Tuesday, September 10

missing in action...

this week i am looking for my crafty groove
its been missing in action since the beginning of summer.
for sure i have dibbled and dabbled on occasion
but full on crafty groove mode has been nowhere in sight

i am just a little bit giddy about being reacquainted with my long lost friend,
it will be rather lovely to not have saggy baggy crafty knee socks any longer.
they are not becoming of me, i have come to decide.

in the meantime, 
whilst i spend my time wisely in my shed locating my crafty groove, 
i must intersperse my hunting moments, with moments out of the shed.
 those moments are now accompanied by classical music no less!
i am experimenting to see if i can arrive at my destination, cool, calm and collected
from listening to instrumental sounds via the classical station i happened upon.
or if it will have the opposite affect and drive me completely nutso
thus arriving, hot, bothered, and not in the least collected.
i think this is quite an interesting experiment
and one of great importance,
for how can i possibly reach the impending ripe (and somewhat wise) old age of 45
without knowing whether or not classical music
when listened to in an enclosed environment such as my car,
soothes my soul or drives me batty?