Monday, November 8

dottie angel do's... part one

some days when Mr Sun won't shine
and Mr Blah seems all around,
i am thinking it quite nice
to have a reminder of how to 'perky up' the day.
now some may say
"how Tif, could a tea towel possibly perky up my day?"
and usually i would be inclined to agree,
although saying that,
there are so many tea towels
out in 'tea towel world' doing a grand job at cheering up a nest or two.

however this perfectly peachy pair
of over sized tea towels are tres clever,
not only do they have the ability to 'perky up'
a corner of your kitchen with their pretty looks.
but they are also handy dandy
at reminding us of how to live the 'dottie angel' way

yes indeedy, several months ago
whilst rummaging around some boxes in our garage
i came across my granny's old exercise book.
this chance encounter resulted in a 'ta da' moment of the utmost kind.
the results of my 'ta da' moment being the

dottie angel do's

1. do have high hopes
2. do follow the righteous and goodly
path of thriftiness
3. do think you are most peachy perfect
4. do feel a little crafty at least twice a day
5. do wear your slip peeking out from
below your skirt
6. do embrace all that is granny chic
and give it a forever home

this pair of sweeties would be perfectly at home doing the dishes,
hanging around on a wall looking pretty
or being used to make a cushion or bag.
they do not mind which you do,
they are just happy if you are.

all this grand tea towel fabbiness
was made possible by two spiffy folks.
folk #1. my soul sister Debbie and partner in businessy things such as this
(yes 'tis true, we are now 'ltd')
she wore her little 'business cap', the result being,
these lovely quality tea towels are printed in Old Blighty
and wrapped nicely in yarn,
ready for their new homes.
folk #2. my long time cyber buddy Francesca Iannaccone
who so kindly saw what was inside of my head
and made the design appear!
i am a mega fan of Fran's lovely work
and was totally delighted when she agreed
to collaborate with Debbie and myself.

lots of other nitty gritty stuff about the tea towels
can be found in the description of them in my little shop.
i must tell you, i am pretty delighted
with the results of our first 'dottie angel ltd' product

and in thrilling 'part two' if i maybe so bold,
even bolder than today
i will be sharing a little 'how two'
for making this peachy pair into cushions and a laundry bag.
i know this to be bold,
because as i tippity type,
i have yet to actually make them into cushions and bags...

she has high hopes, she has not counted her chickens before they hatched ~ Tif


Veronica Shaver said...

I have to say that I was looking at these the other day, And they are darling. Very creative & wonderful words to live by.
I also have to say, That if I could make my whole house look like your blog, I WOULD!
I love it, Thank you:)

Victory Garden Yarn said...

Those are AH-DOR-AH-BUHL. (You have to say it exactly like that or it just doesn't work.) Congratulations on your 'ltd'!

Lola Nova said...

Well, they are gorgeous! I see you have already sold a bit, of course. Can't wait for the 'how to', especially considering you have yet to make them yourself, wonderful!

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Oh Tif, wonderful tea towels, congrats on the collaboration, they do look very spiffy hanging up on the wall.
I totally agree a colourful tea towel or two can send Mr. Blah packing.

Jamie said...

These are just great. I definitely have to have some of these inspirational little gems! Jamie V in MT

Selfsewn said...

Ooh just purchased some!!

I'm quite startled by how quick I pounced, I think this must be some kind of record for impulse buying!

Love them, now I wait for part 2?

Though I think the do's one will hang in my workroom as a mantra!

Clare x

Vintage Tea Time said...


Francesca said...

i hope they're selling like hotcakes! blogged:

Unknown said...

those are so lovely!! you never cease to amaze me with your craftiness!

- said...

Very sage advice and good on the tea towels. The cushions and bags sound like a great idea. Cograts on the "ltd"

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh yes indeed they are wonderful and are now on my Christmas List...which happens to be a box full of parcels of loveliness I have choosen for myself...I shall not be disapointed with things I have chosen myself...woohoo..
Kiss noises Linda

dottie angel said...

thank you my dearest readers...
i am delighted you like the dottie angel do's as much as me :)

Paula said...

dottie angel: you are one clever and crafty apron-clad lady. oh! and my wall hanging just arrived - it's so very lovely:

...I'm over to thk u on Etsy now once I remember my password

hlimbrick said...

I do believe I would be delighted, thrilled even, to go near 'the cleaning half' of my little kitchen if I owned such beauties. Nice work! :)

monkeemoomoo said...

Just gorgeous!!

Karen M. Andersen said...

Tif, I just bought a pair of your gorgeous tea towels! I am not sure where in my home I am going to use them yet, but they are far too pretty to dry dishes with. My home's scheme is a little more saturated than yours however I will make it work with your printed prettiest, rest assured :) Congrats on your ltd and collab too :)

Karen xx

dottie angel said...

paula! delighted your little wall patch has arrive safe and sound :)

and thank you again my dearies for your lovely words on the teatowels!
and karen! you made me smile...

Melanie said...

Couldn't resist ... eagerly awaiting their arrival!

Claire Garland said...

Ingeniuos! Genius! said...

What can I say Tiff
You make me smile everyday with the beautiful things you create - toady - I'm all smiles over that cushion and laundry bag - love them - love you


Unknown said...

Thank you for embracine all that is "granny chic." My husband is always telling me I'm going to make a great old lady some day, I'm only 38. Heres to the old lady in all of us!!