Friday, April 15

particular things...

things i do not particularly like:
* pesky gremlins who lurk in my blog and play pesky tricks on my line spacing. worse still, they cackle with laughter at my attempts to override their pesky deeds in Html

things i particularly like:
* little forsaken souls
*little forsaken souls on secondhand ceramics
*little forsaken souls on vintage linens

things i would particularly like to happen:
*my plaits to grow long enough so i may wrap them around my head

she is wishing you a particularly peachy weekend ~ Tif


Unknown said...

the blogger gremlin's have been against me as well!! thank you for your weekend wishes!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I particularly like the particular things you like :)

Sweeter Hours said...

And a lovely weekend to you too!

sheila said...

that squirrel is a little bit of a darling. sending you plait-growing vibes - have a lovely weekend :)

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ooh I also would like plats long enough to wrap around my head, and the face of a Swedish teen to match ;)

silly old suitcase said...

the first thing is not nice.

the second thing is sooooo nice, it makes me happy!

have a nice weekend.

Naturally Carol said...

I think hair normally grows about 7 to 12 inches a year doesn't it? Your fringe looks a bit like mine..half grown out so that it hangs in my face all the!

sarah said...

Oh Tiff,
your last comment about plaits around your hair immediately reminded me of my little gran (she is no longer with us). She was called Iris Winifred Emmeline and was the most wonderful gran anyone could ask for. She had long hair that she could sit on and always wore it in plaits pinned across her head!

She knitted us jumpers and was always in one of her own, with such neat stitches, she taught me to crochet after several failed attempts of teaching me to knit. Her embroidery was to die for. I have kept all her granny goodness for when I move out of my parents for the 2nd time and into a small place of my own with my 2 children and was much excitement the other day when my father told me that I could have all her lovely bone china as well!
So not only do I have all her wonderful vintage sheets, bedding, tablecloths and crocheted doilies I now will be the proud own of some gorgeous bone china! yippee.
(I am not bragging in any way but your comment just reminded me of her and how much I miss her even now after 7 years.

Thanks Tif for letting me have a little wonder down memory lane
guernseygirlgetscrafty at blogspot dot com

Eliza said...

I love those things, too! Great photos! Good luck with your plaits! I can't wait to see your new book!! Love this blog.
xoxo Beth

Anonymous said...

Gremlins! Thats why I have blog problems. Thanks for solving my mystery.

picciolo said...

hehe, I thought it was just me that grappled with line spacing!
: )

Scented Sweetpeas said...

If you are having problems with the line spacing between paragraphs like I so often do then if you delete the spaces you have already and then hold your shift key down whilst pressing return/enter twice that should help :-)

Bella said...

My plaits are long enough to do that! I sometimes do too!
It took me 3-4 years haha

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Those blogger gremlines are in my computer too, mine like to mess with photo spacing, argh!!
Totally sweet deer finds you have here today, love Posie

silly old suitcase said...

oh...these ceramics are so nice!
especially in combination with the old linen...

and long plaits are really handy, i have experience with that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is adorable. I'm in love!

Camila F.

soisses-dasleben said...

the rabbit is soooo sweet - perfect for the easter time ;)

Vicky said...

Hi Tif,
Found your blog today by blog hopping around the internet. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I'm glad you have a blog!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

you are funny!!
I have those gremlins too - my blog NEVER looks like the preview (what's the point of the preview if it doesn't look like that???!)

Loving all your souls.

have been away for a while and struggling to keep up...but hoping you had a lovely time on our little island?
fee x

dottie angel said...

oh Sarah, what a lovely trip down memory lane! thank you so kindly for sharing with us and i must say i am thinking ahead about the plaits for indeed i need to be prepared for future 'granny' days and your lovely tale warms my heart:)

as for the gremlins, 'tis far far worse than i thought. my man is stepping in this weekend to pack their suitcases and send them on their way!

Anette said...

Hello:)What a nice blog!Love it!:)
From Anette,Norway :)

cailen ascher said...

i hate the html gremlins too. they are so sneaky!

cute blog - i'm your newest follower.


Gianna Caputo said...

love the figurines. i just did a diy on how to make an area rug for a little deer :) haha.

Chelx said...

I love the rabbits. Very cute.