Friday, August 24

blurry and bleepy...

the august weeks 
have passed in a blur and a bleep.
i think summer can be a little like that.
day to day routines fall apart,
lazy ways leap at the chance of dallying all day by your side.
however when i look back, i see no lazy moments.
just moments i intended to spend on some thing,
only to have it taken over by another thing
or another body.

every trailer deserves a bit of feeling loved, Gladys was most delighted with the kitschy plastic flowers i found for her

Our Gladys has been the center of my attention,
each and every morn as i rise.
upon climbing the stairs late at night,
i reflect, she got a look in, 
for mere moments of my day.

with it in the high 90's outside, inside Gladys, we sweated it out together and marvelled how quickly wallpaper paste dries when its hitting a 100 inside a trailer

a right old motley crew waits patiently for their moment to shine

Gladys's cubbies were a little the worse for wear till we dabbled with wallpaper scraps

so with things a little blurry here at the shed,
a few bleeps joining in the party,
and knowing it is exactly 10 more days left 
without a 6:30am alarm set for school.
i'm embracing the blurriness,
encouraging the bleeps
and spending the last week of summer,
with my lads of three, Gladys and my critters.

some days little olive can't take the blurry bleepiness of our august days

i'll be back the first full week of september
with news to share of Our Gladys,
and our latest 'bonkers but could be brilliant' adventure together.

Gladys has her own cat so she never feels alone and frightened in the dark late at night

till then, wishing you all 
a few blurry, bleepy moments of your own
in the best possible way.