Monday, October 4

book week... day one

gosh i am tres excited about this week being book week.
i am thinking, there is nothing quite like a lovely book...

first up for day one of book week
is a perfectly peachy book all about crochet trimmings.
Our #3 gifted me this book on my birthday a few weeks back,
i can tell you it is probably one of the most loveliest gifts
i have ever been given by one of my clan.
to know my teenage son can walk into the local bookstore,
head to the crafting department
and find amongst all the beauties resting upon the shelf,
the one book most suited to my crocheting needs is quite extraordinary.
until i unwrapped my gift i had no idea as to this books existence
and yet it is perfectly suited to me,
which truly warms my mothering crafty heart.

upon seeing my lovely red book
i exclaimed to Our #3
how wonderful it will be to have other options
beyond my usual picot edging
delving into the world of fancy crocheted trims
all because of his thoughtfulness.
this is perfect timing as fall is on its way
and with it i am getting all nesty
and with nesty, i am getting all crochety
and nothing says 'nesty and crochety' to me
like a blanket with pretty edgings.

as perfect timing would have it,
i have just finished off a lappity lap blankie

and will be picking a suitable trim from my new book.

i have high hopes and will do my utmost,
despite predictable hiccups along the way
not to resort to my picot stitch,
i am most fond of my picot
but it is time expand my crochet trim horizons
aided by my trusty new red book and Mr Hook.

fitting in nicely with my 'nesty crochety' mode
is the need to clothe random jars around the shed in little winter jackets.
i did not know i needed to do this until the lovely lynda wrote to me,
telling me of Covet Garden, a beautiful online magazine,
which she produces with the help of some lovely creative folks.
i clicked,
and one click led to another click
which in turn
led to my obsession with making little jackets for jam jars.
the 'how-to' is for knitted little jackets,
which you will find on page 21-22 of issue 2
and on close inspection of the article
it looks to me this lovely book also contains brilliant how-tos.
how fabby is that, even more nesty things to inspire!

for a moment i was tempted to break out my needles
having laid idle for many a year,
but i could not do it dearest readers,
no i could not.
Mr Hook is my constant companion these days.

so by friday afternoon i was raiding the fridge,
tipping out contents in jars well past their sell by dates.
this was a grand moment for me,
made me feel my kitchen crappity crap ways, have a silver lining.
by friday night one jar was proudly on the mantelpiece

my clan actually marvelled at the jars and their little winter jackets.
now let me just say, my clan rarely marvel at anything i make,
it is one big blur of crocheted doilifying stuff and passes them by.
but i have discovered, much to my glee
a simple little crocheted winter coat on an old food jar
appears to be worth a marvel.

she is thinking little jars with winter jackets would make the most loveliest gifts this coming gleeful season ~ Tif


Rachelle Blondel said...

the harmony guides are fab aren't they I have most of them & the rest on constant loan from the library....thanks again for the last post tiff it was very definately mostly appreciated..

Bridget said...

that blanket is so great! ah i have so little creativity. give me some of yours?

Kiera said...

wonderful inspiration! Please help me be clear... did you crochet the jar sweaters? I am in love and if it is crochet... are you sharing your pattern?

nacherluver said...

Yup. Superb book. Just checked this out from my local library a few weeks ago. So many possibilities! If only I knew how to fully read the patterns!

Acornmoon said...

What an array of lovely links, inspirational blogging and i did not even realise that I needed to buy that book until I clicked here.

svimelaura said...

What a marvelous idea!!! I will try it out as soon as I can find my own Mr Hook:) Thank you for a fantastic and inspiring blog! I love reading what you have to say:)

bc said...

Your jars are so sweet and isn't it lovely that the Covet Garden mag photo is styled with a lovely no. 3 too...

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Oh Tif, how clever of your #3 to choose such fabulous book for you. Maybe you crochety ways have rubbed off onto him unawares.
Look forward to seeing some lovely trims whipped up by yourself and Mr. hook.
Love the idea of the jar covers too.

willywagtail said...

Love, love it all. Amazing how simple those clans can be behind their tough facades. I hope you praised your son up heaps for his extremely insightful gift in the hearing of the others so that you next lot of gifts may be full of such wonderfulnesses. Cherrie

Chris said...

What a lovely post it really brought a smaile to my face, well done you!!!
I love the jars, love, love the book and love, love, love the blanket.
I can't wait to see the edging you choose.

Carol said...

I've just finished a granny stripe blanket and not completely happy with the edging, you've reminded me that somewhere I have a book (charity shop find) on crochet "finishing touches" which should be just the job.
Love your jar covers, I made some similar for plant pots.

guerrillartmomma said...

I absolutely love these and need an entire shelf of them. Do they come with jars or can I just get jackets?

Susan said...

I like the looks of that book... Very handy to have on hand.
I think I'll look for that one.


Lola said...

Your blog is dreamy! That's so cute that your son picked the lovely book for you!

I love the jar cozies. :)

{twiggs} said...

Hello dear Tif!! I was moved by that sweet gesture of your teenage son!! How sweet of him?! :) Your mother's heart must have been melted right in that very moment!!! You have a good family... May you have sweet days, sweet lady! Twiggs

xxx said...

I love love the jar jackets... really beautiful.... now i wish i could crochet, bbut i'm thinking maybe i could knit some :)

Karen M. Andersen said...

Tif, you little jars are gorgeous! I have had this on my crocheting agenda for the longest time...after I am finished with making crochet-covered hangers that I am currently obsessed with! I learnt to crochet in May this year, and started off with a really simple blanket, but it is getting far too hot now here in Australia for me to continue it so I have put it away until next winter. Being well and truly obsessed with crochet by winter's end though, I started on the coat hangers. Gotta love some fast, easy, colourful crochet gratification! So, next up for me are the jars... oh, I just remembered...after I finish crocheting my little girl's baby doll her sweet bear hat :) Thank you for sharing your lovelies and for inspiring me to get the hangers finished more quickly so I can try some jar pretties!

Karen xx

Bella said...

I absolutely love those little jar jumpers!
I have been wanting to learn all about the art of crocheting!
I will have to start soon!

Claire Garland said...

ooh, your pictures are like bowls of yummy ice cream; those creamy-y, sorbet-y shades - delicious!

The Pea Pod said...

Hello, I love your blog. I found it by accident.

You made me laugh when you said you emptied out all the jars in the fridge. I imagine you to be in a mad crafting frenzy :)

I'll pop by again that's for sure. I'm holding a special giveaway at The Pea Pod so if you or any of your readers would like to join in you are all welcome. x

Eleni said...

Oh, I completely completely agree! I had no idea that my jam jar hoard needed little winter coats, but now I have seen them I realise, yes, yes, of course, they must all have one!

Thank you, as ever, for another crafty inspiration :)

Oh, and PS: excellent parenting job, you've clearly raised a good 'un there!

ritarenata said...

oha, wool!!yammie, like ice"balls".
lovely blankie.
aaaah , crochet!!?? when will i learn???

Elsa said...

thanks for the magazine tip! love it and of course I adore your blog!

Francesca said...

lordi! those jam jar jackets are amazing! who knew! x

dottie angel said...

haha! heehee! i can see it now, in homes across the globes, little jars with crochted and knitted jackets, making them feel most loved indeed :)

i have plans to show a tutorial nearer the gleeful season for jam jars so i am busy collecting any that happen to pass by the shed so i will have something to show in november!

happy yarning my dearest readers :)

Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing Covet Garden. How did I not know about this?! And the little jar jackets. I'm ... brain is shorting out....too much awesomeness.

I'm Deborah said...

Hello Tif...... my first time posting - though definitely not my first time reading!!

I love the jar jackets and will go STRAIGHT AWAY and find all the jars lurking in the back recessess of my cupboard and shed (for I keep many such things 'just in case') and make little coats for them all..... As you say, what lovely pressies they will make (though it is getting hot, hot, hot here (on the bottom side of the world) I will be making a merry journey home (to Ol' Blighty) for Christmas so they will be just perfect for gift-giving.....

Ta muchly for your inspiration.

RamblingTart said...

How fun!! It is my goal this year to learn to crochet and knit. My Mums is fantastic at it and she would love this. :-)

dottie angel said...

hurrah for little jam jars around the globe...
and deborah delighted your gleeful gift ideas have been answered! thank you for saying hello and how lovely to go back to old blighty for christmas, i hope you have fabby time with your family my dear :)

Sophie Slim said...

I am new to reading your blog and I am STUCK! These jars are super awesome, I am learning to crochet as we speak (the needles have been my greatest love), and will do a post about them when I'm done linking my inspiration to you!

Thanks so much! xx