Tuesday, November 9

dottie angel do's... part two

truth be told, i like to 'snippity snip' fabrics into pieces and then spend many happy moments patching them all back together in a random fashion. however for the dottie angel tea towels, i did not allow myself a pair of scissors, other than for cutting threads. my plan being, to see if just using two oversized tea towels, one could make several gifts in a very short space of time. therefore being contenders for
'gifts to make and give this gleeful season'.

both the laundry bag and the cushions are very basic in their construction, if you can sew a straight running stitch on a sewing machine you can make these easily. having done so myself yesterday, i am thinking a length of lace on the pillow envelope closure and a few little fabric tags on the laundry bag seam would give them a little extra. i would also go as far as to suggest one real life vintage doily appliqued on, amongst the printed ones might look quite peachy...
"how exotic" i hear you cry, "i know!" says i

laundry bag ingredients

* one pair of oversized dottie angel tea towels
* around 3 to 4 yds of twill tape
(or something similar for drawstrings)

place tea towels right sides together and pin
leaving a three inch gap before you start sewing,
sew down one side, along bottom and up the other side
once again leaving a three inch gap at the top

whilst bag is still inside out,
pinch your two corners flat
and stitch down creating a nice bottom for your bag

now turn your attention to the bag opening.
still with bag inside out
fold back the top of both tea towels 1.5"
sew along edge being sure to leave a nice wide gap
for your draw strings to run through.

turn bag right sides out
and press nice bottom with Mr Iron,
next, admire your nice bottom

taking your twill tape, cut into two even lengths,
thread one piece through the top of bag
(may need to use a safety pin for threading)
and back through the other side
knotting the two ends together
repeat in the opposite direction with other draw string.
i must admit the top of the bag does look a little iffy
before you put in the drawstrings,
but when they are threaded in,
everything appears to fall into place nicely

and voila! a simple laundry bag perfectly perfect

for hanging around

cushion cover ingredients

* an over sized pair of dottie angel tea towels
* two cushion inserts
(i used sizes 14" x 14" and 12" x 16")

with design facing upwards
fold the bottom and top of tea towel inwards
to the right size for your cushion,
this example is for the 14" square cover

pin along the right and left side
again in this example it is 14"
sew your two pinned sides

turn cushion cover right sides out,
carefully making sure corners are pushed out fully
press with your Mr Iron
and fill with cushion pad

the dottie angel do's and the doilies design fitted both these 'how-tos' rather well, plus the cotton they are printed on is very soft even before washing and like i said before, adding a few extra details would give them a more handcrafted look. i know for me it was a struggle not to 'snippity snip' the rules up and patch them together with vintage fabrics but i think for quick and easy gleeful gifts or 'anytime of the year' gifts, they are perfectly perfect just the way they are.

she is back to her 'snippity snipping' ways today, whilst keeping a beady eye on pesky little olive ~ Tif
footynote: silly, silly me! i thought something was missing, has been one of those mornings :)
i am missing a cushion! so just a little footnote to say, using the other tea towel with the doilies, i made another simple cushion cover to match the dottie angel do's one, that being the size 12" x 16" i mentioned earlier. i am pleased to report they are most happy spending quality time in a chair together


Vintage Tea Time said...

Excellent tutorials! And such neat bottoms;) Seriously - really lovely tea towels - and they do indeedy make spiffing other things. Aprons, peg-bags, recycling plastic bags containers, sewing machine covers, tablemats.....

donna!ee said...

thank you much for sharing exceptional ideas, materials & genuinness of lifeart! ;)

mel @ loved handmade said...

I love it!! I just bought my peachy pair last night & I'm very excitied about their posibilities...

Selfsewn said...

Love the cushion!
Cant wait now!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

They look fantastic!! Think I may have to whip up a few cushion covers from my tea towels now too. Not flash enough to have your pretty ones I'm afraid.

Petit Coterie said...

Great ideas and very cute final products. Thanks for sharing!


KarenB said...

Fun! I especially love the dottie do's one. :-)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Very versatile tea towels - they look great made up. I especially like the cushion.

guerrillartmomma said...

I checked out the nitty gritty on your tea towels. Good for you! I am so thankful that you are definitely still my hero, great business ethics, I love you.

- said...

Fantastic, thanks for that. I am ever so pleased with the twill tape idea for handles. Perfect idea.

Jessie Fincham said...

Tif your laundry bag is so pretty!love the added touch of the doilies, perfect addition :)

Casa e Cose said...

Hi !!! I just found your site and im in loooooove! You do so nice things!
I got so inspired I have to run home and continue on my quilt...ji ha!

Carol said...

As the Krankies would have said "Fan'dabi'dozi" Tif!
Love the pattern on your tea towel but, as suggested, the addition of a real vintage doily would be a master stroke.
Saw an advert for some new pottery in John Lewis, thought Dottie Angel would like those for the shed, then I saw the designer's name Orla Kiely http://www.johnlewis.com/230729886/Product.aspx
Carol xx

Anonymous said...


I must comment on your perfectly executed post!
I adore your illustrative style...it's actually a marvel!

and anything with doilies is just my cup of tea...or actually coffee, cause that's what I'm drinking right now!

well done!
ciao bella!


janine said...

Great ideas, Tif!

I'm sure you could come up with a long list of things to make with the tea towels... I'm thinking perhaps a nice slipcover for a favourite book!

dottie angel said...

delighted my dearies that you should like these few 'how-tos' and quite right you are, the humble tea towel is indeed most perfectly suited to many excellent uses :)
hurrah for you and hurrah for the tea towels of this world!

magpie chic said...

I've just been catching up on your tea towels Tif, and they are VERY desirable. But none in your etsy shop at the moment. Will there be more?
Jacqui (New Zealand).

dottie angel said...

Jacqui! lovely to have you visit and yes there will be more this week, my soul sister has just received our second order and they will be listed along with other goodies over the coming days :)