Friday, May 30

the knitty gods shone down on me ...

a few days back i sent out a prayer to the knitty gods, for i truly doubted the little itty bitty ball of yarn i had left would be enough to finish the job in hand...

and the knitty job in hand was the little sweater vest i had cast on just over a week ago. 
a little vest that tested my knitty skills and ripping back ability to not quite the limit, but nearly the limit.

the knitty gods obviously heard my plea, got together and pondered, they then must have decided i deserved a little good yarny luck my way, having shown great perseverance in continuing on my knitting path despite my ripping back ways.

and thus, my little knitty vest, (recipe from Lullaby Knits by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard) was finished with just over 2 yards of Malabrigo Rios yarn left to spare.
i did not weep, but i could quite easily have, with relief.

i love my knitty vest, it is all i hoped it would be and so much more, for it has given me the confidence to move on to the next knitty item for my granny trousseau... my lending library of little knits for my clan. 
and as i learn, i have found my little cogs have started turning, thinking of things to make and ways to do it for myself. 
this is making me most happy indeedy!

i have rambled about my little knit over on my ravelry page for those that may care to take a look see and know any nitty gritty. 

next up i am going to be making this little sweater vest. i am beyond in love with the design, so much so, i have a cunning plan. 
i will of course need the knitty gods to shine down on me but i am hopeful they will. 
for when i have made an itty bitty size, i am going to do the maths and make a bigger size for myself. 
for surely a tweedy sweater vest with side buttons over a floral frock would be really rather perfectly peachy.