Tuesday, May 11

here i go again...

last friday i had a chance encounter of the utmost kind.
i stumbled across a pair of unlikely looking stags,
i hesitated upon discovery,
wondering if indeed i could save them.
i noted others eyeing up my stags,
not in a
'oooh, what a peachy find'
kind of way.
more of a
'has she lost her tiny mind'
kind of way.
for they were tres ugly
but to me it was an ugly of the best kind...
what i like to call
'ugly with pretty potential'.

i took a chance
and now that chance
has me crafting down the righteous and goodly path
of woodland creatures again.

i think i will never tire of
pesky squirrels
wise owls
sweet birdies
peachy deer.

i am quite sure for some there is no love affair.
just like some do not care
for chocolate (gasp!)
little dogs (shock!)
Swedish clogs (horror!)
but for me
they will always have a lasting appeal...

planned to occur next week
i am once again dabbling with
a woodland theme.
all of which have been inspired by my thrift store finds of recent months...

there is more to come as i've only been 'beavering' with Miss Ethel for a few days
but for now this is where i'm at.

it doesn't help either, that a lamp is distracting me,
i am not supposed to be dallying with distraction.
i told myself to stay on the righteous, goodly path at all costs
and not listen to any little voices who may appear.
i fear i need to turn Radio 2 up
and shout very loudly in a sing songy voice
"i'm not listening"
to the little voice of insanity
that taunts me from within

she is thanking you most kindly for your lovely comments of yesterday ~ Tif


Princess and the Pea said...

Ooooh I luuuurve the squirrel design!

sabrina said...

I love what you do with all your "woodland creatures". The wall in your photos is absolutely adorable! I do not have quite as much luck finding deer, birdies, owls, and squirrels at my local thrift shops. How lucky you are!!

Caterina Giglio said...

your stag looks great!

The Woman with the issue of blood said...

love the pretty pics..i totally want to do the challenge. is there a link i can put on my profile that takes friends to your page?

Unknown said...

ohh those peachy pink owls are just perfect! i am enjoying the woodland creatures theme!

Roxanne said...

Ugly with potential is my favorite! And pesky squirrels remind me of college; I used to imagine they were in little gangs.

What pretty things Tif. You're oh-so-lovely!

PixieBelle said...

I am near obsessed with squirrels, and hedgeypigs. And yes, this is what I call them. I make my boy stop in the park whenever we see one as they have red squirrels here. I had only ever seen them in zoos before I moved here. Wonderous little creatures, almost as fabulous as hedgeypigs, but they're special in their own little way.

Katie said...

Love love those wall hangings, so cute! :)

marygrace said...

I enjoy your blog so very very much! It's like a breath of fresh air every time I open it:)

Thanks for brightening my day!

Unknown said...

I love it...I am in love with Squirrles.

Michelle said...

Oh deer Tif...
How absolutely gorgeous.
You have been so very busy.
and can't believe the many foresaken little souls you manage to find.
I will even admit that now you have me on the lookout.
But not one can I find.
Or maybe they are just still hiding in the woods...

sean the prawn said...

Oh Deer! I can not believe you find these remotely ugly even in a pretty sense. To me they are peachiness in the truest form!!

Unknown said...

dottie angel......I adore you and your style. I love your studio and all your crafty goodness. It inspires me to make my home feel like the home I want it to be.
Also I love love love the teal boots you wear...if you tire of them and they are a size 8 1/2, I will be more then happy to make them feel at home on my feet.

Thanks for being dottie angel.

Keri Mack

grandma peden's porch said...

you so inspire me i love your blog and always look forward to reading it!!! i to am a crafter and love using thrifty finds wool is my fabric of chose but i like mixing in some funky florals once in awhile.
marilyn =0}

dottie angel said...

thank you my lovelies :)

Unknown said...

Oh, I want a stag to hang in my home. I have been looking and looking. Maybe some antlers will come my way. Woodland creatures are wonderful!

Amiable Peculiarities said...

so pretty!

glam.spoon said...

Tif, you are such an angel... I must make a note to check your blog more often. I am always inspired. :)

lili est folle said...

oh my!! i loooove your squirrel design!! Love love love it!! ;p you're a genius, seriously!

Anonymous said...

Your pesky squirrel is fantastic! My mom once rescued a baby squirrel who fell out of a tree and raised him for a few weeks. She named him Earl the Squirrel, and he would ride around on her shoulder. Sometimes he would poop on her shoulder too, and so he was eventually too pesky for her to keep, and she let him go in a park.

dottie angel said...

cameron you have cheered my 'restless and twitchy' morning... thank you kindly for that pesky squirrel tale.
my mind is now thinking about all the adventures, Earl the pesky squirrel may have :)

Katrina said...

your walls are absolutely gorgeous, such a way with color and composition and that perfect ceramic deer head in the middle. lovely!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful things done with the utmost of creativity...you are witty and charming. You have inspired me beyond belief. You and Miss Ethel rock. God did good with you girl.

dottie angel said...

thank you! i am positively blushing with your kindness :)

à petit bruit said...

First time for me on your blog… I really love your creations and photos !

Fleur said...

So adorable, as always! I wish I had more time to sew!

yvonne said...

dottie, you are such a sly creature:)

Mccheek's Mayhem said...

i like your post, love the pesky squirrels and deer, and know what you mean with distractions....!

Kateyed said...

I just love your blog. I didn't know about "granny chic" until I read about it on Kari Ramstrom's blog. I can see why you are one of her favorites! Love your colors and if I were to do my house over, I would do it in orange and turquoise!

"We" are mother/daughter team from Minnesota. We are only a couple months old and would love to have you come and visit our new blog.


We really aren't all about our jewelry, though we are busy with jewelry for a fair right now. Mostly about our life and loves!


Anonymous said...

oh...love the pesky squirrel design-as my daughter and I recently rehabilitated a squirrel. he is most sweet and cute and we love him! we've had him since he was a little pink babe and my daughter fed him every two hours with an eye dropper. he has survived one year and loves to play and run around the house. sometimes he sits so sweetly and cuddles with us. he has smitten us with his squirrelish charms. we love your blog and enjoy reading it and seeing your thrifty adventures. we are inspired!

Tribalis said...

I really love that!
Delicate, cute...