Friday, May 7

the little voice of insanity...

i have come to the conclusion that the little voice that spoke to me earlier in the week,
was indeed the 'little voice of insanity' that lives within me...
upon finishing up the four coats it took to cover up the mocking green,
i held off adding color or paper to the drawer fronts
as was my first thoughts.
for now it stays just as it is...

here's a nice big picture so you can see the whole wall,
you may also care to note little olive's suitcase just to one side
under the kitchen island.
the bowl you see sitting randomly upon the floor,
well that is little olive's and used dog's water bowl.
i thought i would mention that in case dearest readers
you think i keep my kitchen wares on the floor...
it is quite possible, but i don't.

as we are on the topic of my little voice of insanity
i thought i would also mention
i like to keep my printer cozy,
just so she knows i love her.
i have changed out her winter jacket
for something a little more springy.

i have also finished a sewing chair for Miss Ethel,
so i am no longer shuffling my desk chair too and fro
she came with a peachy label,
i'm thinking any label that starts with the word 'utmost'
truly is a label above the rest

for one so old,
i was a little wary
but she's sturdy
she's willing
she's looking spiffy
in her new attire

i'm not listening to my little voice of insanity for a while...
despite it's wisdom
it has worn me to an unravelling.

on another note,
one of utmost importance.
it is U.S. Mothers Day this sunday.
this year i'm not taking any chances,
no sirree...
i've devised a cunning plan

she is wishing you a peachy weekend and will be back on monday ~ Tif


Debby said...

Happy Mothers Day. Such a cute blog..

OfficeTYPE said...

I just love your style and your desk area is so calming. Love it all! :)

Leah said...

Love the colours in your new header, and your new sewing chair is devine. Happy Mothers day I hope your plan runs smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say that your desk looks stupendous. I wouldn't have thought an (ahem) old green desk like my dad had in the 50's,60's,and 70's (same desk;) could look so fresh with (quite) a few coats of white paint.
I'm diggin' your copier's new dress. Mine wears one, too, of vintage pink roses (read: pillowcases). Also, how nice you got a specialized chair just for Miss Ethel! I roll back and forth from computer to sewing machine in my functional-but-ugly office chair. Happy US Mother's Day this weekend.

gypsysticks said...

the desk looks awesome in white! and the new banner really pops! good work! :)
blessings and happiness...

Anonymous said...

Your printer cozy is oh so darling!

Susanne said...

What's that? I think I hear your printer stand making noise about a new coat of paint!

Love your printer cozy, maybe if I made one for my printer, it would be behave better.

Happy Mother's Day!

mixette said...

The desk looks so *good* - I was doubtful at first, but have been converted!

I have a Virtue Brothers chair also, found long ago. I just about died when I saw the great label/logo and like you I painted the frame white but I kept the crazy 60's blue/green floral vinyl upholstery.

Have a lovely weekend.

sabrina said...

The desk really does look so much better white. I love your printer cozy and the new chair too!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Happy weekend! I'm just catching up. Way up. I was a bit behind and I enjoy reading all of your posts.

I like all of the changes in the shed and your blog (banner). Your 'high hopes' banner gives me a great idea for a banner to place over my vintage pink mirror in my living room! I've been itching to do something fun and gratifying with my hands and a banner would be perfect.

Now, to see if I can get rid of that little pest known as 'procrastination' that lurks around here...!

~ Jennifer

Le Journal de Chrys said...

I don't understand very well what you write but i love your blog!!!!

Tonia said...

Hope your cunning plan pays off in an excellent way, rather than a Baldrick way!

Unknown said...

I love your room. :))

soisses-dasleben said...

i am speakless because of your fantastic and beautiful pics!!! love your blog.

Rubyred said...

So pleased you won the battle against the green!It is all looking gorgeous!
Wishing you a peachy weekend too!
Rachel x

Autumn Mist said...

I am seeing quite utterly that I must make a cover for my own printer, as my life depends upon its faithful service, and it sits in the corner gathering dust. You are quite an inspiration.

Carla said...

Looks like all the work was worth it! So fresh and bright- I love it!

I also adore all the spots of red I see showing up on dottie angel! And the new banner is so lovely!

Is the minty green cabinet metal? When we bought our new house, we got a metal cabinet in the deal that is a very, very dark brown. I would love to paint it, but haven't a clue on how to do it. Once it is more summery around here, I may have to drag it out to the backyard and have a go at it!

Thanks for all the loveliness to start my day!

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Your studio / workroom is "vintagilistically" divine! The desk looks darling, and oh my, that sewing chair is to die for! Drooling over all the goodies I see! Have a whimsical day, my dear!

dottie angel said...

i am positively beaming this morning dearest readers... as i sit here in my pj's the sun shining through upon me and my little white desk. your kindness once again making me smile :)

cricket, the big thing to the side of the picture is wood... but i'm thinking a huge metal cupboard could be taken outside and sprayed to cheer it up :)

little printers across the land will be rejoicing with their new summery jackets, of course some may not, some may think it total pants to have a new jacket, but lets not think about that...

and as for my cunning plan, well already a 'spanner in the works'. it would appear the Chelsea soccer game is on sunday morning. apparently it is a tres important game that cannot be missed!
i'm still hatching my plan, it just has to start later in the day :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog.. your home, your chooks, your vintage goodness.. you are an inspiration.

Unknown said...

A printer cover?! How wonderful. They are definitely not the most gorgeously designed pieces of tech, are they?

danielle daniel said...

I have been following your blog for quite a while but this is my first comment.

I wanted to wish you a very Happy Mama's Day and let you know that your pictures are absolutely beautiful and completely inspiring!

Thank-you so much for sharing!


dottie angel said...

thank you! how lovely you are :)

Francesca said...

yay to the chair, big booooooooos to the the desk! you're just a meanie. x

Cindy said...

i always admired your green desk, but it looks great white. i can't believe you painted it yourself - wow! i've painted armoires and things, but about 15 minutes in, i regret it, which subsides once i'm finished. then, i hear angels sing ;).

the chair looks perfect and love the printer cover, too!

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog and it is si inspiring to me, I am a leisure time crochetter, thank you for your posts ;)