Tuesday, September 3

Miss Ethel and her razzle dazzling ways...

i'm a little frazzle dazzled this week.
Miss Ethel however,
 is razzle dazzling.
i would so much rather be
razzle dazzling
frazzle dazzled

i noted Miss Ethel's
razzle dazzling ways yesterday
when she sat for her portrait.

she mentioned flowers 
might be a peachy touch

a forsaken soul or two
would make for marvelous company

a row of vintage cotton reels
rather enhancing to her graceful curves

after pondering her choices
in backdrops
Miss Ethel settled for 
my studio closet doors

a few happy snaps later
and i could only marvel at
Miss Ethel's first official portrait
highlighting her razzle dazzling ways...