Friday, August 12

random postcard #9...

dear reader,

yesterday i met Jane at the train station and together we traveled to Ingrid's home town where upon we spent 24 hours together. after so many years of knowing each other in cyber world it was lovely to meet in the real world. we stayed in the secret garden room at the Villa Augustus. i do not believe i have ever stayed in such a wonderful place... we chin wagged late into the night and the following morning until it was time to leave and catch a train back.

upon arrival in Amsterdam i was met by my clan, riding high from their cycling adventures, we boarded a sight seeing boat and 'did' Amsterdam by water. it rained. in the morning before i got back, my clan had ventured to the flea market which runs every sunday and monday morning. knowing i would not back in time to see it for myself, they searched amongst the forsaken souls and found a lovely Pyrex jug with retro orange flowers on it. this very gesture warmed me to my very wet tippity toes.

in the evening we went to see Harry Potter's final farewell film. i noted to my man i was not super over excited about this as i have only seen his first movie and seeing the final one, being the second part of a two parter was not probably top of my list. still it was raining and actually upon reflection it was a good call by my man.

tonight i go to sleep in my little squeaky twin bed next to my man in his little squeaky twin bed in the basement of a 16th century house... knowing tomorrow is 'shopping day' in Amsterdam, i am not sure i will be able to sleep with the anticipation of what lies within those lovely little store windows i have past by since arriving in Holland

Tif x

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