Sunday, September 2

curiosities, collections and clusters...

a few days previously to this one i am on right now, i found a little wooden shelf out and about. i took the little wooden shelf home noting its distressed state. for it was painted in a distressed fashion on purpose. i told the little shelf i noted its distressed state and not to worry, i would give it a nice coat of glossy soft white in the hope of it feeling less distressed about things.

yesterday upon waiting patiently for several coats of paint to dry i put up my new little friend upon my new wall of vintage wallpaper. 

as i did so, i felt a rebel, for i have read on several occasions, where i do not recall, it is somewhat risque to place things upon wallpapered walls. after my small act of rebellion i plonked several curiosities and clusters which pleased me greatly.

upon going about the rest of my day i noted there appears to be a growing band of little shelves of curiosities, collections and clusters around the shed these days. here is just a sprinkling of a few i noted

technically not a shelf but a side, however i noted it quite the cluster and therefore felt it qualified for inclusion 

in my new and improved studio space

another collection from my new and improved studio space. this is a bit of blur, a bit like the whole summer really

next to my man's side of the bed, thought he would appreciate a few forsaken souls to look over him at night

above my little office corner, hard to see but is indeed a shelf amongst the inspiration bits and bobs

Tif :)