Thursday, May 13

one and only just begun...

dearest readers i must tell you
i asked her what she would like for her birthday,
she mentioned a thrift store glass with some yellow tulips would be peachy.
who was i to disappoint...

as i have mentioned before,
when little olive came to live at Mossy Shed
i was not convinced i needed a small doggie in my world.
however my children were.

life with little olive is not peachy every day.
she is a pesky little one
who likes to push the boundaries
on any given day.

but all that being said
she loves her crocheted blankets,
she sleeps in a suitcase
she makes me smile every day with her little ways.

i don't think one can ask much more than that
from a little pesky four legged friend

i have high hopes that being a mature one year old will suit her well.

on another note
i will be gone for a few days.
nothing lovely or thrilling.
no rendezvous with Colin Firth or Johnny Depp...
alas i will be staying put.
for i have a CCSI issue i need to sort

"oooh Tif, what could that possibly be?" you exclaim

i know, doesn't it sound intriguing,
i was rather pleased with that little term...
however i would be more pleased if i didn't even have to come up with the term to explain my absence...
i have myself a
Crappity Crap Sewing Injury
which i must rest.
i am a fool to myself.
so now my neck and shoulders are seized up
causing me to look at the ground more than i care for.
for now the shop update will remain next friday
but may be lacking some what.

do not fret,
nor stay awake worrying about moi and my CCSI.
for i have comfort in knowing the secret location
of a Cadbury's caramel bar within the shed...
i am thinking this may help with
the shakes and the sweats
as i go cold turkey
from the
'ever so lovely, how will i cope without you by my side'
Miss Ethel

she wishes you a peachy few days and will return next week, perhaps several inches shorter ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

please take all the time you need and have a speedy recovery! and don't worry about us; as will miss ethel, the rest of us just have to be patient for your much-anticipated reunion with miss e. and for the subsequent stocking-up of your shop. anyone who's had a ccsi will understand. :)

and happy birthday to cute miss olive!


Dotty Delightful said...

Love that expression, I too have a type of condition, mine is a CCKI though from bloody sharp circular needles! Hope you get better soon and all the family love that Olive sleeps in a suitcase, especially my youngest who now wants to sleep in one too!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

I think rest and a little libation are definitely what is needed to cure the dreaded CCSI. Take care, cuddle up with little olive (not after she's been near those shoes though ...Phew!!)and we will see you back hopefully bouncing with health.
Jenny x

Sherri B. said...

Oh Tif I am sorry to hear of your injury. I get the same for one reason or another and go to the chiropractor. He has me do a motion with shoulders...with arms to side slowly raise shoulders up then to the back and down. kind of a half it several times very slow and smooth it should help a bit. Hope you are better soon.

Floss said...

Happy birthday and get well soon - divide up the wishes as you like, Tif!

Unknown said...

Feel better soon. I just hate sewing injuries, just when you are feeling a creative spurt. Listen to your body and you will be good as new after a nice rest!

made-and-found said...

Oh that's too bad, hard and for goodness sake don't share the cadbury's caramel.I hope the withdrawal is not too terrible andthat you're back in the saddle soon! Little Olive is such a darling.Take care.Love Anne x

Ticking stripes said...

Hope your CCSI is helped by the CCSS (it always helps to have a Cadburys Caramel Secret Stash)

Serenata said...

Nothing worse than CCSI! ;-) Enjoy the caramel bar - always a sure fire cure I believe.

Happy Birthday to Olive and her beautiful tulips.

Tivoli West said...

I am so sorry you are suffering from CCSI, I hope you have a good chiropractor/massage therapist/doctor to help you out. I am currently sewing Girl Scout patches on my pipsqueak's uniform and it feels like I am about ready to have a CCSI. Feel better!

Tonia said...

I have been assured by the best and most knowing of people (um, me) that a large bar of Cadbury's Caramel is the only known cure for CCSI. Enjoy!

sabrina said...

Olive is one of the cutest little doggies I've ever seen. Is she a dachshund?

Sorry to hear you'll be gone for a while. You will be missed. Take care of your CCSI! I will just have to read your old blog posts to get my daily "dottie" fix! :)

melissadc76 said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your CCSI, I'm recovering from one myself after sewing for a week straight getting ready for an art show. It seized up my entire back and lead to a pinched nerve. I hope yours gets better quickly. Mine is going on two weeks.

Carol said...

Happy 1st Birthday little Olive, hope you enjoy the tulips.

Get some arnica on those shoulders Tif, these old bones swear by it. If you have a long term problem look into getting some Bowen Therapy treatment.

Whatever you do, you take care of yourself.......... and make sure the rest of your family do too.

Carol xx

Katiebee said...

happy birthday little olive~

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to your little Olive. ♥

So sorry to hear about your CCSI. No fun. Will look forward to your return!

Christina Lowry said...

Happy Birthday Olive! Hope you are bringing some comfort to poor Tif.

Sharon Stanley said...

oh no! just when i am getting into the dottie angel habit! i am so sorry for your injury...hope some rest and chocolate will set things to right. if not, it will probably make you happy. alas, i will have to content myself reading back posts and porchsitting a bit myself as i tripped (in my clogs no less) and tumbled down the farm and fru fru steps giving myself a black and blue foot. take care and hurry back with lots of fashion goodness!

Unknown said...

aw happy birthday olive! my pup magglio just turned two yesterday :) hope you feel better!

Madelief said...

Congratulations on Olive's birthday! She has a good taste in birthday presents :-)!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Autumn Mist said...

Congratulations Little Olive, on being 1. The world is your oyster. Sorry to hear CCSI is not a secret tryst with Firth or Depp, and hope you are feeling better soon (the blogosphere will be sorely lacking without your contribution!)

tami said...

happy birthday olive!!
and hhh to you tif!
(, happiness and h...everything else that you wish).

Rachel Elsey said...

I feel your frustration oh craft genious and i too feel crapity crap which is one of my favorite sayings i must admit and i poach it on a daily basis. I am dealing with my own similar ailments and hopefully will cure it with an hour massage tomorrow which should send me on my very way feeling much better than when i came in. I hope you have a swift recovery and recommend that you try and fit in a massage yourself. You brighten my day with you quirky life storys and look forward to your next post. Get well soon.

Arthur Ransome said...

Happy birthday, dear sweet Little Olive - keep up the good work of being a pesky little dog.

Meanwhile I hope the CCSI soon departs.

mel @ loved handmade said...

I do hope you make a very speedy recovery & 'happy birthday' to olive!

emma said...

Oh gosh, I have a crook neck too. It just seized up the other night, and now I can barely move it. And I hadn't even done very much sewing to cause it. What a nuisance. Rest up, I'll be thinking of you as I do the same!

freefalling said...

I'm sorry to hear you have a CCSI.
They are very debilitating.
I currently have a CCCI which really sucks coz i am on the home stretch of my first blanket and things have come to a halt.
(here if you're interested-
and in the past I have had a CCRI -

ok so now i have to go to the shop and see if they sell cadbury's caramel bar.

dottie angel said...

oh you are all so grand indeed!

little olive is positively beaming with all the birthday wishes :)
and myself,
well i am down six chunks of my bar, i am being most careful to pace myself... thank you for your well wishes, you always make me feel better with your kindness :)

Leah said...

Happy birthday to Olive, she looks so sweet, get well soon!!

Al said...

Just wanted to say, i am glad i found this blog. I enjoy reading it

Alisson said...

Just wanted to share with you that I love your creations, sense of style and blog! I also have a weiner dog, thats what Olive looks like, and always enjoy hearing little olive stories! Thanks for sharing!

Jude said...

Just to let you know..our 18 month old furry thing is still pesky!!
Hope your injury is fixed soon...

Rubyred said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! little Olive!
Such a little cutie!
I am hoping the chocolate works wonders on your sewing injury!Alas,caramel causes me agony now in the teeth department, so I shall stick with Cadbury's fruit and nut!
Miss Ethel may enjoy the short rest!
Have a restful weekend!
Rachel x

Mitzi Curi said...

Oh, I love that picture of your little Olive! Dogs make us better people, don't they? I hope you recover from your sewing injury soon. I've never heard of a sewing injury before, but I'm not doubting that you have one....I think a perfect activity during your recuperation would be to shop at some flea markets.....

Unknown said...

Take care of yourself. Get well soon. We will send prayers for your fast recovery.
-Boracay hotel

Traveling Mama said...

Given the circumstances I really think it would have been wrong to not give her just what she wanted for her celebration! I hope so much that you get feeling much better!

grace said...

Wow! I followed a link from BrocanteHome over here, and I'm so glad I did! You have a really gorgeous blog! And a cute dog!

sunny said...

Happy Birthday + One Day to Olive! She is about the cutest dog ever!

Hope you heal quickly - and I love your cheerful naming of the injury. That's adorable. (the injury itself is not adorable..just you naming it!)

wood & wool stool said...

Take care of your CCSI and a big hug and for little Olive, cutest doggie in the world!

Unknown said...

Oouch! Take care of yourself and hopefully Little Olive will give you lots of hugs. She is such a sweetheart. I love her little suitcase.

grandma peden's porch said...


Ann said...

Well Happy Birthday to Little Olive - but I fear age will not change her - my sister has a terrier and at 10 years old he's just a hyper!

Hope your injury heals soon - so frustrating not to be able to create isn't it.

dancing fool said...

Hope you feel better soon; enjoy the chocolate! Wish Olive a Very Happy One Year Birthday - she's a special canine and has tons of fans here!


Jikkes said...

Oh my.....your banner is awesome!!!


xo.sorcha.ox said...

Happy birthday, little Olive!

Penny said...

Happy Birthday to little Olive with love from Higgins.
And I would like to wish you a speedy recovery. Administering Cadbury's Caramel at regular intervals is a well known and effective remedy, love Penny x (Planet Penny)