Wednesday, May 28

magical and magnificent...

when Our #1 came to stay it was both magical and magnificent for two and a half weeks. in between work hours we plotted and planned a road trip to Portland where we spent our hours wisely in secondhand stores, just like the old days. and then on other days, when i was doing my thing, she was busy doing her own with Miss Ethel.

in just a few short months Our Meg has learnt to sew clothes and not only that, but cut patterns for clothes and even more impressive to me, put in zippers. until now i have never sewn a zipper, however after a lesson from my daughter it is true to say zippers are making a scene around here.
she made me two frocks, oh lucky lucky me...

i am thinking the green wrap~around frock may well have an outing when Our #3 graduates in a few weeks time and the little brown frock with its handy dandy 'built~in' bloomer shorts underneath? well surely that is the perfect attire for wearing on a breezy day whilst cycling around and about.

i miss Our #1 now she has gone, it has been ten days since Mossy Shed lost a bit of its sparkle and in just a few months Our #3 will be leaving the nest too, choosing to go back to his roots across the pond. 
my nest is becoming quite empty... in the space of four years, three will have flown far far away. 

 i like to think i have got used to it, i tell myself that each and every day, but i must confess, it is a terrible fib.

 for with them, i am whole and without them i am a little bit broken and i am beginning to suspect one never truly gets used to it, one just gets better about fibbing to oneself.