Friday, October 22

and the winner is...

Janine, myself and little Finley stayed up super duper late on wednesday night,
taking our time to read all the wonderful inspiring books you live by,
here and in my inbox...
actually that doesn't sound quite right,
obviously we did not stay up super duper late reading all the books you mentioned,
for that would be quite impossible,
a night not being long enough
and the results of such an impossible task
could possibly led to madness.
so what i mean is,
we stayed up super duper late reading your comments,
on the wonderful inspiring books you live by!

thank you most kindly for taking part in our book bundle giveaway
and for also, as always, leaving such words of inspiration.
i do not think i have ever had a give away when i am not left with so many new things to discover,
and now i have a book list as long as my arm of new and wonderful reading material for me to work my way through.

i realized, i had not told you the book that inspired me so.
quite clearly for me, it was Pippi Longstocking and her adventures.
i do not recall how many of her adventures i read, although i have a well thumbed copy from my childhood,
what i do know is, Astrid Lindgren taught me to use my imagination
and for that i am most thankful

so we have a winner
and here she is
da da da da dah!!!!

my grandfather gave my sister and me,
the Readers Digest Great World Atlas back in the 1960's.
books in our house were few and far between.
this book to a small child, was HUGE.
its pages felt thick and luscious.
having not been in possession of this book for 3 decades,
i could still identify it by smell alone.
my sister took it off to college with her.
i found a substitute in a junk store a few years ago.
it still gives me the feeling the world
is a huge and incredible place

hurrah! hooray! for the lovely Kim,
her tale of childhood
and her inspiring wordly book
had Janine and myself most warmed,
congratulations my dear!

next week i have plans to tell you what Janine and myself got up to during her visit
and as if that wasn't thrilling enough,
i am also working on a little 'high hopes' tutorial which involves
not Mr Hook,
nor Dr Hook
but the ever-so-lovely
quite robust,
no nonsense,
let's just get the job done,
Mrs Hook

till then, she is wishing you the grandest of grandy weekends ~ Tif


A Bun Can Dance said...

Congratulations to Kim !!
I love Pippi Longstocking too - she's the best! I spent my childhood living with a menagerie of animals like her and often still think of myself as an older Pippi !!
have a fabby weekend, Tif - looking forward to hearing of Mrs Hook's adventures,
Denise x

Lynn said...

Congratulations Kim! Lucky you!

Mandy said...

congrats...what a lovely story...funny you say pippi long stocking...when i was in year three( that was a ong time ago!!!) i remember borrowing them from our school library...they were small and fun to read..i even remember where they were in our ibrary...and dressing up as pippi in book week events was not fact pippi was the first "novel" i ever read...thanks for giving me that

dottie angel said...

i think that is why i like to wear my hair in braids... recently i have mastered pippi's ability to have braids that go outwards. needless to say, this had made me most happy indeedy :)

have a lovely weekend my dears!

Karen said...

many congratulations to your very lucky winner!!

Anonymous said...

Godmorning from Sweden,

I've done a post on my swedish blog today, with some of your stunningly & soo beautiful images. I hope this is ok, otherwise let me know & I'll remove them.

You are an amazing and mysterious woman who completely enchants with your free spirit!


Kim Hambric said...

For loving a book, I get to receive even more books. I'm so excited. Thank you!!!

I'm going to the bookstore this afternoon and have a fresh look at Pippi Longstocking.

Greedy Nan said...

Sad that the 'winner' wasn't me [again] but very pleased to think that Atlas Woman is going to be as happy as I may have been if it had of been me ...

Anonymous said...

Tif, Funny you should mention Pippi. She was just on this summer's reading list for me. It was fun to look up all the titles and track them down at the Goodwill store in my area. Growing up with red hair and freckles, she was the ONLY role model for me. I loved how strong she was.
Julie in Wa

Ctina said...

Oooo! I love children's books! I used to work for Barnes & Noble and I loved being the Children's Lead and creating story time. Such a fun contest. Maybe I can participate in a future dottie angel contest. You, so far, my favorite from reading artful blogging. If I might borrow a term from Anne of GG, you are a kindred spirit and I look forward to reading your blogs!

dottie angel said...

thank you for your loveliest of lovely comments my dears! always peachy to hear from you :)
and i am thinking perhaps i need to re-read my copy of pippi too!