Wednesday, February 15

and the winner is... & a note, no, not a note, but a 'thing', yes a 'thing'

well i must say, the folks at MOO, myself and my lovely mother have been most impressed by so much 'brilliant business card imagining' going on over the past few days. reading every single comment made us marvel at how just a little piece of card has the ability to change someone's day, make it a little brighter. thank you also for all the kind wishes on my 5 years of celebration! you are all truly creative, very crafty and without doubt filled with kindness. of course we wished everyone could have their little card dreams come true, however after much pondering with many a cup of tea, we have ourselves 3 spiffy winners of MOO cards and a dottie angel book, ta ta ta da dah! 
in no particular order...

i spy... a MOO card on mossy shed's wall

winner 1 : itchin' stitchin'
I love business cards that stand out and can be used in more than one way. I would first get all my trinkets together and take a picture to use for the front and on the back included all the little thing you can spy in the picture - creating an eye spy game (and a sneaky way for people to look at my business card for a long time). It would be great to leave a corner open so I could punch a hole to use them as hanging tags or people could put it on their keys to keep little ones busy.

winner 2 : Dee
I would like my cards to be used as a family keepsake.
Their first mission would be to be as wedding invites ( my hubby and I are getting married this autumn.)
After they have played their happy role in our big day I would make a little cover for each one and use the new blank page to make invites for our children's christenings. (Were planning on having 4!)
These sweet little cards would then be wrapped safely in tissue paper with dried flowers (from both events) all kept in my treasure box.
They could then be brought out for anniversary's such as ruby weddings etc!
When we are on our way to some place other than this world our family will have a special keepsake of all our happy events and times.
Each new page could be stapled in so the card would read from most recent event to the oldest event.
(A bit like a flip-book. Hope you get what I mean!!!)

winner 3 : Emily 
D ear Tiff. I am 7 years old and I love sewing 

O n a Wednesday I go to my out of school club for 

T here we make origami animals, sew patchwork 
blankets and sometimes bake cakes.

T he last Wednesday we practiced making bunting 
to celebrate the olympic games that are in London
this year.

I liked all the pretty colours and cut out shapes 
from magazines to brighten up my flags.

E ven though this week is half term me, my mum 
and my brother will be doing tons of crafty 

A nyway if I was lucky enough to win your 
competition, I would spend from now until 
summer decorating the 100 cards.

N ot so far away is our class bring and buy sale. 
Each class in our school sponsers a charity and 
mine (yr 2) is the 'Help a Hedgehog trust.'

G etting together to help little people I think is very 

E very cupcake me, my mum and my brother make 
will have one of your cards stuck to it. This will 
make the cakes extra special because you make 
nice things and I decorate well.

L ots of pennies would be raised and me, my mum 
and my brother could carry on making stuff from 
your book, all summer long.

Love from Emily Gardiner age 7

P.s My mum typed this because Im still learning my spellings :)


hip hip hooray! i will be in touch shortly my fine and dandy winners! congratulations and thank you kindlies go out to all of you from me, my mother and Dan from MOO, for brightening our day with your brilliantly imaginative answers

and just a note (always a note somewhere to be noted). my lads have a couple of days of school and my man has been gripped by Mr Lurgy in the worst way (the scoundrel came back for second helpings), so i am going to take a few days off, to spend with my lads, avoid my man like the plague (although, truth be told i have been wearing my florence nightingale cap for several days now 'cos i'm a softie) and pack up sales from yesterday's shop update. many thank yous for those that stopped by, you are the bees knees....

but wait! there is a another note, a note so thrilling, i'm a little giddy just noting it. i'll be back on tuesday with a special guest. 'interesting, very interesting' is where i invite folks to visit with me on this here shiny place. my first spiffy visitor, oh lovely guest! will be none other than the peachy Selina Lake. do you see why i'm a little giddy now... actually this is so thrilling i feel it should be promoted from 'note' status to 'thing' status and so i shall

thing one:
i'm a little giddy for i will be back on tuesday with a special guest. 'interesting, very interesting' is where i invite folks to visit with me on this here shiny place. my first spiffy visitor, oh lovely guest! will be none other than the peachy Selina Lake. do you see why i'm a little giddy now... so worthy of promotion from 'note' to 'thing' i think you will agree

she will see you on tuesday and hopes your days are a little crafty between now and then... and peachy! yes why not, 'peachy and crafty' is always the besty best kind of days to have ~ Tif
footynote: Dee, if you are reading this, please contact me at as the email address you left keeps getting returned to me by my MR post master. many thanks!!


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh YA!! Congrats to the other winners as well. Hope Mr. Lurgy leaves your shed soon.

Karen said...

Hello Dottie! It must have been a hard job choosing from so many good ideas! But these three popped out as being excellently creatively peachy when I read well done to you and everyone for such a lovely lot of fabtastacious ideas!

Thanks for the invitation to wear creativity cap too.

always fun!

Karenx said...

Congrats to those that won:))))
I had tons of fun looking through the different ideas!!!
Heres hoping your family feels better v soon and I cant wait for Tuesdays mystery guest!!!!
Best wishes

Daisy said...

Congratulations winners! All well deserved. Hope you dont have to wear your florence cap for too long. xxx

Carol said...

Three worthy winners, the entry from Emily was just brilliant.
Carol xx

Mandy said...

congrats to the winners and congrats to

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hey well done to all 3 deserving winners :) truely all wonderful ideas indeed. Hope your man gets better soon Tiff and do enjoy your time with your boys x

dottie angel said...

you are all so kind, thank you! i agree, many wonderful answers and was tricky dicky for sure to narrow it down :)

butterfly collector said...

Hello dear Tif, just wanted to drop by and tell you with love and vintage hearts that I received your book for my birthday this week and have so enjoyed reading it out in my garden today! I think my wallpaper collection is going to get a revival and can't wait for Selina's visit!!! xo

Katie said...

Oh, I do love that little acrostic. How sweet! And I'm a bit excited about your visitor!

dottie angel said...

so happy it arrived on your doorstep, and inspired you too :)

i see i am not the only one a little giddy!

naughty shorts! said...

gorgeous and deserving winners. Bec x

Annaboo's House said...

Oh, congrats to the lucky 3!
I do hope the lurgy departs from your shores soon.
PS I have just had Moo business cards and little tiny stickers made and they are truly super-dooper in every way. X

Michelle said...

Lovely blog and beautiful handcrafts! Hope you don't mind that I post some of your photos and the link to your blog on my tumblr:
I'm sure lots of ppl'd love to see and know more of your gorgeous work :)

Satin and Souffles said...

Oh my gosh. How have I gone this lobg without your beautiful blog!? I am in love & will be back soon!

Lots of love,