Wednesday, June 2

and the winner is...

dearest readers, i must tell the truth,
and the truth that must be told is this...
i had doubts.
yes, Mr Doubting ways were mine
i was quite convinced that most would not enter...
that indeed a request from moi for words of wisdom would not appeal.

but lordy, was i and Mr Doubter proved 'oh so wrong'.
over 400 times 'oh so wrong' infact.
i have spent many moments reading your quotes and philosophies.
many here upon my blog and many more in my inbox...
i have been uplifted and warmed by the words you choose to live by daily.
once again my eyes are opened up to the 'goodness' in others
and that is a lovely thing to see indeed.

how to pick a winner was tres worrisome to me.
my soul sister kindly offered me the solution to my conundrum
(can you tell that darren the dictionary has been over for tea)
who ever falls closes to the middle of the granny cushion
would be the worthy winner...

but then the rains came,
actually they came many days ago and have stayed to play.
this afternoon a small miracle appeared at mossy shed.
the clouds parted and for one small moment in time,
the rains stopped,
the sky went clear
and i rushed outside with my little cushion
whilst shouting up to our #3.

"now when i say go, go... not before and not after.
and just keep your fingers crossed the blogging giveaway gods are smiling on us"

no need for finger crossing however,
for one person did indeed find the center of the granny cushion

hurrah for Brierley Thorpe!
when Brierley appeared within my inbox i thought to myself
"Tif, there is a creative name if ever you saw one"
and it would appear i was not mistaken

for Brierley is
a playwright
a screenwriter
a face painter
a maker of lovely things
and now it would appear
Brierley is also a winner

here is what the lovely Brierley left as her quote

"each day i try to...
create something lovely
appreciate something lovely
and let my lovelies know i love them"

i thank you all so kindly for sharing your 'words of wisedom'
so we may go about our days
inspired by 'words full of goodness' that came this way over the past week

she will be back tomorrow with news of what she has been up to ~ Tif


The Hobbit said...

I'm sorry I didn't win your beautiful pillow but,I sooo enjoyed playing your game and I will return to this post time and again to boost my spirits with the uplifting words of your followers.

Sharon Stanley said...

oh oh! congrats to the lucky brierley! i was feeling oh so sheepish to post a rather cheeky quote from margaret thatcher...but it applies around here with the chickens and all...i guess i don't really LIVE by it, but it is amusing...have to think a little bit more about my mission statement...hum....

Esther Sunday said...

Tif... I am new to you, via the lovely Alicia... new by several weeks, however, have fallen in love with you!!!!! I didn't enter the drawing due to the fact that I quickly started cro-shay'in up my own, so wanted to let others who weren't have a better chance. How you came up with the winner was so delightful!!!! And, your work is just LOVELY!!!!

Kristi said...

so lovely. i just put the quote on my fridge. congrats to the lucky girl.

Claire said...

Oh Tif, I hope you didn't aggravate your CCSI writing out all those names for your giveaway!!
What a novel way to choose a winner.
Congrats to Brierley, and she has a lovely philosophy for living each day.
I shall just have to crochet my own Dottie Angel inspired cushion now...ch4, trb 2, dc etc.

SIONA said...

¡felicidades! un sorteo de lo mas original ;)
un abrazo,

Amanda Makes said...

Oh well done Brierly you lucky, lucky girl! Thanks Tif for doing a great give away! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hello, every time I read one of your posts I feel like Ive won a special prize. They make me smile and warm my heart. The photos of the names falling were so magical! Thanks so much for sharing your Dottie Angelic ways with us. Ps. how are your chickens going?

3 sous un parapluie said...

Love, love, love your blog !!! And Happy Brierley ! Have a nice day !

Labor said...

These pics are so nice! C*

Elissa said...

oh many congrats to the winner!

Allana said...

congratulations Brierley, what a lovely ethos to live by! Such a pretty way to pick a winner too! :)

dottie angel said...

oh how lovely you all are... i have heard from Brierley and it would appear that my little granny chic cushion will be living life happily ever after in Old Blighty :)

Anita P. said...

Dear Tif,
My name is Anita from São Paulo, Brazil. I found your lovely work on Flickr and then your blog and site.
As a crocheter I fell immediately in love with your work, blog and pictures. I have already written a post dedicated to you with the intension to introduce your crochet to my blogosphere friends, most Brazilians crocheters. Please take a look at my post and let me know if you approve it.

Groovy Crochet: Quadradinhos de crochê da vovó por Dottie Angel (Granny squares by Dottie Angel)

I am also applying for “Dottie Angel’s challenge of the utmost kind” and I choose 13th of June to start it. I hope my fiancé join me and I believe he will. We are looking for our first home. Can you image Tif how it is going to be? I will love the challenge. Is your going well?

One more thing, could you please help me translating “Dottie Angel”. Is Dottie first name of an angel? What have inspired you choosing this name? Too many questions dear (I am so curious), don’t hurry answer when it is better for you.

Best wishes!

Congratulations lucky Brierley!

mosey handmade said...

taking the challenge!!!
thanks for the inspiration...
loved that pillow btw!

soisses-dasleben said...

i am so sorry for myself ;-) i didn`t win...


Chloe said...

Congratulations to lucky Brierly! Wish it were me, but happy for she!

Chelle said...

Oh happy for the lovely Brierly...and I thought of one more sweet tidbit of a line, a littl word to live by that you might just appricate, Dottie dear. It goes like this..." I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck..." by the charming, Emma Goldman.

Kristen said...

That was so fantastic! I actually gasped at the photo of the one slip just hovering above the pile--the ONE with the winning name--goodness! Lucky girl. :)

Greedy Nan said...

I'm sort of pleased for Brierley but think I would have liked this prize even more ...

Mrs Knight said...

ditto!! love her lovely words! sweet sweet pillow too!!!