Tuesday, May 4

a little monkey tale...

if you are sitting comfortably,
then i shall begin...

once upon a time in a far away land
lived a little wooden monkey.
he was a happy little wooden monkey
who liked to spend his days high above the jungle floor
playing in the trees.

the little wooden girl monkeys thought him quite the best swinger in the jungle.
this made the other wooden boy monkeys rather cross.

one day as the little wooden monkey was just doing his thing,
a branch broke,
he fell
landing with quite an awful thud.
as he lay there dazed and confused
he could hear chattering coming from above.

to start with the little wooden monkey thought it was
the great monkey gods in the sky talking to him,
but no it was not.
it was the naughty wooden boy monkeys laughing
for indeed they were most wicked
and in their jealousies
had weakened a branch
thus causing
this terrible tragedy
to befall the little wooden monkey.

worse was still to come,
as the little wooden monkey lay upon the jungle floor
he noted something different
for although he was face down
he could not smell the ground.
he touched his little wooden face
and a great sadness washed over him.
where once his lovely little wooden nose had been,
there was nothing.

early the next morning,
being sure no other little wooden monkeys would see him
and his 'ugliness'
he walked to where the great wooden wise owl was waiting,
for the wooden owl was so wise he knew the little wooden monkey would be coming.
and so he got up especially early
and waited

after much thought and consideration,
he told the little wooden monkey
quite wisely,
there was only one hope,
he had heard of a place far far away,
a thrift store for little forsaken souls.
legend has it
that an eclectic woman of an uncertain age who goes by the name of Tif,
frequents this mysterious place.
often looking for little waifs and strays who may need some help.

the great wise wooden owl continued to tell the little wooden monkey
that legend also has it,
Tif lives in a dwelling called Mossy Shed.
a place that it has been told
is a mecca for little forsaken souls.
all the time,
the little wooden monkey's eyes got bigger and bigger

the very next morning
the little wooden monkey stood exactly where the wise wooden owl had told him to wait.
he waited
and then he waited a little bit more
just as he thought he could wait no more
a large shout came from the trees.
the little wooden monkey turned to find
Eric the Viking
with his mode of transport

"hop aboard little wooden monkey,
it's time to go"
he growled.

after many, many days and nights
the little wooden monkey found himself in Tif's thrift store
he was frightened
he was tired
he was still without a little nose.
he looked around him,
for the first time in days he started to feel normal.
for next to him was
a little ceramic bird with no tail,
and on the other side
a china doll with a nasty gash in her head and not much hair.
days past,
he watched as forsaken little souls
came and went.
he got used to being picked up
and put down.
he got used to small children
spinning his little arms around and around
until it hurt so badly
he wished to weep...

then one day it happened.
an hour before closing the little wooden monkey heard
the other lost souls start to chatter words of
"that's her"
"see, i told you she was real"

the little wooden monkey watched
as an eclectic woman of an uncertain age
perused the shelves.
she came closer,
she gasped
she looked straight at him,
he gulped
and then he felt himself being lifted up
in a rather gently way.
"little wooden monkey, how lucky am i to have found you" said Tif

upon arrival home at mossy shed
Tif's man asked
"any good stuff tonight?"
to which she replied
"oh yes!"
"what did you say" he called "only crappity crap?"

Tif smiled
pulled out the little wooden monkey,
placed him on the table and said
"i think i struck gold"

several hours later
the little wooden monkey,
who's little nose had been lost,
who had travelled so far from the jungle
had a spiffy new dottie angel nose

knew without a doubt
he would live
happily ever after...

the end

she is past the third coat and still the green mocks her ~ Tif


Unknown said...

I love it:) I can picture you giggling while taking photos and thinking of how this would all go for a monkey without a nose:) Thanks for making me smile today.

Debbie said...

and yer wonder why they say Brits abroad are bonkers...

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a lucky monkey! I'm going to come to the USA and sit and wait in the 'Tifs thrift shop'. I've got a nose, but it has been broken a couple of times, and has a scar on it, so you just may feel sorry for me and take me home to Mossy Shed....then I too can craft to my hearts content...
Enjoy your day Tif.. ;0)
Donna x

Dajda said...

Utterly charming!

Lola Nova said...

Lucky monkey!

Well, betwixt your button nose monkey, wooden owl et al, and my dolls http://lolanovablog.blogspot.com/2010/05/valley-of-dolls.html...
it would appear that the forgotten and forsaken are coming in droves!

I do believe the word is out my friend.

Romero said...

so lovely!...muy dulce!

silverpebble said...

That quite brought a tear to my eye. His nose is quite spandy. I missed the Dresden wrap. Another tear.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh indeed, a happy day for the wooden monkey and you. May he live forevermore in your happy home.

Carol said...

What a lucky monkey, what a wonderful story.
I have tears again.
Thanks, Tif!
Carol xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

I know this sounds gushy but I loooove your blog!!! I discovered it about a week ago and I'm hooked!!! Go DotTie AnGel Ra Ra Ra- thats me doing a cheer leader dance for you!!

Serenata said...

Just wonderful thank you!

Rubyred said...

Such a sweet little nose!
Look how perfect he looks on your new radio too! It was meant to be!
The reindeer are proving to be useful all year round too!
Do not let the green mock you Tif, keep at it until you win!
Rachel x

Beki said...

I think tomorrow, I will read this fabulous story to my little boy, he will love it and the pictures too.
Ever thought of writing childrens stories?
Actually, never mind the children, I thoroughly enjoyed that little tale myself, thanking you kindly : )

Beki xxx

Arthur Ransome said...

Oh what a wondrous and enchanting tale - who nose what may happen next to little Cyrano?

I think I may have known Eric in a past life. Something about that beard looks very familiar, but he only drove a bottle green Ford Cortina in those days. He has gone up in the world, I'm glad to note.

PS Best of luck with your desk-painting.

Michelle said...

Oh Tif I was close to tears...
Oh my I want to find a foresaken little soul so I can wrap in love and looked after it forever...
Just a beautiful story...

emma said...

what a lucky little monkey.

Marieke/Mariekuniek said...

I really enjoyed this monkeys lifestorie.

I am a bit of a lurker and have been visiting your blog for quit some time now and enjoyed every stay.

You are such an inspirational woman I would like to honor you with the sunshine award and although I know you will not put the picture up on your blog because that would ruin the style, but I had to give it to you anyway. More info about it can be found on my blog

Tracey@bountifully said...

you had fun doing that didn't you? Love the dottie nose, love a happy ending xx

Patricia said...

Oh I just loved reading all of that. I thought the vision of Eric the Viking and his transport was so so cute, just gorgeous.

I agree with bekimarie have you ever thought of writing children's stories? or any writing at all? you would be fabulous!!

Frances said...

There is nothing better than a happy ending! This is such a sweet, whimsical tale, told beautifully. The photos are sublime. xo

Anonymous said...

do tell me. Are you a Stanley Unwin fan? Or a Small Faces fan? It's the way you open some of your posts that make me wonder.

Love the blog
Seattle, WA

dottie angel said...

thank you most kindly for your lovely comments

as for stanley unwin or small faces, i had to look them up... i have now learnt about someone new today, so thank you kindly Cynthia

Fay Lynn said...

What fun that must have been. Very charming!

mamas collection said...

Well now you've done it...! All the Forsaken Souls in my home are out on the curb with their wee luggage,waiting for Eric the Viking to come by and fetch them for their deliverance to the home of Most Gracious Tif! Might I join them?

Allana said...

what a great story, and such beautifully thought out pictures! Thankyou! What a great find that little guy is, he's adorable, and very similar to the Rosendahl Monkey :)

Esther Sunday said...

I stumbled upon your dear blog through the lovely Alicia and have been "exploring" it the past few days... enjoying it terribly!!! But this put me over the edge...such a cute story!!!! Totally made me lol at work - just what I needed!!! XXXX

Anonymous said...

You are welcome D Angel.

It is the are you now sitting comfortable part. S. Unwin uses that in his gobbeldygook talk when he starts a story. It sounds a little different the way he says it in his own language. ;-)

Glad to be of service. :-)

marian said...

aaaawww Tif i was totally enthralled by this delightful tale..such a feelgood happy ending!
what a cute little monkey he is!

magpiechic said...

That Viking just takes the cake!!! Impossible not to explode with laughter. Lucky no one else was here to witness such an unseemly outburst! I like the the theory that Eric used to have a green cortina too. I think there's a bloke on Coronation St who looks just like Eric at the moment. We are about 18 months behind the Uk here in New Zealand. (We still have the odd green cortina floating about too!). Fantasic entertainment Tif. Just gorgeous.

jewelry said...

what a cute little monkey he is!

Nic Hohn said...

Thank you for this most delightful tale...it was just what I needed to read.

re:signert said...

Hi there!! From Norway here! Now thats a lucky monkey!! So cool. AWSOME, I must fill in. Love those monkeys. Seen the elephant in the same series? Kaj Bojesen, as you probably know. Love your site. Bougt a old farm up in Northern Norway last fall. Got it furnished. Everything from the 50-70`s. See my blogg, under "Villa Bakkan". Gonna keep it retro. Love it! You too have super interior stuff, see it all over your blogg. Totally inspirerd, and can`t wait to visit my summer farmhouse, which is a 10 hour drive up north...but it is worth it!! Good to get away from the city (oslo). Have a lovely day. I will definatly come back to your blogg. Be sure. AH!! RETRO FOREVER!! Agree?? Signe

no said...

So cute! Love your blog

Sharon Stanley said...

oh my goodness...it just gets better and better...i love the monkey and his story and your sweet way of giving him a voice...i am so loving this..

Sanne said...

You have a beautifull blog ;)