Wednesday, April 29

bi-focal hell...

dearest readers, my thrilling 'potholdering' second parter is going to have to wait...for the past few hours i have been in blurry bi-focal hell.

i fear i will never wear wedges again.
i fear i will take even blurrier pictures (note the one above was taken before the bi-focal hell started) than before.
i fear for my neck and the weird angles i am having to hold it at.
i fear for my reversing whilst driving and innocent bystanders.
i fear for my thrifting abilities (gulp!)
i fear the wrinkles i now see have always been there, i was just oblivious in my pre-bi-focal bliss.
and most of all i fear for my tai chi buddies tomorrow morning.

she's feeling as old as the hills and a wee bit sea sick ~ Tif


Michelle said...

now tif you do know that the wrinkles are actually minute it's the bi focals that are really magnifying beyond all imagination...ten times the size they really are...true...
now just pop on those old, smuggy, hazy glasses and you will see what a difference that makes...ah isn't that much better

Francesca said...

i'm v disappointed about the second installment of 'pot-hold-er'. i told everyone about it and now i'm going to have to ring them all up and un-tell them. very selfish.

i am also fearing for your thrifting, and more so for your tai chi buddies. do be careful.

kat said...

i'm sorry to hear (wait! can you see this? hee hee) that you're having a rough go with your bifocals.

what's with all the *old* talk of late? it's not like you actually are a little old lady, so stop!

dottie angel said...

fran you make me laugh out loud...which is very good, 'cause i haven't laughed since i put on my bi-focals. i look like a stern disapproving kind of person, which isn't the case really, i'm just concerntrating on 'seeing' :(

Rose said...

i have been doing the "dollar store" glasses and the other night i was doing some sewing and had one pair around my neck and one on the top of my head.......then i looked at the table and there were 3 pairs there. i sat on the couch and felt something and there was another pair sticking out between the how many pairs can i wear at one time!