Friday, September 14

its a marvelous thing...

its a marvelous thing after the longest time, to see clearly again. me and my '3 in 1' rose coloured specs will take a little while to truly become one, but for now, i can't help but marvel at how big and beautiful the world is through my new specs

its a marvelous thing to know my girls are both coming home for christmas. i know its rather early to be thinking of christmas, but i do not care, no sirree. for the longest time i thought this would not be the case, but now i know it is the case i am wholeheartedly crossing off the days and thinking of christmas in september

its a marvelous thing to have a diary again. after 2 years of going it alone with only my little cogs to retain nitty gritty, i came to the conclusion it was madness. my temporary madness has been replaced by a sense of relief, knowing my little diary found on a pottle around the seven dials in london, will take all the responsibility of everyday things needed to be remembered. its a hefty responsibility for one so little but so far after 4 weeks, my new diary appears to be up to the job. hip hip hooray!

its a marvelous thing to see after quite the few weeks, Our Gladys slowly but surely taking shape. she could without a doubt have taken shape a lot less slowly however i can't help but marvel when looking back, really 7 weeks is not long at all to turn an 'old dear' of a trailer into a vintage eclectic pop~store

its a marvelous thing on the brink of turning another calendar year older, i am gearing myself up to 'keeping fit'. now keeping fit is an odd old thing. for indeed i do not see myself as someone who sits still for long periods of time, however being a crafter, i do indeed in-between my pottling endless hours, sit still. so starting next week, the very week of my 44th birthday i am going 'from crafty butt to 5k'. it is also known around the web as 'from couch to 5k' but for me, i have given it a new name as that is my intention. i have no plans to run a 5k at the end of it all, however my plan is, and its one filled with high hopes... (big big high hopes for in my case, 'keeping fit with intention' is not my forte). i plan to see myself one year from now, on the brink of turning 45, feeling healthier and fitter (with no crafty butt in sight), then i did on the brink of turning 44