Wednesday, April 1

a mid week pop quiz...

1. what is the weather doing at mossy shed?
a) raining
b) snowing
c) sun shining

2. what magazine does Tif get through the mail?
a) historic buildings of england
b) living etc
c) engineering weekly

3. when cooking, would people say Tif is
a) a cordon bleu chef
b) crappity crap
c) a pastry chef extraordinaire

look closely at the picture below

4. does Tif like it because of

a) the silver bag on the floor

b) yellow and floral together in perfect harmony

c) the vase on the table

5. what does Tif like to collect? (did i hear someone shout "crap"?)
a) victorian furniture
b) mid century modern chairs
c) country furnishings

6. how many slips does Tif have ready for listing?
a) four
b) zero, zippo, nada
c) eight or more

7. how many children does Tif have?
a) two
b) four
c) eight

8. what is on Tif's thrift store shopping list?
a) shower cap, knitted underpants and flip flops
b) small sidetable, bed sheets and slips
c) basket ware, woven belts and a lazy boy chair

9. how many little creatures knowingly live at mossy shed with Tif ?
a) three
b) seventeen
c) ten

10. what is Tif angling for next?
a) a little piggie named nellie
b) a little goat named gertie
c) a little donkey named olive

if you answered
mainly b's : you are top of the class, have paid attention and may reward yourself with a choccy bar and your favorite tipple

mainly a's and c's : you are not top of the class, perhaps you have a habit of falling asleep during my posts (quite understandable really) but you are still deserving so please reward yourself for even bothering to do my mid week pop quiz, with a choccy bar and your favorite tipple

she's thinking we are all happy now, with a choccy and a nice sip of something strong to get through spring break and the cold miserable weather ~ Tif


Gigibird said...

Personally I am rooting for Olive the donkey…..goats smell don’t they? Plus a bear might attack her!
Are you thinking for using her coat to make cashmere? Will you be wanting a mid-century spinning wheel next??

gayle said...

You are so bonkers! You make me laugh so much. Gx

kat said...

i became excited to have earned a chocolate bar...
then felt pathetic for knowing so much about a stranger.

too bad i'm pg, cuz i could use that (or a few) drink right about now.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

You crack me up!

My husband and I have been talking about getting a goat(s). Mostly to clear out the underbrush on our property but we're thinking about getting one for milking.

Hear Me Roar! said...

I would have gotten them all correct except that I forgot about the new little chickies. And who doesn't want to find a nice lot of knitted underpants?

It was simply wonderful to run into you today, even though I hadn't showered and my little brood was looking a bit crazy. You look wonderful as always, and we cannot go so long between sightings!

Lin said...

Love it! Gertie is the perfect name for a goat! And I love yellow floral too!

Unknown said...

woohoo, chocolate and tipples all round :)
be careful of goats, they are known to eat everthing and not care whether it's a beautiful pair of hand-crafted curtains you have pinned to the washing line for photographing or the beautiful re-styled slip you are wearing to take said photograph... ;)

Francesca said...

i loved your quiz, i scored very highly as you might imagine. but if you do come across any knitted underpants, send em my way. x