Thursday, October 7

book week... day three

for day three of book week,
i have a wonderfully fabby book to share
which may indeed be known by quite a few of you.
it is a brilliantly inspiring book
full of 'handmade crafts for a cause'.
yes indeed, it is the peachy Craft Hope book by Jade Sims.
dadadada dahhhhhh!

Jade is a buddy and a dearie,
a dearie of the utmost kind in more ways than one.
i met Jade when she came to Seattle
a few weeks back for my dottie angel camp.
i think now you can see why i was a little nervous,
the standard of my dearies was tres high!!!
a little while ago Jade was inspired to start Craft Hope,
an organization that combines a love of crafting with a desire to help others.
such was the success of Craft Hope there are now
tens of thousands of crafters in over 100 countries
following the Craft Hope site
and making handmade goods for causes all over the world.

the Craft Hope book is chocker block full of charities
and peachy ideas, crafters can make for them.
many talented designers, artists and crafters
have donated their time and their tutorials
to make this book the wonder it is.

having spent a few days in the lovely Jade's company
i can tell you she is one incredible person.
she is a mother and a crafter,
she is kind and generous
she is thankful to the many who have,
and continue to make,
Craft Hope the success it is.
this book will warm your crafty heart,
leaving you marveling at the crafting community
and what it does for the greater good of others...

she is thinking at this rate, book week may turn into book fortnight ~ Tif


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I love all the books you are showing!!! This one looks as wonderful as the others!

blah said...

I love the cloth doll pattern!

sabrina said...

I think this is a great idea, Tif! I have been trying to "craft for a cause" without even knowing it. I started my own project to benefit heart patients. I think I should join the lovely Jade... or at least buy her book. (I've bookmarked her blog and facebook. Thanks for showing those!)

Jessie said...

That Jade. She's a keeper!

vesna said...

I really admire Jade and craft hope.I must order this book

Mandy said...

hello...i love your site...i must say i think i will have to get this book....i live in australia...any ideas??? will click on your links and see w3here that takes

wood & wool stool said...

Oh #3 is again a great book.
I tried to order #2 but it's sold out. I keep on surching untill my swedish pearl is hemma!
Ingrid (how about Flow?)

Lynda said...

What a great website and fantastic idea. As I am sitting here making my Christmas presents it's not going to be any extra effort to make a couple more. I am really enjoying book week, love the pot jackets!!

Michelle said...

Oh I do hope it turns into book fortnight...
I love seeing all these books...
I have been following these links and loving them...

dottie angel said...

brilliant my lovelies! i agree perfect for the gifting season :)

and ingrid, no signs of Flow yet! i keep going to my mail box and checking. i fear my Flow has ended up in someone else's box... i will have to email them and hope they take pity on me :)

Michelle Clement said...

I'm lovely your book week, Tif! :) I feel so lucky to have leafed through them in Seattle - they're *so inspiring*. Jade's book is just lovely, as is Jade. :) Yay!