Tuesday, October 5

book week... day two

the book i am sharing on day two of this thrilling book week
is one that appeals to the magpie within moi.
42 years ago i was born into a magpie nest.
being born of collectors of the utmost kind
i did not stand a chance.
despite my denial for many a year
i have now embraced the magpie within me
and learnt to live with my gene to collect,
doing so in little vignettes with plenty of space inbetween.
vintage doilies
retro linens
children who talk back
peachy clogs
quirky stools
winter boots
pesky critters
anything pretty
anything kitsch
and now it would appear

and that is why i am attracted to this lovely book,
it talks to the magpie within
by Annika Huett and Ulf Huett Nilsson

it is not so much a book about collections
but a book highlighting how the everyday in our lives
can be beautiful and what really makes a house become a nest.
from bathroom taps to light switches,
the authors have travelled around Swedish homes
full of eclectic details and wonderful bits 'n' bobs
recording their findings in all it's colorful glory

Detaljer Hemma is a picture book of pure eye candy
for anyone that has magpie tendencies like myself
and now i stop to think about my magpie genetics,
i see the magpie gene has been passed on to another generation in our family.
Our #4 is doing a grand job at becoming a collector extraordinaire

where you can find out more about the authors and this peachy book.
actually can i just say i am really excited to have found this interview.
obviously i own a dectective hat i did not know about, until this moment
and i am wondering what other lovely things i may unearth with it upon my bonce.

going back to yesterday and my obsession with jam jars
since being inspired by Shelley's lovely knitted ones
shown in Covet Garden
i thought perhaps it might be nice if i mentioned
i am working on a tutorial for the gleeful season...
now i know it is only the beginning of October
and usually i am never ever prepared.
however Our #1 is coming home for christmas
and so i have gleeful things on my mind.
my gleeful tutorial week will involve jam jars of varying sizes
along with yarn and other fabricky things from one's stash.
so instead of just springing it upon you in middle November
and then perhaps sending one or two of you into a jar finding frenzy,
i am alerting those that may be interested, ahead of time
to avoid frantic frenzies.

she is quite sure there was an easier way of saying it, but when did she ever make her ramblings easy to read ~ Tif


jane said...

I love that book,and I love the way you included your little collections in each pic and I love the fact that my little stock pile of jam jars might yet see the light of day x

Kardemomme said...

I have seen this book in several blogs now and I cant wait to get it home! Full of good ideas, and inspirational pictures! I love colourful interiors like this. And I love your blog too. Have been visiting your lovely blog for a few months now. You are so inspiring. I love to craft, and I love to go to fleamarkets. Some months ago, one of the norwegian papers called Dagbladet asked me if I could mention three of my favourite blogs on the sunday magazin. Well, I chose you, together with two of my norwegian favourites.Have an nice evening!
Best wishes Kardemomme :))

My Handmadehappiness said...

Loving your book week :o) brilliant post as ever x

Liefgeval said...

I think this book is made for me!
Looking around in my home all I see
is collections and knick knacks and
oooh, my boyfriend hates it but I
love it :D!!!
Thanks for the tip!

Kim W. said...

wow that is a really beautiful book!!

Penny-Rose said...

love your post today! I too am a magpie, but I was born in a next of minimalists and am more like a cuckoo in that respect. looking forward to reading your next post on jam jars - I keep beads and buttons in mine!

Sharon Stanley said...

i LOVE being a card carrying member of the dottie angel book club! keep 'em coming, i have paper and pencil in hand for much jotting of books to hunt for and suggest as gifts from loved ones.....i am nothing if not thoughtful.....

xxx said...

I don't own my home and therefore am unable to create the finer things, but can have fun with other things.

Lovely post... lovely blog.

best wishes

Elaine from L.A. said...

Oh my goodness! I was taking some glass jars out to the recycling bin a few minutes ago and simultaneously thought, "Hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't get rid of these, so I could crochet some jackets for them.", and then, "Hmmmm, I wonder if Tif has thought of writing a tutorial for the Jam Jar Jackets?" I really and truly did think that to myself!!!

And what do I find as I am perusing your blog??? Kind of spooky, but pretty cool, too, I think :~) I will be looking forward to the tutorial!!!

I went ahead and put the jars in the recycling, as I know there are more to be found :~)

Anonymous said...

I've a propensity for interiors and a liking towards magpies, especially of your sort:) And although my style is a bit more run down than this, I do adore it so.

The sneak-peek into the book is a treat!


Hear Me Roar! said...

I'm finally doing a bit of catching up on my reading (I still owe you an email, which is still marked with a flag in my inbox), and I wanted to say that I am SO happy your crafty weekend went off without a hitch. Every time I read your blog I yearn back to the days of playing with warm things like yarn and fabric, instead of the cold scratchy bisque. Maybe I should knit all the bisque figurines in the shop some sweaters? Once again I've been shown a new way of looking at things from your blog!

llittlecottonbluebirds said...

Hi, I follow your blog and love the eclectic look but am more of a earth tone gal.

I am smitten with your style which is why I follow. Please visit my blog too and let me know what you think or what I might need to change. Am open to suggestions.

Yours, Dani

Krystin said...

this book looks lovely, thanks for the introduction!

i too come from a rather expansive magpie nest. my father collects gnomes and i've noticed he is beginning to look like one. makes me wonder what of my various collections i will look like...

p.s. i love your blog!

ritarenata said...

i love your photography (as always)

Francesca said...

that book is amazing! i must have it.

i'm enjoying your posts of lovely things. i went to folly & glee the other day after your post, fell in love with the checkboard coffee set which was already sold and promptly acquired one on ebay. i'm out of pocket but very very happy. i shall post it when it arrives. x

wood & wool stool said...

this book is far beyond awesome!
nonetheless, this book I would have wanted to make!

Kaisa said...

Love,love,love that book.I got it a couple of days ago and I find new little details in it all the time.Love,love,love Your blog too!

katysclutter said...

I to am a magpie, I live with a sparrow who hates my clutter! The covent Garden online magazine made my heart beat a tad faster with all it's gorgeousness (!) How i'd love a nest like that...as for jam jars, thanks for the warning x ps the books going on my santa list!

dottie angel said...

oh i thought this book would appeal to the many magpies amongst my dearest readers! how can it not with such a wonderful cover... thank you for being so wonderful with your comments and making me chuckle with my morning cuppa, especially the gnome story krystin :)

dani, i have visited your blog and it looks peachy to me, just stay true to who you are that way it will be your own shiny little place with a soul that speaks :)

fran, do you see why i have to look at polly's shop with squinty eyes!!!

almaPalma said...

I just love your blog! It's so beautiful.:) I have this book too, I just knew I had to have it the moment I saw it! It's just wonderful ♥

Jessie said...

I got a chance to peek at that very book in Seattle, but not thoroughly enough to satisfy me. It will go on my birthday wish list post-haste!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh that book looks wonderful!!!! I would just be drooling over those pages of yumminess!!!


Carol said...

Oh the jam jars in the garage will be soooooooooooooo happy!
Could I just ask - picture 3 - little red and white mat - is that a new creation? It is rather lovely.
Carol xx

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I discovered your blog a few months ago and was really impressed by your challenge of the utmost kind. I've been doing a lot of thinking recently and decided that I would like to participate too. It's going to be tough as I'm currently renovating on old property which has belonged to my husbands family for hundreds of years. I need all the support I can get!

Thank you for inspiring me to make this life-changinging decision.

Sarah Elizbeth

dottie angel said...

hurrah for you sarah elizabeth... how wonderful you should be wishing to take up the challenge. i wish you a peachy year indeed!

carol, tis one of my vintage potholders from a collection that grew somewhat last year! i love the red ones especially when the gleeful season rolls around :)

it would appear this book has struck quite the cord with us magpies :)

{schlawittchen} said...

Oh my God, thank you so much for introducing us to this marvellous book. I hope I can get a copy.

Much love!!!