right now...and I've added some pink patches....only to regret that I've done so....

it's early in the game, so I can undo it and start over....
Hope you're arm is raring to go again...your creations are lovely!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

JenA said...

So glad to find your blog! Your blanket is absolutely amazing. I'm just learning to crochet and can't imagine making something so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!!

dottie angel said...

oh you are all so wise! i am wondering if Waltons Mountain would have good reception for phones and internet connection...

thank you kindly again for being so lovely about my blanket!

xojeski said...

I think we all need tutorial instructions!! please!