Thursday, October 14

book week... day five

today i am busying myself with busy things around the shed,
and ignoring the glass jars and their need for woolly jackets.

for in three days Janine and her little clan are coming to stay.
means the lovely Janine and her little clan
pack up their suitcases and come for a visit!
hence the name 'suitcase series'...
here in mossy shed,
we are getting a little exciteable about the whole thing,
especially little olive and used dog.

however, i am thinking of giving each of my clan members
a note card with 'do not dos' written upon it,

1. do not bicker
2. do not leave wet puddles upon the bathroom floor
3. do not pick your nose unless it is in private
and while we are at it,
4. do not sniff, blow your nose
5. do not leave a trail of crappity crap
6. do not ignore me so i have to repeat myself 5 times
before you are spurred into action
7. do not do anything other than marvel at my orange meals

and the list goes on,
anyone living with a clan of aging children and a man
will know exactly what i am talking about...
however i have decided not to write my 'do not dos'
no sirree, i am going to throw caution to the wind
and trust my clan will rise to the occasion
showing their 'best shiny' sides for 4 whole days.
i fear this could be a moment
for clinging onto 'high hopes' like never before

now to book number five of book week,
and it's a goodie!
hooray hurrah!

my soul sister kindly gave me Orla Kiely's book for my birthday,
we share a mutual love of Orla and all her goodness.
so it was with great excitement i received this wonderful book,
okay so i was totally giddy, for i am a huge Orla nut!
the book is everything it promises to be
and a whole lot more,
page after page of Orla's world is revealed
in all it's colorful, patterned, retro glory

she tells about the early days, how she got started.
she talks about her creative process,
her inspirations, resulting in her stunning patterns
and how the scale and rhythm along with the color,
all play a part in creating her wonderful range
of clothing, bags and soft furnishings.

right at the back of the book is a little chapter on blogs,
where Orla talks about blogs being an endless source
of amazement and inspiration for her.
seeing how others interpret her patterns and color
within their own homes is wonderful.
this is the bit when i got super giddy,
a little lightheaded even and Miss Ethel felt the same.

for in the back of Orla's lovely book
is none other than mossy shed and Miss Ethel.
now of course many of you will be seeing once again
there is irony when it comes to Tif and her tales.
for indeed this would be the very wallpaper i am in love with,
still am to this day,
but alas the love affair came to an end within the shed.
i can actually hardly bare to mention it
so i have said that last paragraph in a whisper.

but not to worry, for upstairs in mossy shed
Orla's patterny wonders still continue to grace our walls

i have high hopes,
if ever Orla happened to be passing by the shed one day,
perhaps she may indeed knock upon our door
and despite gasping 'thee gasp'
she will be most happy to see the upstairs bit of the shed,
thus immediately forgiving me
and my wicked wallpaper stripping ways

if there is one book
to recommend for your wish list this holiday season
then Orla Kiely's book would be it,
not because of Miss Ethel, nor mossy shed,
but because it is a tres peachy read
and indeed totally Orla

she is thinking tomorrow would be a peachy day indeed for a grand give away ~ Tif


Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh that book!! That gorgeous, delicious, wonderful, beautiful, inspiring book!! Ohhhh!!! You so deserve to find yourself in there!!!

Jessie said...

It's already on my wish list! I *do* have a birthday coming up very soon!

As a side note, I got to use that wonderful phrase of yours ("pants") when I realized that no way, no how could I get my little paws on a copy of the Detaljer Hemma book that you shared with us last week.

I was just wondering when Miss Janeen was coming for her visit. You will have superfabulous time, I'm sure. I'm a bit jealous. xx

Arthur Ransome said...

Crumbs, Tif - did Orla steal your photos! Surely not.

Vickie said...

I have been dreaming of owning an Orla Kiely handbag for three years now, but alas, it still eludes me... (unfortunately my budget does not include a splurge on such at this time). I think I need to get this book and open the page to the handbags and leave it around the house for my husband to see and maybe surprise me someday?? maybe?? I don't think husbands get those hints though, do they?? Still hoping.....

Vickie in Seattle

Momichka said...

Thanks for sharing the info and pics on patterns. I'll try to find the book.


Jenna said...

Keep all the wonderful book reviews coming! I love everyone that you pick :)
Love your blog- I added you to my special 'blog crush' links.

Michelle said...

Became quite delirious looking at Orla goodness...
Thanks again Tiff for more divine links...
I can totally understand your "must do and not do " notes...
But I am sure you will be so thrilled with the visit you will ignore any chaos by the clan...

xxx said...

enjoy enjoy enjoy! :)

- said...

Throwing "caution to the wind" was the wisest way to go to prevent any misunderstandings. They are welcome guests and I be all will go just fine. Have lots of fun.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Ooh how very exciting to have your home featured as a source of inspiration, fabulous!! I sure hope your family rise to the occasion and do you proud, I bet they do...I am a little in love with your glass jackets...

Sharon Stanley said...

oh my goodness! i am over the moon...i am on top of the world, i and thrilled beyond words~ i love orla, and to think your mossy shed is in her book is t-totally teriffic! many many many congratulations and thank you ever so kindly for sharing this delightful looking book with all your readers....yay!

Hear Me Roar! said...

What an amazing bit of wonder in this world of worlds; for anyone who has read your blog for a bit of time has known how much of an Orla fan your are. Not being 'in the know' about such things, I didn't even know about Orla Kiely before you came along, Tif. So I am TRES IMPRESSED that Orla Kiely knows of you, and feel this must be like being an actor and finding out that Julie Andrews watches your show, or something like that. Congrats to the bone, because I'm pretty sure that's a very cool thing indeed.

katysclutter said...

Wow how fab to be featured in Orlas' book and not know about it, to flick the pages and think "that looks looks like my...oh it is!" Even better to have a book that matches you wall too!

Unknown said...

This is on my wishlist, thanx for letting me (us) have a glance !
Love you're blog and pictures by the way.


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi there
I love O.K., unfortunatly her stuff never seems to appear at the car bootys & I can't splash out on a new bag!
Oh well maybe one day.......

follyandglee said...

I am thinking that to appear in orla's book is akin to being knighted by our fair Queen. I am proposing you adopt suitable initials after your name? OBE - Orla's Bestest ...something beginning with E?

Betty Zee said...

Hi Tif! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! The book looks really inspiring and truth be told I'm going to buy myself an early birthday present! Okay so it's not until next July.... but hey, a girls got to nurture her inspiration from time to time! ps..hope the clan do show their shiney shiney sides!! x

Unknown said...

Wow the book is amazing! ...and I love the colours of the wool in the picture...

wood & wool stool said...

the orla Kiely book is pretty peachy awesome :)
seen it at yvonne's some weeks ago and want one for myself now.
looking at the jam jars i saved some from the recycle container and omg another to do project.
sometimes i think i need at least two lives to do everything i have in mind...

dottie angel said...

oh mossy shed and miss ethel are positively beaming with your kind 'congrats' this morning :)

do not fret, for those that may have fretted a little, there is a lovely link to moi, right in the back of Orla's peachy book. actually having my blog's address in her credits made me more giddier than the photos i think!
many moons and several suns ago, i was asked permission by someone, i heard nothing and was left none the wiser as to whether the photos would be used or not. so it was just a question of 'wait and see', which i did... and it was worth the wait my dears!

i also sent a link to this photo along with my 'yes' permission because it makes me smile and remember the time my soul sister and i took a trip to london to track down and admire some Orla's goodness in the flesh

tee heeee :)

Anonymous said...

Snap Tif, I too got Orla's book for my birthday last month and was pleased to see Mossy Shed and Miss Ethel therein! I also got to visit her shop last month on a visit to London, all very exciting!!
Congratulations on being included!
Vivienne x

Claire Garland said...

Well done you, you... what a star you are Dottie Angel - not dotty at all! I'll get this book because of that.
Best wishes to you Dot (proud to share the same name) P!

dottie angel said...

thank you again my lovelies :)
have a peachy weekend...

Karen said...

great book review, Orla Kiely is a truly talented lady.

Zara said...

Thank you for introducing this wonderful book, otherwise I would have never known about it!! Now it's among high priority items in my wishlist:)
Kind wishes,

Lorene said...

Saw this Craftzine post and immediately thought of you...