Monday, August 13

little olive continues her high hopes...

yesterday little olive mentioned as things were becoming tres bright out in the back yard she was thinking of saving up her pocket money and splashing out on a pair of those doggie sun goggles she has noted other doggies have. i did inquire how she knew about such things as i do not recall her venturing far from mossy shed and its back yard. she then informed me she had seen them on the world wide web. i inquired no further.
however, i did agree upon seeing her struggling with the glare out back later that day, perhaps she had a point.

i also agreed with little olive this would be a worthy picture to add to her growing portfolio of shots for when 'fame and fortune' comes a knocking and she will be packing her suitcase and heading to where the sidewalks are paved with gold and a little doggie can make it big. we have decided to add this to the section under the heading 'thriller or crime' movie. later this evening i am going to show her a still from Clint Eastwood and Pale Rider so she can see just how far she has come in perfecting her different acting faces.

in the meantime we both agreed after a brisk 'hoppity, trot' to the park and back this morning before it became tres sweaty, a bath was in order as she was looking a little too 'off white' and her hankie was decidedly gray. little olive is not fond of baths (putting it mildly), but realizing she must be at a her best at all times just in case the phone call comes through from a casting director and she might have to drop everything and leave that moment with no time for washing, a bath was a necessary evil for today.

whilst we wait for the call, i am doing a spot of embroidery and reflecting on pesky squirrels who do not care for their tree to be doilified and will not tolerate such nonsense and will indeed do something about it. little olive on the other hand, will continue to sun herself out back , however wisely keeping her eyes closed until her sun goggles come in the mail

Tif and little olive