Saturday, October 2

granny goodness at its best...

i do like a bit of granny chic
and so i thought it might be nice
if i told you about two lovely granny chic loving crafters whom i admire.
i have admiration for the lovelies they make
and i am quite sure if i got a ganders at their vintage fabric stash
another huge wave of admiration would come over me,
perhaps even turning me a little faint.

first up is the delightful polly from folly and glee,
she caught my 'granny chic loving' eye a few months back.
after all, an ercol couch would stop most granny chic folks in their tracks.
on further inspection not only does her furniture deserve a mention
but her wonderful bark cloth and wall paper lampshades.
alas she lives across the pond from moi,
for mossy shed would look most grand decked out in folly and glee shades.
polly has an online UK store full of granny chic mid century goodness,
i actually have to look through squinted eyes
for her shelves truly are stocked with eclectic housewares that quicken my heart.
you can also find a few of her pretties on Etsy

and then there is the lovely rachelle of ted and agnes...
i have known rachelle for quite the while,
and she also has the most fabby wallpapered walls in her nest.
recently rachelle opened up her online store
and it is full of eclectic pretty wares made from vintage fabrics.

i can personally recommend her aprons for i own one myself,
i have noted upon wearing it in my kitchen,
it has not aided me in my orange meals,
but it does an excellent job at protecting me from my messy ways
it also has the added benefit of making me feel most peachy
whilst all around is not going according to plan.
i think that in it's self proves what a apron of the utmost kind it is.

rachelle also dabbles in other lovelies like cushions, tea cosies and other good old granny stuff.

so there we have dearest readers,
i think you will agree
there is nothing quite like a bit of granny chic to start the weekend on a lovely note.

she has plans for 'book week', coming soon to a rambling blog near you ~ Tif
footynote: please do note all images shown today belong to polly and rachelle and their granny loving selves.


Debby said...

Love it as well.

mel @ loved handmade said...!! I am completely & utterly in love with everything in those pictures...

Tracey@bountifully said...

How lovely, so nice to go visiting some more Granny goodness type sites. Your retreat sounded fab, glad you had such a great time!

blue corduroy said...

thanks for sharing- they're wonderful!

barbara said...

Oh Tif, these are so very gorgeous, thank you, lovely weekend inspiration ...

Suz said...

Truly wonderful things!


Vintage Fabric Addict said...

ooh that is just the lovelies lot of granny i've ever seen!! thank you. also book marked the retreat site - that's one to dream about attending for sure. x e

Flower said...

Awwww....your blog amkes me happy!

Marianne said...

<3 Love it

Kelly Fletcher said...

Glorious .

Ada and Lilly said...

As I trundle towards the big '40' at the start of November, I am consoling myself with the knowledge that 3 of my gifts are from the adorable 'Ted & Agnes' - including an apron!! How many more sleeps until I can open my 'grannie chic' parcel? One, Two, Three ... TOO MANY!! Thank you for being you .... Sending you love from the UK. X

Anonymous said...

Incredibly lovely


Megan V said...

All those vintage florals are just blowing my mind with their gorgeousness!!! I'm in love with every vintage floral to ever exist. I'm sure of that. :)

sinkingonbrink said...

Sooo pretty..loving those lamp shades! and the fab sticky back plastic..?? on those shelves.

dottie angel said...

hurrah for granny chic crafters around the globe, just doing their thing with vintage goodness! so delighted you liked polly and rachelle's lovely creations :)

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, lovely! There both new to me, so thanks muchly for the intros & their pretty pictures! :) Yay, granny chic!

katie bee said...

hello. after strolling through the flickr album of your perfectly peachy weekend, I decided that a twenty-something can definitely join in on the granny chic just as well as anyone and took on the Dottie Angel Challenge of the Utmost Kind. I already had a (primarily) handmade wedding last summer and I still have an apartment full of thrifted items and I'm building a closet full as it's lovely to have an adorable name for what I've been up to! I adore your blog so much that it's bookmarked in my browser, just one click away!

follyandglee said...

Whoaaa Tif. Thank you so much for your kind words about my "follies and my glees". You are most welcome to sit on my Ercol anytime.x

Carol said...

Some brilliant granny chic things. Particularly love the dresses.
Carol xx

Carol said...

Lol, just realised they are aprons...... but you know what..... the designs WOULD make fantastic dresses.

Carol said...

Oh you are such a bad influence, Tif. I HAD to buy one of the aprons! Especially when I realised Rachelle was here in Yorkshire!
Carol xx

Rachelle Blondel said...

Oh Tiff
I have just about steadied myself due to the extreme giddyness your post caused me..thankyou soo much for sharing my granniness around...

ps keep an eye on the mail there is a little article on its way regarding a certain wooden monkey...thought you would find it interesting rx

ozgrkdn said...

Fabrics are very beautifullllll...I love these....

dottie angel said...

oh carol! you do make me smile :)
rachelle sweetie, you are most welcome, i wore my pinny last night and thought of you!!!
polly, gosh to think you sit on one everyday is amazing to me!

katie bee, wonderful my dear, hurrah for you :) delighted you are inspired to join the challenge!