Friday, October 19

days of this & that...

on sunday 
* i started my 10 day elimination diet.
all part of the master plan
put in place by my naturopath

on monday 
* i lost 14 inches to my coif.
all part of the master plan
to embrace a whole new chapter

on tuesday 
* i did over 1 hour of yoga therapy.
all part of the master plan
to feel well again

on wednesday 
* i counted my yarn stash
and then lost count
(all part of the master plan
to distract me from yoga therapy aches,
other aches, inner voice
and food cravings of the chocolatey kind)

on thursday 
* i did over 1 hour of yoga therapy
and ordered 1 bike stand
(the sort that makes your everyday bicycle
into a 'keep fit' bicycle)
*i took 1 pesky little doggie to the vets,
a pesky little doggie who needs to lose 2 lbs
and 1 tooth.

today, on friday 
* i have unsuccessfully tried to 
close the suitcase lid
on my countless amount of yarn.
*patted myself on the back
for reaching day 6 of elimination diet
with only 1 day of feeling completely hopeless
and that was day 1.
* noted my limbs are not aching so badly
* a pesky little doggie started her day 1
of keeping fit
thanks to my man who came to the rescue
and will walk little olive each and every morn
from now on,
till i am able to take the reins again

tomorrow, on saturday
* i will work on 2 quite thrilling things.
thing 1 being to read all recipes in our granny chic book
(as per request from a very nice person)
thing 2 being to answer questions for a dutch magazine
whom i am rather fond of

the day after tomorrow, on sunday
* i will awake in my 1 bed
and think of 1 country across the pond
and 1 particular newspaper,
who has a sunday supplement called YOU
and wonder to myself, 
many many miles away in my bed
how surreal it is, 
to have our Granny Chic book
featured amongst their glossy pages.
* all this whilst knowing,
there will be only 2 days left 
of the elimination diet to get through
and 2 days left to the biggest surreal
'magazine moment'
of all time