Friday, May 21

eight months and counting...

oh you don't miss a trick do you my lovely dearest readers!
in the words of my beautiful late grandmother
"there are no flies on you"
for indeed i am most reassured, if ever i need to remember something,
all i have to do is ask upon my shiny place
and you will remember for me.
i have no clue as to what i rambled on about last week,
and yet
you seem to have your recall skills in 'tippity top' condition.
i think i am most lucky indeed to have you as my readers of the utmost kind...

and so it would appear,
i have past the eight month marker for my handcrafted secondhand year.
in the time that has past i could nearly have added to my clan
but instead of a babe in arms
i have a 'ton of thrifty finds' to love,
who do not demand anything of me
other than a place to rest their weary discarded souls.
despite my love for little babies,
i'm a tres weary some days in the mothering department.
i'm saving myself for some 'granny loving'
until then
i'm fine and dandy
with my collection of forsaken souls

i am giving out several gold sticky stars for observing my latest used clippity clogs.
they are indeed new to me.
they came used from the aisles of Ebay,
in the description it said they had a few scruffs.
upon arrival at the shed,
after a well fought battle with another who wished to make them hers.

(or possibly his, but i'm thinking he would have to have small feet, so i'm going with hers)

i had to get out my magnifying glass to find the scruffs...
i found two.
they were in tippity top condition,
just like your recall skills.
when i wear my 'i can't quite believe you are truly mine' clogs
with the pretty painted flowers,
i am transported to another world
a world of folksy things,
dala horses
and other such lovelies.
indeed i have them upon my feet at this very moment
my only regret is no longer having braids to match them...

so my dearest readers,
i must just say to you
not a single day goes by that i am not humbled by the kindness
you bring to my inbox
the comments you leave on my shiny place.
you continuously take time out of your busy days
to say hello,
thank me for inspiring you and lifting your days.
but what you will never perhaps fully understand is,
i should be thanking you.
for giving me the confidence
to continue down the path of 'crafty vintage rambling' goodness upon this blog.
the mere fact you appear to read my ramblings is quite extraordinary to moi.
especially as i appear to have taken on a poetry like writing style...
i have no idea how it happened,
perhaps it has always been there
but to me,
i often look at my post
thinking it looks like a poem
and indeed quite often reading like 'a nonsense one' at that

to say my 'thank yous' properly with perfect manners
something i'm thinking 'mrs dull' would approve of.
and to let you know just how much 'i like you' lots...
oh, alright then,
'i love you' lots.
i will be having a 'give away' on monday
"oh yippee!" i hear you cry

until then, she is wishing you the peachiest of peachy weekends ~ Tif aka still mrs dull (according to the creatures in the shed)


1 Funky Woman said...

I love your new clogs and your style of writing. I love stopping by and even if you don't feel like you have anythings to say, I always take something with me when I leave! I love it here!

Chloe said...

I did cry "Oh, Yippee!" I cannot wait until Monday. And also for your consideration: there's no need for the shiny place to disappear at the end of 12 months. If that were to happen, there would be so many pitiful and sad of us.

Sharon Stanley said...

yes indeedy they are some mighty fine clogs...all ready for summer stompin' your way to many many fleas and thrifts... maybe a little dancing? perhaps not...just crafting and thrifting.

Mira said...

I'm liking the pillow in the first picture a lot, the colorful center looks great! Do you have any closer shots of it / a pattern how to make it? Looks like something that could easily be turned into bag or some other cool thing :)

Selfsewn said...

never dull
always dottie....

Nice and shiny!

Have a peach of a weekend!

Unknown said...

I totally admire your challenge! I wish I could find such pretty secondhand things as you do! Good luck with your remaining months!

Ruth P. said...

I look forward to your posts every day. And love your ideas - and am rethinking things. I got a cookoo clock last Sat. for a fabulous price. Should I spray paint it white? Or maybe blue? Hmmm.... thinking... wandering off .... enjoy the weekend...

mel @ loved handmade said...

Your clogs are very sweet. I am really enjoying the challenge so far & having a ball being thrifty! Ooooh the beautiful things people discard is outrageous...but super great too because these lovely things have the chance to come home with me & be mine! Enjoy your weekend...

Rachel said...

Such a nice post! You are a hand crafted vintage sweetie!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

well done, such an achievement! I am only 5 months in, it can be hard sometimes, but have found it freeing too.

willywagtail said...

We love you too!!

sabrina said...

OOH, Did you say "giveaway"??? I can hardly wait.

And, by the way, my favorite poet is Shel Silverstein. One might consider his work "nonsense". But, he wrote so many poems that kids cherish, even today. Whether they are silly or thought provoking, his writing entertained us and made us think. So do not fear that your writing is "nonsense", for sometimes the best way to convey your thoughts is through whimsy. Anyone who reads your blog does so because it brightens our day!

Unknown said...

aw you
sweet poet mama
i like you

Geek+Nerd said...

Oh Tif! We should be thanking you for constantly posting loveliness that keeps us coming back for more! You are an inspiration my dear!

Unknown said...

Well Dottie-
Rest assured that I was not the other girl bidding on those clogs because I surely would have gone to great lengths, beyond what I had originally set my mind to, to procure them.

I will have to settle with another, like pair. And I will wear braids when I finally have them on my feet.

Madelief said...

Hi Tif,

Yippie indeed! Looking forward very much to your giveaway. You make such beautiful things! You even inspired me to make an apron out of vintage fabric :-)!!

Happy weekend!

groetjes Madelief

Sch Gabi said... Here a wrote (in HUngarian) about your drift year since I have been reading your blog for a couple of months. You ask your reader to give feedback so here comes mine... I really enjoy the way you treat old stuff. I have similar drives from time to time.
Best wishes, Gabi from Hungary

My Handmadehappiness said...

hey there tiff :))))
just to let you know thats my page all linked up with dottie angel love!!!

Ampersand Commodities said...

you are not mrs dull! i assure you. LOVE your new clogs!!

Charis said...

Tif, reading your blog always leaves me smiling :)

Leah said...

Ahhh Tif you could never be dull! Happy eight months thrifting and handmaked....Lovely clogs

Teal said...

you are so inspiring. I love your pics, your blog, the way you display them.
I reading you over and over again.
thank you for sharing!!!
Come by one of these days, I am still crawling but will get to your level soon.

Laurie said...

Just wanted to say I found you this week through Lesley's The Bower blog, and am delighted. Your vintage style, & might I say quirkiness, fit me to a tee. I look forward to your future ramblings!

Carol said...

Tif, the one word that doesn't describe you is "dull". Your blog always brightens this reader's day.
It is us who should be saying "thank you" to you, and I most certainly do.
I am now the proud owner of a peachy pair of deer very similar to yours. They were brass but look so much happier painted red and blue and have taken the names Dickie and Dottie.

deb did it said...

back on ya Tif! I adore your style and LOVE your blog...thanks for sharing yourself with us!

Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration to women all around blogland. I love seeing everything you get. I'm especially in love with that crocheted pillow.

dottie angel said...

thank you kindly, you have made me positively beam this morning...

i feel the weight of mrs dull
lifting from my shoulders and just know things are getting back on track.
have a tres lovely weekend my lovelies!

xanthe said...

yipppeeee we love you too! roll on monday! x.

Elsa said...

I really enjoy (well, really adore) your blog ... how you stand on stools (I have a bit of a passion for them too!) and your very wonderful way with words!
congratulations on your blog time ... and those very pretty (and shiney) clogs!

The Hobbit said...

I'm a fairly "new" reader.After much prodding from my daugther I added you and I have been most pleased,you truly are someone that makes me smile.

katecreate said...

Those are really cute clogs. I believe what you write is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

magpie chic said...

We love your poetry style, and you make us laugh out loud and wish we could live at the bottom of your garden in the mossy shed. That's why we come :)

britt said...

how sweet of you to give something to us. but then again you do that every time that you post. thank you for your lovely thoughts and inspirational guidance!

Stephanie said...

I love to drop in and read your posts. I love the wording you use and how you see the beauty in used, discarded things. You always brighten my day and make me see things in a different way.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am loving your clogs and your gracious Thank yous! You are a doll Dottie of the kindest kind!
Love and Blessings to you!

RedPoppy said...

What a sweet and lovely blog, it feels as cozy and colorful as an amazing vintage knit cushion....