Wednesday, October 9

good enough, just as i am...

if you are a connoisseur on a subject matter i am wondering if that can make you a little dull or perhaps not? i debating on becoming a connoisseur on yarn and wool, however i am fearful to be such a connoisseur will mean living and breathing yarn and wool for 24 hours a day like forever. in turn i will forget anything else i ever knew as there won't be room in my aging cogs to hold all the new information and retain all the old information floating around there. then when i have learnt all there is to learn about yarn and wool and the little critters it comes from i may well be a yarn and wool connoisseur but at what cost? 

the cost of my other crafty knowledge?


and perhaps if that was okay and i did not mind, i might without even realizing it have become terribly dull in the proceedings. my clan might glaze over when i talk to them about itty bitty facts i have gleamed from pages within my yarny bibles. 

my constant canine companions might fall asleep even quicker than they usually do when i start to voice an interesting anecdote about a sheep and his woolly attire and worst still, my very own crafty soul might up sticks and leave me altogether with my connoisseur ways. i may beg and plead it to stay a while but it will turn just at the last moment before it pops out of sight forever, only to say with shaking head and sagging shoulders "Tif, oh Tif, you have become so dull of late"

so i am thinking, it will not be okay and i will mind terribly. 

hence i must tread carefully with my new found need to know more than i already know about yarn and woolly goodness. i will choose wisely what pages i remember as i read them, after all, knowledge is but remembrance. i am thinking my dusty old remembering cogs will like the challenge i have set for them, they will be grateful i have not left them to linger in a state of 'non-functioning' for more years then either i or they care to recall. however they will not be grateful if i overload them, ask too much of them, send them into a spinning whirling dervish ending in a break down of sorts.

earlier in the summer, i summoned up my snoopy courage and applied for a job out of mossy shed and in a big old beautiful yarn and wool store opening up shortly in a town close by. i was indeed rather giddy (and a little nervous) to learn a few weeks on, i was offered the job alongside of other crafty yarny souls. as the time draws near for me to join the workforce i am spending the next few weeks wisely swatting up on all things yarny and woolly.

 i must confess at first i felt my lack of knitting skills had let me down, however the positive little voice inside my head pointed out how marvelous it is i have crochetings skills to bring a lovely balance to all the knitting knowledge. however my positive little inner voice and i both agreed what would be even nicer is if i learnt more about yarn, wool and fibers so lovely passing customers who may have a question or two will not be met with a blank look followed by a "ummm, well, good question, i'll have to ponder that one. could you come back another time please"

hence the thoughts on 'to be a connoisseur or not to be a connoisseur?' rattling around in my head. i am thinking having thought it all through whilst rambling away, it would not be wise to become a yarn and wool connoisseur, forsaking all other knowledge i have carefully learnt along my crafty way. nope indeed, i fear that would not be a wise move. what would be a wise move however is to study my yarn books, then study the art of believing in myself and reminding myself 'i am good enough' and then i will reward myself with getting to grips with a lovely crochet book i happened across on my yarny wool knowledge quest... 
it made my heart skip a beat. 

tis the english version of a japanese book i LOVE, yes i do love it that muchly! 
already i am plotting and planning a crocheted hat as my reward for wisely choosing not to be a connoisseur today and instead, believing 'i am good enough, just as i am' today, tomorrow and next week

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