Sunday, October 21

a bicycle made for three...

my bike stand arrived on friday!
1 day earlier than expected.
that in its self is always a treat,
something arriving via mail earlier than expected.

on saturday i went into the garage
and found my peachy bicycle
waiting patiently for me.
after a bit of a wrestle with piles of crappity crap
i wheeled my bike out of its
dark and dreary surroundings
into our shed filled with granny chic goodness

after my man assured me
he had done a proper job
i tentatively hopped up on my bicycle
(it was quite a hop up due to the stand adding height)
and started to peddle.

oh joy of joys!
to go on a bike ride with no hill
nor rain, nor helmet to scupper the enjoyment.
after a bit, i noted
'shop duck' and 'shop cat'
were having a good old ganders 
at me on my bicycle.
it seemed rather mean
not to offer them a ride

this morning (sunday)
whilst on our cycle ride,
'shop duck' and 'shop cat'
commented after 10 minutes
the view was a little dull
despite me turning the front wheel
from time to time
and having Radio 2 blaring out.

i told them to close their eyes
and use their imagination.
i noted 'shop cat' was very good at doing so,
however, i noted 'shop duck' was not.
and from where i was sitting,
peddling away
(and yes i must admit,
breaking a sweat
in my flannel plaid pyjamas)
i noted something else about 'shop duck'.
 he can look forwards
and look backwards 
at the same time...
thus continuing to keep
a beady eye on me
at all times,
making sure my peddling
stays on track.
"peachy peddling allowed
pants peddling not allowed"
says his one beady eye...