Tuesday, October 8

marvelous meatball-less muffins on a miserable pants weather day

today i did not make meatball cupcakes despite what it might look like

actually i did make meatballs last night come to think of it, turkey meatballs and 'go to' tomato sauce courtesy of Gwyneth and Julia. i cannot tell you just how delicious and hearty and good this recipe is on a cold and dreary monday evening. 

however today, on a dreary drizzley with little peek-a-boos of Mr Sunshine tuesday i felt an urge to bake. good grief, where on earth has that urge come from, i have never had such urges before but now i feel them daily. i have to literally stop myself from spending all my time in the kitchen making homemade baked goods. the only reason i do not, is because if i did, then i would eat them all day long and that is a 'no-no' for me. so i pace my baking urges and only allow them to surface twice a week, three times if i have no will power and give in.

today i opted for Gordon's Banana Oat Muffins from his Healthy Appetite tome. however i did mess around a little with the recipe. 

* instead of walnuts i used Enjoy Life choc chips which are wonderfully free of most food allergy stuff. how marvelous is that!

* instead of light brown sugar i used coconut sugar

* instead of melted butter or light olive oil i used Earth Balance

as there is no picture in the book i can find highlighting Gordon's muffins i can only presume his too looked like meatballs, hence 'no picture' 

and that was all, just a little tinkering and the results were not sweet in the least, which i imagine tis why its in the breakfast chapter. however best of all, oh joy of all joys despite their meatball appearance, they were edible! which in my world counts as a success most worthy of a gold sticky star