Thursday, April 23

thrifty thursdays...

it's all about the T's today
tai chi (told you this early on to give you a chance to recover)

first up
and so on earth day, having dropped our #2 off at dance i 'went a thrifting'...i have not been inside a thrift store in a good few weeks due to lurgifying issues (note i blame a lot on the lurgy these days). the first thing i notice on my return from 'non thrifting' was the shelves and racks were heaving. after a few minutes i wondered if they were heaving because i hadn't been in to buy it all, thus large piles of 'goodies' were accumulating. there appeared to be quite a few keen thrifty shoppers picking over the spoils. this bothered me greatly, i know it's wrong to feel that way but i can't help it, i don't want them to find my treasure...

i think i struck gold, at least in my eyes
six cups and saucers "do we really need any more?" my man sighed
"they are not for using...they are for looking at" i replied aghast
one plate (for the wall, which wall i have no idea but a willing wall that has some space)
two pillowcases destined for summer apron wraps (all i want to do is make these and nothing else for the rest of my days, well okay so that is a slight exaggeration but then that is nothing new for me)

tai chi
(have you recovered?)
today is the first day in the whole of my born days that i will be doing tai chi, i am most excited about this turn of events. it all began when a 'city flyer' landed in my mail box detailing all the wonderful opportunities our city has to offer in the way of activities and such like. at the time i had a cup of tea and cream egg in hand, so i browsed through not really taking much notice and then i turned to the page that announced tai chi lessons in the park. i believe it was fate.

i told my friend annette who has known me for ever and a day, it was also her fate to meet me all those years ago so that she could share this tai chi experience with me today.
the lovely tai chi master told me upon enquiry, that yes it was a very good way to find a balance in life with the stresses and strains we can feel on a daily basis. annette and i are quite sure (well actually i am, she is yet to be convinced, but the fact she is actually coming with me can not be sniffed at) this is the answer to everything...
the aching shoulders
the headaches
the sagging skin
the gray hairs
the chin hairs
the lost bottom
the dreary laundry
i shall be sure to let you know if one hour of my life today, changes all the hours to come.

with a bit of luck, my 'newly centered being' will be off on a 'jolly' with a few thrifty pals...we are hitting the big antique mall in another town. yes, we wild things are taking our pennies and driving out to the country to see what treasures are lurking with our names on...
i have only one item i am in search of and it is crocheted potholders in weird and wonderful retro colors. i have come to the conclusion that they make lovely coasters to rest a cup of tea on, whilst devouring a cream egg...

she's off to tai chi and will see you tomorrow, serene and calm ~ Tif


Unknown said...

in my giddy excitement i've just convo'd you :)

i think i may need to get out a bit more... or maybe find my own centre of calm :)

have fun tomorrow!


Francesca said...

i confess i skim read everything just to get to the tai chi bit. (i promise i will go back and read the rest!) but just wanted to say how wonderful! it's fantastic to start something new, that you never thought you would try. i hope you enjoy it, and if not, try something else! x

Francesca said...

p.s. i think you may need this:

dottie angel said...

well i didn't know i needed one but now you've shown me fran, i now need an itty bitty chickie cup...i not sure whether to thank you or not ;)

Anonymous said...

I especially like the willow plate.

What is a cream egg?

dottie angel said...

oh elizabeth, that would be a cadbury's creme egg, chocolate shell with a soft creme center...most delicious :)

Rubyred said...

Yuk creme eggs,my least favourite chocolate,not much chocolate and sticky fondant that sticks to my 41 year gums causing me to yelp in pain!(just to clarify I do have teeth as well)I'd rather have a KitKat chunky,bounty or Cadburys wholenut anyday! Good Luck with the tai chi.When I first started reading this post I thought you meant Chai tea as I skimmed down to the picture of lovely tea cups!
Rachel x