Tuesday, October 26


i have shed fever today, i think it is something to do with the crappity crap weather.

yesterday i could not leave the shed for fear of being blown over and covered in wet soggy leaves, i had visions of wondering how long it would take my clan to notice their mother was not in her usual spot within the shed.

however today, as i reported in the earlier paragraph, i have shed fever. it does not happen often for i love my shed, but now and then it creeps up from behind, it creeps from behind because it is a 'sneaky little blighter', a bit like Mr Lurgy, who is also a 'sneaky sneaker' who waits for one to turn the other way and pounces.

so because of shed fever i am willing to face my fears of being lost under a pile of soggy leaves and shall go to the grocery store, i do not care for grocery shopping at the best of times, i wish i could embrace it as a 'fun day out' but alas my local store does not warrant such a title.
i see it now
'local grocery store, bring all the family, a fun day out'
and if such a poster were to be posted in their window, i would beg to differ.

but shed fever has me antsy and so has the cries of complaints at the lacking of edible matter within our shed. another thing to make me antsy is Mr and Mrs Monkey... ever since i made a little LOVE wall patch and asked them to "smile pretty please" they have become rather attached to it.

i popped it in my little shop window this morning despite their protests, explaining the little wall patch was dreaming of life somewhere more exotic than Mossy Shed and her acre of wet soggy leaves.
Mr and Mrs Monkey are no longer speaking to me, their silence is deafening and making me feel a little wretched, which in turn is making the grocery store look more appealing by the minute

if the dreary weather would shift, she has plans to snap a few pics for a 'high hopes' tutorial soonish ~ Tif


Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh dear, I have to say the Monkeys do look in a black mood with you ;)
- especially as they're being used in the promotional material to move the wall patch on to a new owner....
Sweet wall patch! Hope you're less antsy soon - know that one!

Erin Wallace said...

This is adorable! Hope you get to the shed soon.

xo Erin

Lola Nova said...

Oh 'tis dastardly out, a-blowin' and a-rainin'! Much as I would like to stay safe in, I must venture out to post a package and retrieve some felt. For tho' I have a veritable rainbow of felty goodness, I am of course missing that one hue and no other hue will do.
I hope your trip to the market is not too much a trial and do be safe out there.

Mr. and Mrs. Monkey are sure to come to reason over the wall patch, especially if you sing to them. They might like a round of "I wanna be like you" from the motion picture 'The Jungle Book'.

Unknown said...

ohhh i love it!! that would look so pretty in our bedroom! hmmm...

sabrina said...

I work as a cashier in a grocery store, so I can totally relate to your dread of going there. Sometimes I hate grocery shopping. (Though most of the time I just pick up what I may need after work.)

Your little "LOVE" wall patch is so pretty. I think the monkeys will get over it once they realize love is something you can't keep to yourself. You have to share it and spread it around. <3

Sharon Stanley said...

i hope you escaped for a little needed outing from the shed today...and i hope your leaves were kind and did not cover you. funny you wrote this post today...i was struck with just how much i dislike going out. the older i get, the more i like staying in....at least on the farm and fru fru property. today, our weather is...humid...too warm for october, and being a cool weather gal, i do not like the warmth...in october. since the inside of the house was cooler than the out, i decided to take a walk inside. i googled and found that it takes 2000 steps (approx) to equal a mile and counted the steps around my inside downstairs, finding that i can walk a 50 step circle downstairs. i did this 40 times thereby walking an entire mile without leaving home. the farmer says i don't have enough to do. i say no, i just like home.

Anonymous said...

Dearest, please let your sweet Mr. and Mrs. Monkey know that I stopped by the shop window today.

I have been absolutely dying to have something that was touched by Miss Ethel.

I promise to give the patch a good home. I do not have a Mr. and Mrs. Monkey in residence; however, I do have a very friendly Bumblebee the Brave that will keep it company quite nicely.


Leah said...

I have been putting of the shopping for a week now and I'm getting down to the boring bits in the back of the pantry... I just don't have the energy to drag the two smalls with me, I have mean Mr lurgy staying in my chest... But your mention of high hopes tutorial has purked me up. Thanks .

Jill said...

I just have to tell you again. I. love. your. blog.

dottie angel said...

sharon! that has to be the best thing i have heard all day. it makes perfectly perfect sense to me and this afternoon i planned to count my steps around the shed, but then i got distracted by Miss Ethel :)

Leah, i do so hope Mr Lurgy buggers off from your nest soon, he is quite the cad... i would have quite happily picked up a few bits for you whilst i was out, if we lived a little closer :)

Kate!!! Mr and Mrs Monkey have forgiven me, now they know this little sweetie is going to be living with bumblebee the brave they just couldn't help but smile :)
thank you my dear for giving it a forever home and quite the peachy one at that!

Brina, i thought of you the whole time i did my 'fun day out' bit at the grocery store :)

thank you all for your lovely comments, you brightened up the shed with your kindness and of course always, always your 'wisdom' :)

Francesca said...

can you make them another one please. that's made me a bit sad for the monkeys. and i think it was your loveliest one ever. x

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi, I wouldnt want to leave your lovely home/shed either especially for the spermarket, even though I expect yours is far better than mine!

Sharon said...

I am so glad that Mr and Mrs Monkey have forgiven you for parting them from the oh so sweet wall hanging :-)

Hey, snap on the weather front! I cheat, though, on the grocery shopping ~ I do it online and get good 'ole Tesco to deliver it :-)

Carol said...

We had crappety crap weather yesterday, I got wet and cold in town, it was not a fun day out. Today, wonderful and sunny - this might sound weird, but enjoying seeing a line full of washing blowing in tbe breeze.
I do love your monkeys. They'll soon start talking to you again when they remember how you rescued them.

monkeemoomoo said...

I know this feeling, we had rain here forever!! It was not pretty.

I just wanted to let you know that I have joined your 'challenge of the utmost kind', about a month ago. I am doing really well. Although my frypan used for sunday morning pancakes is almost had it. I don't know if I can miss out on pancakes for the next 11 months.
I'll keeping looking in the thrift shops for one in good condition - fingers crossed. If not I might steal my mums. I've already taken her overlocker and then her blender 2 weeks ago.

And... I have just used one of your pictures for my latest post and linked it back to you. Hope that is OK.

dottie angel said...

hurrah for you monkeymoomoo! i have you on my sidebar and yes! if the thrift store does not come up trumps soon, then you cannot possibly go without pancakes!! you'll be surprised though, most things have a way of working themselves out on the challenge :)

fran... i knew you would feel like that and yes i probably will!!

thank you for your lovely comments my dears :)

Effy Wild said...

So much sweetness here! I'm so glad you're feeling better. <3

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