Monday, August 15

random postcard #10...

dear reader,

today was spiffy, totally spiffily spiffy, for i got to pottle with my trolley of greatness in all the eclectic little stores which Amsterdam does so well.
Het Grote Avontuur is the most peachiest store i have ever been in, Anna is equally as peachy as her store and it was lovely to meet her. my clan came with me and then fizzled off so we could chin wag about a few things. before they fizzled off they counted how many dottie angel notebooks were on the shop shelf. upon their return to collect me they exclaimed there was one less than before.
it was quite something to see our notebooks amongst so many lovelies, Anna is also going to be stocking my book, this bit of news has me quite teary eyed.

after a lot of pottling including the lovely store Juffrouw Splinter and Kitsch Kitchen we were all pottled out. in the evening we headed out to eat in the more main touristy part of Amsterdam, giving me an opportunity to frequent the clog shop, for it would never do to come all this way and go home without a pair of souvenir clogs. i found a bright yellow pair with windmills on and then i was overcome by cloggy lusting and had to have a keychain with itty bitty red wooden clogs on for our Mossy Shed door key.

we are coming to the end of our month on the road, tomorrow we fly back to old blighty, say our goodbyes and board a plane home to Mossy Shed. i hope all my random postcards of retrospect find their way onto your doormats. the mail can be a little iffy at times...

wishing you peachy times on your travels too and i have missed you greatly
Tif x


Saskia said...

Oh it's so amazing you've visited Amsterdam & you've visited some of my favorite shops!

Chrissie en Heidi said...

Ow wow, a few months ago I bought one of your notebooks at 'Het Grote Avontuur' :-). Isn't that funny?!
I wish you a good trip back home!

Greetings from Holland!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh my goodness!! What gorgeous postcards!! :o)

I read the first few earlier, then came back to comment, and here's another fabby postcard :o)
I have a trolley too, which I will have to post about, as it has my covers of crochet goodness on ;o)

You all look like you had the most peachy time on your travels, and I do like your #4's money making ideas ;o)

And how lovely to spot your Dottie notebooks in a shop such a long way from home!

Take care lovely Tif, and I do hope you are still enjoying you publishing month ;o)
Kindest regards,
Donna xx

boezeroen said...

Dear Dottie,

How wonderful to see how much you enjoyed our little, lovely country! Jane and Ingrid showed you indeed sum fantastic, fabulous places.

I especially love the way the bike pump is a silent witness (in the below left corner) and a typical Dutch icon...

Greetings from Boezeroen

Merle said...

I like juffrouw splinter, too! really lovely shop :)

Debby said...

Oh thank you for the post cards. I love reading your posts.

dottie angel said...

oh yes, i did so enjoy visiting your lovely country! my trolley of greatness proved most useful with carrying the jackets, umbrellas, sandwiches and blankets which are required for a day out and about on vacation :)

love the bicycle pump! i did not even notice it, thank you for pointing it out, this has made me smile. all the little itty bitty details we noted upon our pottling around... so much to see and take in.

how lovely chrissie you bought one of my notebooks there... 'tis a lovely shop is it not!

Frances said...

Dottie A, lovely to have seen all these random postcards you thoughtfully posted. I admire your ability to keep upbeat and go with whatever flow the insistence of travel may send your way.

It will be a delight to eventually see you book. Hoping that you will have an easy journey back to the UK and then onward to the M Shed.


Unknown said...

me encanta el estilo del blog. te llevo al mio.
Saludos desde Argentina. Alita

Unknown said...

Yep, definitly my favourites too !
Also worth a visit is 'the Otherist' on the Leliegracht 6 (galerie / shop). Have fun !!

Marieke said...

I just found you're blog and I am totally in love with your style! (I put your site on my blog-roll :) I can see that you're in Holland at the moment, the country where I live. Have a very good time and keep blogging!

kirsten said...

I am addicted to your blog! Silly question but where did you get your trolley from, I am seriously covetting it! Kirsten x

HeppieHermpie said...

I follow your blog for a while...and I LOVE your style! Love your blog! Like your ideas! It's all amazing and very, very nice..funny.. to love!! I'm curious to your book.. I 've read that you have make a book and I hope we can buy it in Holland!?! I am a woman from Holland;) Yours sincerely, Herma

dottie angel said...

i found this trolley in Lyme Regis and after talking to the owner of the store and finding out where it comes from and the ethics behind it i was intrigued. she then told me her's holds up to doing the fleamarkets etc. so i took a risk and i am so glad i did.
it carried all our cubbins around with us, i stuffed it full for carry-on to bring it home and it fitted inside the overhead lockers. i did sew a doily on the front though and also a little tie to keep the flap down.
it would be perfect for the farmer's market and the beach too. oh and it is waterproof because it is a cement bag.
i noted there was one in the August issue of Living Etc and the website they suggest is here
hope that helps :)

Herma, my book will be stocked in and Anna does sell online as well, so with a bit of luck you will beable to get it there sometime in September. you could always try contacting her to find out come September
thank you kindly for inquiry

hope & glory - Vanya said...

Hi Tiff

I've really enjoyed your postcard series, fun to see the gorgeous snap shots of your travels :)

I would love to know how you create the postcard effect to your images, would you be so kind and share your secret?! :)

Many thanks


dottie angel said...

i just fiddled around in microsoft digital imaging suite. have no idea how to do things in photoshop although i wish i did!
they have simple templates for nuggins like me and it is super duper easy :)
hope that helps you, Vanya!

hope & glory - Vanya said...

Thanks for that Tif, unfortunately I don't have that on my Mac. Well done it is v cool!

Hope you are enjoying being back home :)

oldflowers4me said...

thank you so much for sharing all this..loved it.singing and skipping jo.

oldflowers4me said...

thankyou so much for sharing all this..loved it...singing and