Monday, August 6

a little crafty...

last week amongst all the other goings on, i found time to polish my crafty soul. it was not a full on big old polish but it was a rather nice sort of spontaneous sort of polishing. i had not awoken that particular day with any plans to dabble in craftiness, however the plans i did have, required a man and as the man was gone till later in the afternoon i needed to direct my twitchy impatient ways to another victim.

as i stared out my old studio window i found my willing victim. interestingly, i noted my willing victim had been there waiting patiently for over four years. i am guessing i have not looked at it with fresh eyes until this moment because my eyes have been distracted by many other things of late. this i told myself, as my crafty cogs began to turn is what i miss more than anything, the ability to start a day with a head unfilled with 'to-dos' and room for 'getting lost' from reality.

with half its limbs lost last year, i noted with my fresh eyes just how unadorned and somewhat naked my lovely tree was looking. we are surrounded by huge pine trees of every description but only one tree which has branches and a trunk stands in our yard, one tree who was crying out to be doilified as far as i could see.

many many moons ago i was struck by an image i saw online. i am truly talking many moons ago here, probably in the first year of starting to spend time in the world wide web. i believe i found it via the lovely Emma Lamb and it stuck in my head as it took my breathe away and was something so beyond anything i had seen before. as i stood there that morning, i was inspired to make my tree feel a little more loved. i rustled around in my studio for the pile of lace runners i had recently earmarked as 'need to find a new home pronto' and inspired by the incredible lace tree work of Janet Morton (scroll down and click on '2003 linden in lace' to see the tree in all its lacey loveliness), i got to work.

not your imagination, Gladys has indeed being travelling. more on her thrilling voyage from one end of the yard to the other tres soon
inspired by the incredible work of textile artist Janet Morton
i used coloured embroidery thread in an ad-hock way, which is my fabby fav way to stitch lace together and after a few happy hours i stood back to see my tree in her glorious dolified goodness. now of course i know in my heart of hearts it won't stay this peachy for long. alas and alack the hint of a green tint which covers anything and everything outside will have its last laugh. but by then i hope to be prepared with my 'going into fall, crocheted with all the leftover yarn in my stash' snazzy jazzy woolly jacket for my tree. who will have the last laugh now?