Tuesday, June 8

a poor excuse...

dearest readers, did i say "tomorrow", yesterday?
oh silly silly me, what i meant was friday.
quite an easy mistake i'm thinking to make,
for indeed tomorrow begins with a 't'
and friday begins with an 'f'
see, perfectly understandable that i should get confused...

so yes it will now be friday for the 'ordinarily extraordinary' blanket nitty gritty stuff.
for i wish to do a good job at explaining the joining up of my squares.
as explaining in plain english is not my forte
i must have a jolly good think about how i will demonstrate what i did.
not to mention,
i only finished sewing on the doilies late last night...
so i am indeed a little behind

i awoke this morning to the knowledge i have but a few days of sanity left
and then school gets out.
tomorrow i am off on a field trip with our #4 and his class buddies to the international district.
and today?
well today it would appear after all my Mr Sprightly Spring moaning
he has indeed made an appearance.
i stood in my back yard of moss at 9am,
turned my face to the sun
doing a perfectly perfect job of impersonating a sun flower...
it felt most lovely indeed.

so i shall be away for a few days and
shall return with my little 'how to'.
and yes i am thinking to make up for my confusion between a 't' and an 'f'
i shall don my dungarees for you to see,
so you may be inspired to hunt down a pair at your local thrift store
reclaim those heady carefree days of overall wearing
whilst humming 'come on eileen' by dexy's midnight runners
for we are not alone
it would appear there are many just like us that love a pair of comfy overalls...

she is off to stand in the sun, pasty pins and all, whilst thinking ~ Tif


Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Great image! Beautiful! Éva

Robyn Devine said...

oh, no! i was all excited to start my extraordinarily ordinary blanket - guess I will have to wait a few extra days! enjoy the sunshine!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Great image! So beautiful! Éva

Jo Archer said...

Already ahead of you there Tif, I've been causing a stir in the playground for a while now with my dungarees. They hide a multitude of sins, have pockets for everything and look cute to boot. I'm definitely working sharecropper chic this summer!
Look forward to seeing you in yours.

wood & wool stool said...

Hej Tif!

The blanket is FantasTiF!

and what a coincidence; I've the come on Eileen song on my mind all day, because i'm working on a cover for Eileen from Norway :)


Anonymous said...

oh Tif, now I understand I suddenly got a huge number of visitors on my site ! thank you so much, and now I will make a post with our sun here, mid night sun ! so warm thanks from the high north for your ownderful poetic blogging making poetry out of love of overalls, thats something ! Niels

Debby said...

Cute picture. Love the chickens.

Lori P said...

sounds like a perfectly wonderful excuse to take a few days off. enjoy your time and your field trips. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your hens:D

RamblingTart said...

I just found your blog this week and am absolutely DELIGHTED by your creativity and wonderful ideas. :-)

Mammig said...

your blog and photos are delightfull, funny and full of poesy

follyandglee said...

Now you've really done it this time. On reading your posts in the past I have variously gasped in wonder,turned green with envy,been energised with inspirartion, smirked with recognition and often chuckled with mirth. But this morning, with a viewing of the "overall lovin" flickr group you have become patron of, I have cried with laughter and weakened my internal muscles to a point not healthy for an "eclectic woman of a certain age". thank you

Molly said...

I am so loving the chickens! My chickens are currently running the yard with my 3 ducks, goose, 4 dogs and are having a blast! Not so sure how I would look in dungarees but love the song!!
~Molly P

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hello Chickens!!!!

Radu Prisacaru, UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...

Will be back soon, lovely post, thanks again have bookmarked you!

Anonymous said...

This crochet bow is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Do you have the pattern for it? I simply must make one!