Wednesday, August 10

random postcard #7...

dear reader,

we have arrived in Cambridge where my man and his folks were waiting for us. always interesting to return to where you grew up. 26 years have past since my man and i met in our teens in Cambridge.

alas and alack, my plans are not as i thought they would be. my dottie angel camp has been postponed to another time due to the location and dates not working for enough dearies. it has made me a little sad but i have high hopes i will be able to teach another some day in old blighty. in the meantime this gives me 7 extra days in Cambridge i had not bargained for.

1 of the days i will be holing myself up in a room to proof read my book. it arrived just before we left Devon and the layout was much larger than i had thought it would be, so no thrilling book proof reading on the train for me. actually the whole train and tube journey was an adventure in itself and i am thankful i had my clan with me to haul the luggage around

had news from Our #2 to say Used Dog is poorly again, this makes me fret for my critters, i know they are in safe hands with Our #2 but Used Dog is getting on and she is prone to bouts of sickness and needs extra care. moments like this makes me feel a long way from Mossy Shed

not sure of our plans for the rest of this week, but i know it will go by fast, proof reading, catching up with relatives, kicking a ball in the park and pottling around the streets of Cambridge. before long we will be on the road again

hope life is fine and dandy in your neck of the woods
Tif x


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is so lovely to be a part of. Wishing Used Dog health and sending good love today.

Pomona said...

Lucky you to have some time in my alma mater - I have missed it ever since I left (a very long time ago). I did try to book on your course, but was told that it had already been cancelled - sob! Maybe another time . . .

Pomona x

Debby said...

I am sorry that your doggie isn't feeling well. Glad someone is at home with him and will take good care.

dottie angel said...

'twas a hard call to make Pomona, but we had to before i left for old blighty... hopefully another time, for i would have loved to spend quality time crafting with you and the other lovely dearies

Used Dog is hoppity skipping around again now, no worries at all. it comes and goes, thank you for your concern!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Tif I'm SORRY Used Dog was feeling poorly while you were away....I know I would have FRETTED above & beyond if it had been my Baxter, Harley or our 'foster' kitten Hartley....! I trust he's feeling better now that you've returned....?!!!!!

Sometimes the HARD decisions need to be made....SUCKS I know but I'm SURE the 'girls' understand....I'm equally SURE they'll be another time for 'group crafting'....Perhaps I COULD join you all....!!!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Jill said...

I am so sorry to hear that your class had to be cancelled. Maybe a class in the states?! (hint, Omaha, NE hint, hint!) I'm just loving catching up on your trip!