Wednesday, September 4

pants and double pants...

darn and double darn
drat and double drat...
yes indeedy,
that is what Linus and myself
have been muttering all morning.

well i have,
he's done a jolly good job
of tuning me out

but i like to think
really he is equally
its a little pants
and really truly
double pants as well

still when did a brit
ever never ever
let a bit of rain
deter them?
exactly a mondo!
so i have looked deep
into my inner brit.
(actually i do have an outer brit as well
but gasp, shock and a little bit of horror
after 13 years
its sort of got muddled up
with a bit of outer american
and some days gets confused,
so inner brit reserves
are called for)

i will not pay heed
to the weather bug
on our #3's phone.
i will laugh in the face 
of Mr P. ItDown
and will merrily continue
upon my merry 'fret not' way,
folding, and tagging
linens and things
this friday and saturday

and just incase,
you are thinking
well i don't own a brolly
and i don't own a pair of wellies
fret not,
i have a canopy to pitch
(borrowed from a buddy)
to keep the worst off the over spill 
from Gladys' fine inners
and keep intrepid treasure hunters dry
and tis a big old plus indeedy...
i have a big old dangly carrot 
to dingle dangle no less!

and upon my carrot i have carved
terribly carefully i might note,
using all my pumpkin carving skills
from when the clan were wee,
30% off everything!!
yep, its a-okay,
we can have more than one 
gasp shock horror 
in a ramble

nitty gritty can be found here
if you were asleep on friday
and are awake on tuesday,
but fell asleep again
somewhere around the middle of this ramble
and now wondering what on earth
Tif is waffling on about
with her pants and her carrots...