Tuesday, September 11

granny chic, specs & little doggies...

yesterday was a day earmarked for getting a lot of nitty gritty stuff done. however as is the way of late, Mr Procrastinator arrived for a visit around mid morning and tempted me from my path of earmarked 'to-dos' and led me to dabble with a pile of vintage crocheted squares and the little flower babies i happened upon last week.

if i was ever asked by anyone what is my fabby fav thing to do, i would respond, without hesitation nor pause to ponder, my fabby fav thing to do is stitch old lace and linens together. be it a quick happy five minutes or more labour intensive and thought requiring moments where there needs to be some rhyme or reason to the patching and placing. either way i am happy in my world.

little flowers strung along the bottom edge doing a brilliant 'dingle dangly' job of things

if perhaps you have always wished to dabble in such a pursuit but are unsure of how to get started. the fear of chopping into your vintage beauties without a plan has left you unable to 'start a stitching' then you will find plenty of wisdom and inspiration on this thrilling pastime in our Granny Chic book, due to be released in old blighty on October 25th. next month no less! this is particularly thrilling for Rachelle and myself, to see our combined crafty cogs and thrifty thoughts in print is rather a wondrous feeling. aside from patching and piecing old fabrics and lace, there is wealth of blurb on this and that, all manner of granny chic goodness is rambled on about, amongst pages filled with visual inspiration and recipes for the crafty secondhand nest.

little olive not convinced we need yet another lace panel at the windows of mossy shed. however she does note how kindly of me to leave her a viewing space

in the meantime, i have arisen today with two things on my mind. one is the left-over list of nitty gritty involving a large silver curvaceous gal called Gladys and t'other? 

well t'other is causing me to fret. for today is 'd-day' for my spectacles. after months of knowing most of the world is a blur (which isn't a bad thing some days) i have agreed with my dr to take the plunge and go for 3 in 1 vision in the way of new spectacles. she explained to me that certain areas of the lens will remain blurry, along the side edges. i have pondered this greatly and all i can keep on thinking about is, when i do a merry dance around my kitchen each evening to make dinner, i do that merry dance with a little pesky doggie not 5 inches off the ground. its a dance we have mastered over 3 years, a dance which involves waltzing from stove, to sink, to fridge, to island and it is done with no mishaps what so ever. quite possibly, many a fly on the wall has witnessed it whilst waiting for leftovers and told their friends, "tis a beautiful thing to see, poetry in motion without a doubt". and now what if little olive gets caught in my blurry bit of glasses vision and a terrible series of unfortunate events could happen in a split second. 

little olive 'summing up nicely' how yesterday was for the majority of the day

so tonight, the first night with '3 in 1 specs' on my nose, we will face our fears and dance our daily waltz around the kitchen, whilst wisely making salad for dinner ~ Tif