Tuesday, February 21

'interesting... very interesting' with Selina Lake

oh yes indeedy! i am most delighted to be spending today in fine and dandy company, not only with your lovely selves dearest readers, but with the peachy Selina Lake. what a marvelous way to start off my new 'interesting... very interesting' series! which actually is exactly the same as my 'a question of crafting' series i did a few years back and i thought to myself the other day, "why Tif, it might be interesting to think about doing something like that again" and then i said "now Tif, that is interesting... a very interesting thought indeedy" and so there we have it. quite simple, a little lighthearted 'hello hello' with a 'peachy folk' who is happy to join me here on my shiny place. so hip hip hooray for Selina being happy to do so...

i do think you may have had to be living under a rock to not know Selina Lake, a top UK stylist and the wonder behind the books Bazaar Style and Romantic Style and now just launched Homespun Style. actually just a moment, because now i am thinking, someone might be hurt thinking i have said they live under a rock just because they might not know of Selina and her peachy books. so to make amends, if you are living under a rock, may i imagine for you, a rock with a lovely crocheted cover such as these lovely stones and rocks from the wonderfully talented Margaret Oomen . suddenly i have a feeling we would all rather like to live under rocks if they were as pretty as these... so hopefully now with your imagined homespun rock you are not quite so fretful about not knowing Selina and really, you are going to come away today smiling. for now you will be under your homespun crocheted rock and will have got to know Selina too. so how fabby is that and its only tuesday!

i have been like a child and the run up to a birthday or christmas, the anticipation of knowing any week now Mr Postie will arrive with a copy of Homespun Style has me almost to insanity breaking point. i first found Selina when a copy of Bazaar Style found me and knowing how i have love that book, i can only imagine how much my love will be for Homespun Style, for after all i am most partial to a bit of 'homespinning' myself.

so if we are all comfortable, perhaps favourite tipple in hand, let me welcome Selina to this here shiny place,

 Tif : hello and welcome Selina
(pause, whilst we all put down our tipples and clap wildly and beam a whole lot in Selina's direction)
righty ho, shall we begin!

Tif : beyond delighted you could be with us today Selina, i am quite sure you are in a whirl wind of activity with the release of your new book Homespun Style and it is most lovely of you to take time to stop by and answer a few of my 'interesting... very interesting' questions!

Selina : well thanks so much for asking me Tif

(shuffle shuffle of scribbled notes on papers, a little scrapping of a chair leg)

Tif  : what is your most fabby fav 'homespun' thing to make or come across in someone's home?

Selina : I really enjoyed making all the details for my Wedding last year, I made vintage floral napkins for all my guests, mini cake bunting, tissue paper pom poms decorations, candy stripe favors, knotted hankie bunting, guest book washing line, hand-painted name place tags and even all the Wedding flowers including my own Bouquet! 

Tif : who or what inspired you to start crafting/sewing yourself?
Selina : When I was little I loved making things and my parents encouraged me by giving me my own 'Making Table' at the bottom of their kitchen, I used to sit there for hours, sticking and painting. I loved watching TV shows like Art Attack and for birthdays and Christmas Presents I was lucky to receive lovely craft kits from friends and family. 

Tif : what creative skill do you wish you had that you don't?

Selina : I would love to be able to make my own clothes, I find so many beautiful fabrics at fairs and markets and often visualize them as pretty Summer dresses, my sewing skills stop at making cushions, tea cosies and hanger covers! Perhaps one day I'll do a dressmaking class. 

Tif : if you had chickens in your back yard, what would their names be?

Selina : I'm absolutely terrified of animals, especially chickens - so no-way would I be able to live with some in my garden! 

Tif : what did you wish to be when you were little?

Selina : I always wanted to do something creative, I dreamed of being a designer, of Fashion, Television studio sets and Greetings Cards. 

Tif : if the queen came to tea tomorrow, how would you lay the table and what would you give her to eat?

Selina : I'd style my table the best I know how with mis-matched vintage floral china, handsewn fabric napkins, plenty of David Austin Roses and my best vintage lace tablecloth. I would serve a classic Homemade Victoria Sponge cake with lots of tea poured from my favorite Gold teapot. 

Selina's own kitchen corner, i can only imagine how impressed the queen would be

 Tif : and just before we all have to go and get the dinner on, pick the children up from school or go back under our little crocheted rocks, are you up for a quick fire round of questions Selina?

Selina : oh yes, lets.

1: stripes or spots?
Mini Polka Dots

2: bagpuss or trumpton? (i have a feeling you are way too young for this one!)
Yes bit young!! I used to love the Flintstones & Inspector Gadget 

3: favourite paint colour?
Neon Pink

4: high street or thrift store?

5: cyber magazines or paper magazines?

6: staying in or going out?
Now I'm the grand old age of 30 it's defiantly - Staying in!!!

Tif : oh many thank you kindlies Selina for being a guest for 'interesting... very interesting' it has been just the bees knees to have you here today and i know my dearest readers will be most happy to have got to know you. i have no doubt your new book Homespun Style will be loved by many, congratulations indeedy!
(pause for lots of 'hurrah hoorays')


oh how wonderful, Selina is heading off to her lovely homespun nest but has kindly shared with us not only some very interesting answers but also some peachy pictures from Homespun Style which i have taken a good old ganders at (through slightly squinted eyes, so as not to see too much) and indeed i think it quite true to say, this book looks rather glorious to me! photographs are by the ever-so-lovely and hugely talented  Debi Treloar and text is by the well written and well worded Joanna Simmons

if indeed you would like to find more of Selina Lake and her world of styling, you can follow her adventures on her blog or Facebook and find her wares on etsy, in the meantime i must thank you all for welcoming Selina so brilliantly and also for joining me for my first thrilling 'interesting... very interesting' interview! let us hope there are others just like Selina, willing to share a few happy moments with us... only time will tell, dearest readers, only time will tell

Tif :)
footynote: please note the images in this post were kindly provided by Selina, please do not use without asking her permission, many thank yous for your understanding
edited: just a little matter of great importance i forgot. this peachy book Homespun Style comes from the fabby publishing folks Ryland Peters & Small


Unknown said...

Oh Tif
It's a brilliant interview, so interesting indeed, to hear Selina's answers to your fabbie questions. I really loved hearing about her making things in the kitchen as a little girl & about her wishing she could make clothes (I do too)
I smiled at the bagpuss trumpton question, it'd be a hard choice but I'd say Bagpuss especially because of the rag doll and mice. Camberwick green would maybe pip Trumpton for me too. :))
Love n wishes kat x

Vintage Home said...

oh my ...great questions....I think I may buy that book!....sweet inspiration!

Roslyn Mitchell Designs said...

Ooh Tif, just wait until your book arrives... it's gorgeous! Mine is pride of place in front of my sewing machine, along with your book too (which I LOVE!! Thank you!)
Many thanks for your peachy post!
Roslyn x

Bluebird said...

My book arrived today so I read your peachy interview whilst trying not to look at pictures and ruin my perusal of the book this week! Boy I now feel old as I go for Trumpton and am aged by someone who instead watched Inspector Gadget! Must now go and dim all the lights and not look in the mirror too closely or I may indeed realise I turned 40 last birthday x. Love the new interview section x

silly old suitcase said...

Very nice to read this post...very interesting!
This book is the next book on my wishlist, i have to wait and save a bit money because i just purchased another book already ;-)


debbie h. said...

Oh Tif, this was wonderful. I love your little interview and tea and talk time with Selina. I went straight away to her etsy store and ordered her book. Please keep up the interesting.....very interesting series. I adore it.

Helen@mypetittrianon said...

Ok, I admit it...I live under a rock and I don't know who bagpuss and trumpton are...:( Gorgeous post Tif...it's people like Serena and your good gorgeous self who are so inspirational for little fold like me, who one day hope to grow up just like you. BTW, I've fallen so madly in love with a little crochet patch-work blanket in one of your piccies (photos) I'm trying to replicate it.
Yours with pebbles and roses

dottie angel said...

oh you are so wonderful with your comments! i too felt a little age-ed when Selina said inspector gadget... i did so love the little mice in Bagpuss! 'heave, heave' i am off to watch it right now, to occupy my time until my copy of homespun style lands on my doormat :)

Rubyred said...

A very interesting interview, loved it Tif!
I too loved the little mice in Bagpuss.I even remember Andy Pandy!
Thank you for such a peachey post!
Rachel x

Oooh Betty said...

Hankie bunting....an absolute must!
Hankie thrifting here I come. X

Louba said...

Beautiful pictures! I think I might have to buy the book now :)

Emma Wigginton said...

ooh don't know what I like most...Selina, Dottie, the exquisitely worded questions and answers...the enticing pictures...sorry got to dash and order a copy, thanks for it all!Emmaxx

found and sewn said...

Love this interview and all the beautiful pictures. I can't wait to get my copy of the book!

Karen said...

Hi, what a lovely peachy time together! I felt all smiley and joyful and peaceful and hugged in homespunness as homespunny as can be! I loved sipping my peachy Earl Grey tea - if it can be peachy as well, and the victoria sponge was the delicatest ever! loved touching the vintage lace tablecloth with all its fresh whiteness and simple perfection.
Off home now, but with a pretty vintage fabric goodie bag of happiness and a longing to get the book so I can dip into such perfectly peachy and peaceful parties whenever I want too...
Thank you for inviting me!

butterfly collector said...

FABULOUS INTERVIEW! I loved and laughed reading it in my little crocheted rocky living room! Thankyou! ( actually I own and love Bazaar Style ...must add Homespun and Romantic to make a Lovely Lake Collection on bookshelf! xo

Audrey Benton said...

This is by FAR one of my favorite blogs I have come accross! Please do not be offended but when I read it, I imagine it to be the sound of Chummy (played by Miranda Hart) from 'Call the midwife' It is the very lovely and delightful way in which you write that has me hooked! Thank you for an enjoyable read and GORGEOUS photos! Toodle pip!

allie said...

I have just got this book for my birthday and I love it, love it , love it!!!! I keep looking at it all the time thinking, if only my husband would let me lose, but sadly he is affraid of design like this!!! so poo!!
But brill Interview as always tif :)

gillyflower said...

I shall definitely be ordering this one!
Great interview Tif!!!

dottie angel said...

oh hurrah hooray! so delighted you all came by to enjoy Selina and her new book!
i too thought the same, hankie bunting! it made my little heart pitter patter for sure :)

sarah said...

Just loved the interview Tif! Super gorgeous! I shall have to ask for Selina's book for my birthday! I was lucky enough to be given yours for christmas....I love it!! Thanks xx

Courtney said...

these images are AWESOME. love the kitchen and glad someone has more washi tape than i do :) makes me feel less guilty somehow...
i couldn't have chickens either.

Crafts a la Mode said...

What an interesting and pretty blog! I enjoyed the visit. Take care, Linda