Monday, June 7

where for art thou Mr Sprightly Spring...

i have come to the conclusion that i have been robbed...
yes indeed, robbed of Spring
and as of a few hours ago, it would now appear also our credit card details.
but we will not dwell on such 'crappity crappiness' of the utmost crappy kind.
no we will go back to Spring and the mysterious disappearance of it...
which is crappy enough in it's self for one day.

i am beginning to wonder if i jinxed it.
for indeed i did 'sprightly springify' the shed to within an inch of its life in January.
now i am thinking perhaps that fooled Mr Spring and he has passed me by,
thinking his job was done...

usually this time of year, my little pasty pins have had some exposure,
of course in winter,
i may forget the razor and go as nature intended.
but in June this is risque.
for although my pins are not seeing much daylight i must keep them 'daylight ready'
i know the minute i say "oh sod it Mr Spring" and start to grow my winter coat,
he will appear,
out of the gray will come blue,
no warning
and at a most inconvenient time.
a time when i am unable to dedicate a marathon session with my pins and a razor.
he will have the last laugh watching me sweat it out
in my layers of clothing.
unable to remove my woolly attire...
so i cannot take the risk,
despite this being my risk taking year,
for now i will continue to have my pins 'spring ready' and pasty under my layers.

i will also continue to assess my frocks.
for i'm all about the frocks...
any season is frock season for me
but i am particularly fond of spring summery frocks.
so far i have found 3 summer frocks at the thrift store,
one of which is now with handy apron and pocket,
so i may collect eggs
small creatures
or perhaps care to carry around my yarn
Mr Hook

and best of all
(perhaps the bestest of besty all)
a pair of dungarees (overalls)
oh, how i rejoiced when i found them.

for dungarees have been my best friend for many years.
they saw me through my teen years.
then into my twenties
and through four pregnancies...
but then i hit the big 30.
apparently, according to an article i read at that time,
by 30 it was a big "NO NO" to be seen in dungarees.
oh the power of the written word,
i took my 'lordy how could i have let you go' old man's denim LEE dark washed vintage dungarees
and sent them packing.
even now i'm choked just thinking about the crime i committed
due to the opinion of another.

11 years on, in my local thrift store
i was stopped in my tracks by a pair.
not quite the same, for another could never replace my true love.
as i reached out to them,
they spoke to me,
i said "i'll give you a try"
all the time, the article from so long ago, ringing in my ears...
by the time i had the second clip in place and turned to the mirror
i could only hear one thing,
for a small chorus of angels had crammed into the little cubicle with me,
singing their angelic hearts out with a small round of
"hallelujah, hallelujah"
from outside the cubicle,
glory shone from under the door
it would appear, a little piece of me, i lost so long ago had returned home...

since being reunited with some dungarees
i have noted just how content i feel.
in the back of my head i hear dottie angel
once again reminding me just how wonderful it is to be
an eclectic woman of an uncertain age.
and despite the fact Mr Spring appears to have forgotten about me,
i note it really does not matter.
for wearing my dungarees or apron frock,
clippty clopping clogs upon my feet
and pasty pins
i'm feeling sprightly and springy even in the crappiest of crappity weather...

she will be back tomorrow with how she made her 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket ~ Tif


Julie said...

Your dungaree delight has had me in stitches! I also listened to tattle that meant I 'got rid' of my dungarees and have regretted every day since. I have yet to find my pair but look forward to hallelujahs! but more so i am looking forward to reliving my younger days doing the 'bending forward at speed' manouevere needed(for me) to get the 2nd strap over my shoulder. That is of course if it doesn't put my aged back out of joint or of course if my aged bladder can cope with the time needed to de-dungaree to use the loo!

Sharon Stanley said...

you are singin' my song today tif! i am an overall girl from waaaaay back (it's a farm of the first gifts the farmer ever gave me!) but alas, like you, i caved to conformity and gave mine up after they disappeared from the traditional store shelves...but, as you've probably heard, you can take to girl out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl...i returned to my senses and farmy roots and now wear them sooooo often...i even roll them up and wear them if it's not too terribly hot, (which it is now!) you will be so so glad you bought them and i congratulate you on your extremely intelligent choice.... i blogged about overalls in april! but, more importantly, the new apron frock is so perfect, so delightful and so inspiring, i may just have to hunt for something similar! love it. i continue to be a card carrying member of the dottie angel admiration society!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

How very strange. many years ago when I was in my 30s, my BIL came to visit. I too was wearing dungarees, the most perfect garment for chasing small beings and keeping too short T shirts tucked in. His opening words were 'aren't you too old to be wearing those'. To which I replied. You may be ready for your zimmer frame and pension, I am not. Go girl. Life is for living and if you can't dress how you please at 30 heaven knows what people must think of me. (Have a look at my latest project) No doubt BIL would utter'Mutton.....
I just love the dress with attached pinny. What a top idea!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

your styl is so lovely, i like it! éva

silverpebble said...

You have renewed my faith in dungers. I live vicariously and my girls have them - stripey ones, ones with patchy pockets and flowery buttons sewn on. Perhaps, just perhaps I shall renew this relationship and have some more Calamity Jane days of my own.

Just out of interest, what kind of small creatures might nestle in your pinny? Perhaps the nativity squirrel?

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh those dungarees are wonderful!!!!

Arthur Ransome said...

Oh those dungarees look wonderful. How I envy you, for my own dungarees are long gone, sadly taking my figure with them. They dated from my Eric the Viking days which is neither yesterday nor indeed the day before. I'm very glad that you are still able not only to find such a pair but to "carry them off". Do show us how you look in them, so I can grind my teeth down to even smaller stumps.

denise said...

I am so not a frock person, just doesn't work on me for all kinds of reasons, but oh how you make me want to be, apron and all. And those overalls?? every few years I try them and I do not hear angels sing...I buy them anyway, they don't work on me, either, as madly as I want them to. They end up with bib sunken low, sadness in it's cloth, back to the thrift store...

Carmel's Closet said...

Dungarees Rock. I too passed on from them after my pregnancies, but they have always remained in my mind. You may have prompted me to start a 'dungaree search'. You will look spiffing in your new dungarees with your divine red clogs (which I admit I covet). Good shopping!
Have a fab week.

Chloe said...

Congratulations, my dearest on your re-installment into the world of dungaree wearers. Also, your apron frock is priceless. And now I'm off, to offer you the "sincerest form of flattery" by attempting to fashion one of my own. (I don't even own hens, but I do like to pick up small treasures and tuck them away.)

sabrina said...

I know how you're feeling about the weather. I moved to Portland, Oregon in late 2002. I realized the amount of rain this city was prone to, but I think this has been the worst year yet! Sure, today is sunny, but yesterday was grey. You cannot plan for a sunny tomorrow, only hope. In the end, though, maybe this means we will have a long, sunny summer that lasts till the end of September!!

:) Brina

PS: LOVE the overalls. Wear them with pride! I'm sure you'll look just as adorable in them as you do in your "frocks".

Leah said...

Loving the dress and the blanket is wonderful....and I cant wait to see you in your overalls as we call them here in Oz.

rubelin said...

I must say, of all people in the world, you will look adorable in overalls. Will they get the Dottie treatment or be left as-is?

Elaine from L.A. said...

If anyone could carry off dungarees, I think it would be you :~)

Michelle said...

Oh dear Tif of an uncertain age...
I want that little piece of me to come back to...
I think we all want it...
I am wondering at what age is dreadlocks not appropriate...

Heather said...

This post amused and delighted me. And, if it makes you feel any better about the crappity crap disapearance of spring, we've lost it on the east coast, too. Seems spring slept through April and May, and by June horribly hot summer stepped in and took over, thinking it was mid-August and forcing me to keep my "pins" hidden from the scorching sun in any and all available shade. Here's to hoping you get your spring back.

Rachel Elsey said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see how you made your new snuggly blanket. I need a simple project like that, to just relax and do. I love your wavy one too, oh so much. I would greatly appreciate the yarn colors you used to. You do have an eye for color combo's. I look forward to you blog posts every day, they are a cheery way to start my work day. Thanks

PixieBelle said...

Definately looking forward to how this beautiful blanket was made!
My pasty pins were exposed this weekend. Luckily I have ink on one of them so people ignore the glare and try and focus on what is drawn there. Redirection is a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh nooo - to what 'they' say - I toned down my magenta locks a few weeks ago in the name of letting go of childish things and a little joy went out of my life. Even the man who drives the bus looked a little glum "you've changed your hair ...". So hurrah! I returned to my happy hair - and sod the naysayers who know best. They don't do joy.

Jules said...

Never mind Mr Spring - it's June and where the heck is Mrs Summer? Either shedding many tears in the form of torrential rain or she's gone on holiday to somewhere other than England! She stopped by for a whole week and had us all rejoicing but now she thinks it better to green up the browning lawns and hid her light under someone else's bushel.

Thanks for a lovely 'makes me smile' post to read over my breakfast cuppa.


Tonia said...

Is it just me, or have the gods of thrifty shopping been smiling both over there and over here? I have to harden my acquisitive little heart and stop myself going in now - I spent less when I bought brand new!

Kathleen Minet said...

The first one to comment, how fun. Oh sigh...another dress that would be perfect here in SG. I can just picture you harvesting eggs in those dungarees/overalls. :)Also I must call. I have a question about how you join your blanket squares..
Cheers, Kathleen

Gigi said...

Oh Miss Dottie, you're so funny! I have the pasty pins dilemma too, as I hate the whole tedious shaving thing. I hide my furry little legs away until the hot weather here forces me to unveil them and begin the tiresome task once again.
And I also went through a phase of thinking I was too mature (ahem - I'm in my 50's) for overalls and neglected wearing them for years, but about a year ago, I said to heck with that when I found a vintage pair which I love to pieces, and like you, I feel I've recovered a very important part of my true self ;-).
Looking forward to the blanket 'how to'! said...

Oh Tif ! what a wonderful inspiration you are. I was just yesterday bemg the lack of pockets in women's wear and there you go just plunking on your pockets at home and creating truly useful and darling frocks. I ran upstairs in my pajamas to see what frocks could stand such an addition and I shall be making the necessary additions. As another eclectic woman of uncertain age, I extend my thanks and appreciation of your creativity. Now I shall have pockets aplenty for my specs, a few sweets and pen or two always safe at hand.

Lisa said...

splendid post. it makes me smile. i wish i could send you some of my too-hot-already florida weather. want to switch climes for awhile? ;)

kat said...

i was lulled back into fuzzy legs by a stretch of cold weather. this past weekend i had to attened an outdoor party, & discovered at the last moment that the day was hot. i had only a few minutes to de-fuzz, so did a clam-digger shave: from the ankles, up a few inches. high enough for pants that have been rolled up. i looked feminine in my short pants & ballet flats - none the wiser that my pants hid my fuzzy shame.

DuhBe said...

I guess I missed the memo when overalls went out of style. I've never stoppped wearing them.

These days I sew patches and embroidery on my over-hauls with decorative stitches. They make a great artistic canvas.

AT said...

Oh Tif, I wish I could sympathise, but I have been enjoying this rainy dreary spring we have up here in central Canada...I do love a wet grey day! Though I do know I am in the minority, at least someone is happy!
Can't wait for the blanket news...will you do a tutorial? It looks like you attached the squares as they were crocheted? Curiouser and curiouser! And for the record, my "little piece of me" clothing is a pair of knee high lace up witchy looking ranch boots purchased in 199....6? I still pull them out when I need a little reminder of how much butt I can kick in them! All the best!!

Anonymous said...

congratulation, I just made a comment on your flickr photo, but I'm so happy on your behalf to have found your very best clothing item, overalls ! yes, sure it is fantastic how wonderful they are, and the most fantastic thing that they are even getting better and better as years go and patches are coming and make them a piece of art and history ! and I will make a link to you on my blog as one more overalls lover ! and be ready for celebration of overalls/dungarees on November 20, The international overalls day, best Niels aka bibprofessor

Chris&Clo said...

We are following your blog from France, we love your fantasy and fresh vintage. We must admit we're not always reading every word but enjoy so much your fabrics, crochet and chicken and the way you match it together. We just began on our blog an Elmer challenge (you know this elephant ?) and it was like a present to us when we saw your last blanket :-)
Clo just made a happy hanger with your tuto and as she showed it with the telephone to Chris, it turned out in a sort of funny fanart (we will post it tomorow morning).
Sorry for this terrific language...

made-and-found said...

I too miss my dungarees and cannot believe that you are ever too old to wera them. They are in the same league as clogs especially red clogs.I remember turning up to freshers week at uni with plaits denim button thru skirt and red clogs not to mention my hair in plaits -I think I was a throwback to Dorothy (Wizard of Oz).Summer is playing truant here in England at the moment and we are once again deluged in this green and pleasant land.Maybe your Spring and our Summer have gone shopping together!!!!!Anne x

jessie b said...

ah, my winter coat has yet to be shed despite the nice weather we have been having. I have tested the social waters to see if the world is ready for winter coats to be seen instead of destroyed. well... it seems that most are not quite ready and i have freaked out a number of them this spring.

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh so funny... I have a overall skirt thing that I love and I don't wear, but just can't part with. And yes the weather is crappity crap and really getting to me also. I think I jinxed it by putting in a new patio where we planned on spending every waking minute this summer with lots of barbecues. oh drat what will we do? Maybe if we start autumn projects that will do the trick and we will get summer - ya that should do it!