Thursday, October 18

plotting, planning & painting...

over the past month or so,
i have been plotting and planning
to dabble in some painting.
my plotting and planning ways
have led to dreaming big
but alas for reasons i have yet to mention,
will be a little while till the dreams
become reality.

you have to dream big though
so dream away i do...

i dream of our 
'been white for donkey's years' table
going a duck egg blue
or perhaps a vintagey green

i dream of our retro papered wall
becoming less orange 
and more something else.
what else i have no idea
but i ponder it daily

i dream of the rather
'in quite a sad state' midcentury table
found out on a thrifty jolly
becoming less sad and more peachy.
do i keep him all wood and wallpaper the top?
do i give him a once over with the sand paper
and paint his rather lovely lines
a glossy colour to brighten up the winter months?
for now a rather spiffy kitschy plastic doily cloth
covers up his sad ways
whilst i dream big for what he may become

in the meantime
i dabbled small with my paint brush.
i risked it for a biscuit
and i painted a lovely old frame
a rather jolly green.
a green i have used before
a green that is extremely good
at being jolly.
therefore a jolly good green
to know i feel.
the result of which i am most delighted with
and has continued to feed my dreaming big
and kept my thinking ways happy...