Thursday, September 12

an epiphany of the crafty kind...

i do like it when you've been dragging your crafty clogs, you've made zippo zilch muchly progress and an epiphany of the crafty kind pays a visit.

that is what happened to me last thursday as i was looking around mossy shed for my crafty groove. i happened upon this and i pondered. ah yes indeedy, just as i left you despite all my best intentions. well i thought to myself if only i could muster up a little bit of energies perhaps i might be in with a chance of getting the blanket half way done before Fall is upon us. so i buckled down to things and after 5 mins pottled off elsewhere for indeed i knew in my heart of crafty hearts i was never going to finish the blanket.

my 'lack of crafty groove' and my 'full of procrastinating' ways were to blame, however i was very muchly smitten with what i had done so far, i just could not muster the energies to complete a big project. yes, my heart of crafty hearts had spoken and at that moment i resigned myself to thinking what on earth was i going to do with all the fabby yarn i had spent my piggy bank's money upon... then it hit me! from clear across the room, like one of little olive's toys flying through the air, a thunder bolt of crafty brilliant-ness, no less!
immediately the energies began to flow, dinner was postponed, the 'do not disturb' sign, dingle dangled around my neck and i sallied forth upon my crocheting way. 

on saturday morn, as 3 lovely intrepid treasure hunting dearies were pottling around Gladys i cornered them for a bit of market research. all of them were in agreement that my beginnings of an ordinarily extraordinary blanket could indeedy become an ordinarily extraordinary neck wrap warmer thingy me jig.

now of course some might say, i trapped those poor unsuspecting lovely intrepid treasure hunting dearies in Gladys and how could they have said otherwise, but i say "not so" for they were the nicest of folks one ever gets the chance to meet and i know they would have told me the truth if the truth had been "ummm, Tif actually that will look quite pants and not at all peachy" if they truly believed it.

'twas all i needed to spur me and Mr Hook on to the finish line... where upon yesterday i tried it on. i told myself do not fret, imagination is key here... 

your bunny sweater is messing with your mind, throwing you off, making you see things a little squiffy and perhaps in fact, if Fall was here and you had yourself a rather natty winter coat upon your bod, avec a homemade frock, woolly tights and warm boots, this ordinarily extraordinary neck wrap warmer thingy me jig would look the bees knees and not as you fear this moment in time... like you have just found a half finished blanket and plonked it around your neck because you have sprained something.

i am wondering (not thinking this time, but wondering) if the missing in action crafty groove could be located, this ordinarily extraordinary neck wrap warmer thingy me jig, might be a rather fine addition to the dottie angel 'collection of sorts' coming this Fall