Saturday, April 30

yesterday and today...

yesterday appeared to be as good a day as any to:

1. watch a royal wedding decked out in red, white and blue upon my couch, whilst my becoming a little teary eyed

2. surprise Our #2 with an 18th Birthday Party and watch the moment of surprise, once again a little teary eyed

3. hear from my boys and my man, who are in St Louis competing at the world FIRST robotic champs and once again feel a little emotional long distance down the phone at their achievements

4. rustle up a little homemade rosette for a pedigree forsaken little soul who lost her way but may now feel like that show cat of long ago. her and myself felt a little teary at the recalling of her proud moments

(yes obviously yesterday was a day for teary eyes)

today appears to be as good a day as any to:

1: go out back and hang some lovely 'high hope' flags made by dottie angel's adopted auntie, so they maybe captured in all their lovely retro vintage glory and then placed in my little shop hoping to find other back yards to hang about in this summer

2: to take a sneak peek at the first issue of Mollie Makes, out in the UK on 12th May and Stateside 9th June (in barnes & nobles and joanns). they kindly came to visit for tea and a chat with me in Mossy Shed (albeit virtually) and you will be able to see the results of that and other wonderful crafty souls who are featured within its fine and creative 'living and loving handmade' pages. (my lovely friend Lola has done several star turns for them and will be featured in quite a few issues over the coming months, that alone makes it a mag worth reading for me!)

if you too think today is as good a day as any to take a sneak peek, then click on the line which says 'yes please i want to see molliemakes' and if you are overcome with wishing to get your little mitts on a copy then they do have quite a spiffy offer going on here. 3 issues for a fiver sounds good to me

she is also thinking, it as good a day as any to start moving beds around in preparation for her folks arrival on monday ~ Tif

footynote: and today would be as good a day as any to weep at those blimen' pesky gremlins messing with my head and line spacing


wood & wool stool said...

the royal wedding was impressive! watching secretly in the market @ villa (livestream news without sound on laptop) and after the kiss my colleague and i just had to celebrate with rhubarb pie :)

"molly makes" looks inspiring and "dottie does" too

x looking forward to july

Sécia Mischke said...

is that fabric in that photo? beautiful shades!

♥ sécia

CottonAndCard said...

Robotics Champs! How very interesting and clever. I think this may be the path my boy is heading down...he is five and his most prized possession is his box of 'junk' (computer parts, cables, old gadgets etc) which he is planning to one day use to build a robot!

I do hope Mollie Makes makes its way to Australia, it looks wonderful :)

Planet Fur said...

Yay I'm back! With a lot of good ol' Dottie reading ahead of me! Like the little cat, she's surely show-worthy again! Have a lovely time with your folks dear, big hug from Marlous

Carol said...

Loving your cat and her thingymijig.
Carol xx

andrea creates said...

congrats on the magazine feature! it looks great-can't wait to see it :)

martha brown said...

Oooh, that Molly Makes magazine looks so lovely -- it's super spendy to subscribe in Canada though :(

mollymell said...

Tif, I was so happy when I read your comment about my crochet rug. That's a big incentive to me, as you have been my crochet muse. I love your work, I love your pictures.
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog, and to leave a comment.
Have a happy week.

dottie angel said...

oh thank you all :) my dreary wet monday morning has been cheered greatly by your comments

regina, you are most welcome, i was completely in awe of your first crocheted rug, seriously you are a natural my dear

Ingrid! eeek, i can't wait for july either :)

cotton and card! brilliant, sounds to me like you have a really smart lad on your hands.

thank you for the mollie makes liking :)

Wendy said...

I'm not sure which one of you to blame for my latest magazine subscription! Oh yes, I had to sign up straight away!