Friday, June 18

so far so good...

yesterday it would be most true to say
by the end of the day,
i was hanging onto my 'high hopes happy' plan by my little finger tips.
fearing it was slipping away so soon after finding it,
i went to bed telling myself to get a grip.
that indeed i can start today 'a fresh' with high hopes.
i awoke refusing to acknowledge Mr Vertigo laying beside me, all smug with himself
and started the day with a positive attitude.
i am delighted to report my newly acquired postitve attitude has worked wonders,
truly i do not feel brilliantly fabby but i am feeling much happier.

at lunchtime, i enjoyed being driven to the pub by my children,
as all around craned their necks up high to see the England world cup game,
i kept mine low, chosing to spend my time wisely with Mr Hook

later i spent a few stolen moments out of the shed
at my friend Maggi's house down the road
with her crafty buddies and it was indeed a tonic for my crafty soul...

i am continuing my obsession with blanket making
at any given opportunity.
my latest 'lappity lap' blanket nearly complete

and i must also say,
i did not bat an eye this afternoon,
as a soccer ball claimed a victim within the shed,
knowing many more will probably follow in coming weeks...

i have also noted, whilst 'smiling the smile' to myself,
knowing my 'high hopes happy' plan is now in my hand,
the sun is at last coming out to play...

she wishes you the peachiest of peachy weekends and is thanking you kindly for the words of wisdom ~ Tif


Chloe said...

Your post has made me very happy, Tif. This is gladsome news indeed.

Sharon Stanley said...

you are so funny. i think if you managed with 4 kids, a broken something in your home, vertigo and a serious lack of sunshine of late, the rest of the summer should be a walk in the park...especially with such a happy plan! and i LOVE the dress you are it! perhaps you could do a little blog fashion show this summer...just for kicks!!!!

mel @ loved handmade said...

I like the sound of your high hopes happy plan very much, I will do my best to adopt & impliment it on this side of the globe as holidays fast approach...I do hope you can deafeat that nasty, smug mr vertigo & feel your regular cheery self very soon...sorry about that pretty picture frame, we've had the very same incident here this morning, argggh...

The Hobbit said...

so glad to hear the plan is working..Thinking of you in my prayers

Sherri B. said...

My daughter is having a vertigo problem when she lays down, her Dr. looked in her ear and she has some sort of fluid inside that is making her dizzy. She was told that clearing that up with a decongestant would make it go away. Maybe that is what is wrong with you. There just has to be an answer. Try to have a good weekend.

sabrina said...

I love your blanket! So cute!

When I saw your broken picture frame, I said out loud, "Awww...." Maybe the glass can be replaced. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I've caught your blanket making obsession! I'm so enjoying making your 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket.
Keep thinking 'high hopes happy' thoughts. :)
Vivienne x

Knicky Knacks said...

Well done to you. High Hopes Happy Plans require stamina, determination and sometimes, plain hard work. I've always found singing Disneylands "It's a small world afterall" when the chips are down, tends to help. It's creepy I'll agree (just like the ride itself) but in some weird way (that perhaps only I understand), it makes me laugh. Find your song and sing it loud I say!

liz said...

I am enchanted at the discovery of your blog and most beautiful photos. I love your style and work. Really really super :)

Greedy Nan said...

Poor Dottie. I feel for you and hope that you are 100% again VERY SOON. x

folk city said...

I hope it's not the vuvuzela horns at the World Cup that are giving you vertigo...I've heard that even the players are complaining about the constant noise affecting them on the pitch. Who knows? Perhaps you should take it up with FIFA. So far, I've been able to tolerate my family members watching 3 football matches a day, but the vuvuzela din is a bit annoying, I must say.
Happy crocheting!

Elisha said...

It makes me instantly happy when I see the banner of your blog. Hating that you have vertigo, my mother in law has vertigo and she has medication for it but we often find ourselves running her around and she offer has to miss work because of it. Hoping you get it under control soon. Feel better soon. P.s. Love that blanket and the shots of your cozy couch are so gorgeous.

VickieC said...

Dearest Tif,

My sincerest hope for a quick exit from Mr. Vertigo-land. I have had my own experience with that years ago and I know it is no fun.
Thanks to your friends blog, at the mention of a Japanese book store in Seattle I immediately dearest "I will do anything for you" husband took me downtown and upon entering said bookstore I immediately started hyper-ventilating. As soon as the overwhelm calmed itself, I made my way to the crafty section and found a crocheting book I had been waiting to order since it was going to cost me $20 plus shipping - however it was only $14.00 at said wonderful bookstore!!!! I can't believe I've lived here for almost 5 years and have never been there....Thank you, thank you for the "indirect" information!! Here's to a sun filled weekend????

Vickie in Seattle

Laurie said...

I've just caught up here, learning the exact details of your unfortunate event. You've had me giggling, as I too have had a visit from Mr. Vertigo, and am delighted with the idea of telling him to "bugger off". I may just add "take a hike" while I'm at it. Thanks for the smiles!

Leah said...

YOur Blankie is stunning! Love the mix of the old and new (crochet)!
You have such an eye for putting things together...Blankie envy!

rachel skrobalak said...

oh my gooli gosh. i love everything about your space!! you have really inspired me!! thank you thank you gorgeous soul x

Violette Crumble said...

I think that your positive attitude may very well be likely for the absence of vertigo. I read a book a while back by Dr. Jonathan Sarno that focused mostly on back issues. His claim is that psychic anger and stress causes a lot of physical ailments, and that once you tell your self that you refuse to be a victim of the brain's inner workings, the ailments will go away. It has worked wonders for my back issues.

The birds on your wall give me infinite happiness by the way. Genius.

Ann said...

Oh poor victim - but it is repairable! Hear hear to the happy plan - we all need one!

liz said...

I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I love love your page and pictures :).

elena nuez said...

what a beautiful blog you have,
i love it, inspiring me a lot,
thanks from spain

PeregrineBlue said...

you have the best way with words, i love reading your stories. world cup fever is hre too, honking horns and fans shouting as chile won it's second match. many hugs chilensis

Anonymous said...


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