Thursday, May 30

dottie angel & society6

today i am wearing my 'salesman' cap, its been quite the while and i have to say with my top knot and butterfly clip is not the most comfortable but hey ho, lets go...

one of my new year resolutions alongside of 'make space for opportunity to come knocking' was 'set up a society6 shop'

well 5 whole months later i have only jolly well gone and done it! its taken me several days to set up for several reasons...

reason one: i have a humongous archive of pictures over the past 6 years of dottie angel and that takes a lot of time to shift through

reason two: popping prints in the shop was easy peasy as 1 2 3, however re-sizing things to become something other than a print was not my forte and required a lesson in Gimp from Our #3


reason three:  i am a tortoise these days, long gone are my days of being a hare... and surely knowing the outcome of that little tale, a tortoise is 'a okay' with me

so there we have it, 46 dottie angel pictures are now in my dottie angel society6 shop and i could not be more hippity happity about the whole darn thing.
my little society6 shop is filled to the point of overflowing with dottie angel goodness and in turn has filled my little heart and head with glee.
here's just a sprinkling, ney smidgen of what you will find...

in all different sizes

if you click on one, you will see the choice of frames

most handy dandy for every eventuality

never in my life have i wished as much as i do now for an iphone. i would like a different cover for each day of the week, a bit like the 'monday to sunday' knickers one wore as a child

nifty and nice, 'nough said

see above about my 'monday to sunday' knickers

a perfectly perfect way to make lappity laptop and ivor ipad look the bees knees lying around on the coffee table

so kitschy, so colourful, so darn slightly wrong! if you click on them in the shop, you can see all the sizes they come in

so ta dah! 
who would have believed it...

oh! and just in case a dearie or two may happen to bring their piggy bank whilst window shopping i have a bees knees coupon for free shipping the kind folks at society6 gave me. alas it appears to not last more than 24 hrs, expiring midnight pacific time on the 31st may, however, i am thinking, better than nothing at all.
copy and paste this handy link
(it does exclude, framed art, canvases and cushions with inserts, but a okay for cushion covers)
and plonk it in the necessary place during checkout.
gosh, i truly am quite professional at my instructions today. as i have yet to actually try it myself i am hazarding a guess there is a necessary place at some point during checkout. i am thinking i will have to give it a go myself... test it out, be a guinea pig, oh! be a Mister Muchly

no no no! Mister Muchly, do not distract from my salesman spiel with your 'just too muchly cute ways'...
darn and drat it

oakie dokes, well that's me and my sales pitch done. 
over and out for now,
Tif x... oh yes, well alright then...
Tif and Mister Muchly x